Monday, March 5, 2012

I Am Forsaken

Monday morning yes I know you probably know what day it is. I just find if I remind myself it is Monday I will realize that it only happens once a week. This is why though that on Monday's we have Machinima Mondays. It is so we can sit back take a few minutes out of our days and enjoy the work of a machinimator. Lately many of you have been asking for older Machinima and some of you have been asking for Lore type. That was when I realize I could showcase this particular Machinima by Gary Lobine as you may know him as the one responsible for the "Rogues Do It From Behind" Machinima. I chose this machinima because it really hits the forsaken in the light most people see them as, and makes you realize what some of the civilians had to go through. So sit back and enjoy as I know you will

Wasn't I right?


  1. Still remember how pissed off I was when this didn't win and that stupid gnome rocket one did.

  2. I really enjoy how this one started out calm and nice and then took a total turn. Very well done