Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Siege Of Orgrimmar

So I have read the information, and I have sat and thought about it and my first thoughts are the same as they are now. This is wrong. I know why they are doing it, but in the terms of what they were doing with Garrosh and what he represents I cannot believe they are going in this direction.

"Beat them back! Remind these vermin what it means to assault the Horde! Lok'tar ogar!"

Garrosh is supposed to be hot headed and he is supposed to be militaristic. Does that mean that he needs to be killed and removed? The reason which has been given is he has become corrupted, which to me is the absolute worst thing possible lore wise. Garrosh is supposed to be everything his Father was, but the difference is he knows what happened to his father. Garrosh the knows the highs and the lows of his Father. Garrosh is the representation of everything, which existed in the Old Horde except for the demon corruption. He is essential Orgim Doomhammer incarnate. He knows respect, he knows honor.

"Have you given any thought to what this means, Sylvanas? What difference is there between you and the Lich King now?"

Does everyone forget what happened when he found out the truth about Cairne? Yes, he killed him, but not in a malicious way, he did so to protect his honor and prove he was capable of leading the Horde, as Thrall wished. He won unfairly, but again nothing of his doing, and he corrected that wrong. Even with Baine. We saw during Cataclysm that Garrosh was growing as a leader. He was adamant about the use of demon powers, he was wise when he spoke to Sylvanas in Silverpine, he was critical in Stonetalon, and most importantly he learned much along the way.

"It has come to my attention that you have deprived me of a rightful kill. Cairne Bloodhoof was a hero to the Horde and an honorable member of a usually honorable race. It is with disgust and anger that I discover you have caused me to bring about his death through accidental treachery. Such tactics may work well for your renegade, honorless tribe and Alliance scum, but I despise them. It was my wish to fight Cairne fairly, and win or lose by my own skill or lack of it. Now I shall never know, and the cry of traitor will dog my steps until such time as I can sport your head on a pike and point to you as the real traitor.You are on your own, Magatha, as friendless and disliked as you have ever been. Perhaps more. Enjoy your loneliness."
Garrosh may not be the perfect Warchief, but he is the one who has learned from the good and the bad. They would ruin this character by corrupting him? That is beyond the worst story arc in the history of Warcraft.Why put in all the effort? Show us he is growing, show us he is becoming the leader Thrall knew he could be only to destroy everything you created? It's dumb, it's stupid, it's completely retarded. If this is all an elaborate plan to get Thrall back as Warchief I really don't know what to say. The way in which Garrosh's character has developed I wouldn't be surprised if he stepped down and graciously gave it to Thrall. Out of respect. This was the way it was supposed to be in the first place when Thrall went away, why change it now?

"I will not fail you, Warchief. I will lead as well as I can, and I will consult with the advisors you suggest. I know what a tremendous honor you do me, and I will strive to be worthy of it."

If this is all some sort of plan to blame someone for Warmongering then congrats for ruining one of the greatest current Lore Characters in Warcraft in the process. Why don't we just bring Arthas back to life and have him marry Jaina and Varian will be the best man all taking place in the middle of Undercity. Does that sound dumb? Well in my opinion that makes more sense they assaulting Orgrimmar to remove a corrupted Garrosh from power. I know it is probably over and done with, and know it cannot change, but I am beyond disappointed and disgusted with it entirely.

"I learned much about the Horde in that time. While there, a wise old war hero told me something that I would carry with me forever... Honor," Krom'gar, No matter how dire the battle... never forsake it."


  1. Wow when you write it like that I completely see your point. This is stupid. Is this all to remove a main player because of the archbisop?

  2. People calling for Garrosh to be killed really have no idea how much delvelopment has gone into his character. I agree, why put in the effort just to remove him in such a way

  3. This whole thing has devolved into a giant poorly written fan fic for the greater glory of Go'el. Garrosh only existed in the first place to give Thrall a reason to go to Nagrand, and he only exists in his current incarnation as war chief so that the Horde could start a war without getting Thrall's hands dirty. And now, the Horde will continue their slide into cartoonish supervillainy so that Thrall can come back and play the messianic peacekeeper again. And for the second expansion in a row, Thrall is going to deliver the killing blow to the final boss before taking back the mantle of Warchief and promptly whitewashes away all the atrocities the Horde commited over the past two expansions.

