Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ask Gauss

Sunday here it is the last day of the weekend. An extremely beautiful weekend weather wise, well as good as you can expect in Canada at the beginning of March. So let's just leave it that I am in a pretty good mood. With it being Sunday you should know by now if you have been around long enough that this is the post of the week where I answer questions sent to me throughout the week. So with that in mind let's get to answering some.

With the revelation that Blizzard has gone through some layoffs can we assume this is the reason that Diablo III has been delayed?

Honestly they have stated that only 10% of the layoffs where made from development. I actually believe a lot of them where from Blizzcon committees, since there will be non this year. That being said still 10% were from development. Do I actually think this has delayed Diablo III? No. You see with the whole issue with the real money auction house in Korea and all of that Blizzard took some time to actually improve on the game since they had the time. In typical Blizzard fashion these adjustments are not just minor tweaks and they got over there head. This does mean that we will have to wait longer for the game, but it also means that the game we will receive will be better than expected since more time went into seeing how things were done.

Think of it this way. After an expansion to WoW is released they realize things that are good and things that are bad. The next time an expansion comes around they learn from what happened the first time, and therefore can make the experience that much better. With Diablo they were already able to do minor adjustments because the game itself had to be delayed to wait for the approval of the auction house. So it really is win win even if our win will be later in the year.

Do you think Mists of Pandaria is WoWs last shot?

The game has over 10 million currently active subscriptions. Does that seem like a game on its last legs? Honestly I think people are so focused on when WoW is going to "die" that every time a game comes out it has to be a killer, or every time an expansion comes out it will be the one that will ruin the game. Yes, the game has changed over the years and for the most part for the better. It has learned from its mistakes and other games mistakes and become the best selling and largest MMO for a reason. Why not focus on what the game is adding and if it is something you will enjoy rather than if the game will "die". 

Dr. Pepper or Coke?

Is that even a real question?

There you have it questions answered for the week. Hope you at least got something out of it. Enjoy the weather outside if you got something like what I have and take care for the rest of the weekend!

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  1. Is anything better than Dr Pepper?