Tuesday, October 11, 2016

You Fail At Having Time To Game If...

So here we are on the Tuesday after a long weekend glad that it isn't Monday, but then we also realize it is the start of the week. Now you may also realize that it is Tuesday so that means it is time for Fail Day! This week is all about not having time to game. So here goes

You Fail At Having Time To Game If...

  • You just haven't been feeling well enough
  • You haven't found a game to get into
  • You misplaced your controller
  • You have no one to play with
  • You are on a gaming "break"
  • You are preparing for an inevitable game grind
  • Your PC needs an overhaul
  • Your console died downloading a Day One Patch
  • You believe playing Xbox is "real" gaming
  • You thought you should study for those midterms
  • You have spent too much time reading reviews for games and not enough playing them
  • You had time to spend with Family this Thanksgiving
  • You are looking into a game with a deep story and they seem to be few and far between

And Finally

  • You have been busy watching the Blue Jays 

There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Hope you all enjoyed it or maybe even relate to if not well then so it is.

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