    That's why people are angry. It used to be that they thought that Blizzard favored the Horde because the Alliance was being used solely as a foil to advance the Horde's story, but now everyone's starting to see the cracks in the facade. Everything in this story line is merely a device used to propel Chris Metzen's author avatar to greater heights. Cairne's death, Garrosh's rise to power, Deathwing, the Cataclysm, the war between the factions, Staghelm, The aspects, Theramore, Pandaria, essentially everything in the past 15 months, and everything in the upcoming expansion, matters as much as the shaman who get killed in the hour of twilight instance. The only thing that matters is how they serve Thrall's story.

  4. This is the thing which will ruin the Game

  5. I couldn't agree more, and I was completely blindsided by the news.

    From a veteran Horde player perspective, Garrosh incarnates the rise of the horde, and even though Thrall brought the redemption and the return to the old ways, we really don't want a completely shamanistic, neutral horde. Between the Earthen Ring and the Cenarion Circle i think we're covered in that aspect.

    What we do want is a militaristic horde, one that no ones messes with, one that isn't afraid to meet its foes in battle and keeps blood and honor above all else. Doomhammer was an efigy of that Horde, and Garrosh is his spiritual sucessor, even though it was Thrall who whore the armor and wielded the actual hammer.

    Blizzard got me to love the character, despite all the hate and general player base dislike. Garrosh isn't the same character he was in Wrath, he's grown to maturity and I was extremely pleased to see him uphold the valors old Varok taught him throughout his apparitions in some Cataclysm low level zones.

    Now i'm aware the lore behind his downfall hasn't even been revealed and there are a wide number of wildly conspiring tinfoil hats around the blogosphere that claim it will be demonic corruption, Sha corruption, and even power corruption without external source. As you said, Bringing back Arthas would make more sense then any of this. There's the case Garrosh could follow into his fathers footsteps, but the only chance i see that happening is if he wasn't aware of the crimes his father commited while under the blood curse, wich i'm fairly sure he does. Some may argue that Thrall only revealed him the good side of Grommash, but his whole life up until Thrall's arrival in Garadar was a clear mirror of the shame Garrosh felt for his father's curse.

    To make it worst, a Blizzard employee has already slipped that "the fun for horde players in this final raid will be reinstating Thrall as warchief". I cannot begin to fathom how terrible this would be. With so many viable options, if Metzen pushes his way and brings Thrall back, Horde lore will be ruined. There's Zaela, Voljin, Varok, so many great and beloved characters that would make a better warchief then Thrall at this point. The character is overused, and i'm not hating on it, i think he's an awesome character who very much like Garrosh had a development that culminated with Cataclysm and the Dragon Soul patch. It's a new world, a new continent, and most importantly, a new Horde.

    Just my two cents.

  6. To me there is no fun at all at reinstating Thrall

  7. I totally agree with your evaluation of Garrosh.

    I like him because he is not perfect, not a saint, but at the same time no monster. Despite the various complains about his seemingly sudden changes of personality I saw a development from the insecure orc of Nagrand to the young wild in Northend and finally the warchief which still seemed to develop, with Stonetalon being the best example.

    Also you always could be surprised how he would react, for example with the Frostwolf's denial to help their fellow Horde-members(though understandable) you were left to wonder if he levels their valley or tries a more diplomatic approach. It left you guessing.

    Thrall on the other hand is static and though there are tries to make him look changed, this is mostly cosmetic. Is the Thrall who wore Doomhammer's armour different from the one who is dressed as a shaman? Outwardly maybe, but I can't see him come from his journey much different than the one he was.

    Also, giving the 'simple' resolution of removing Garrosh as Warchief, dead or alive and reinstalling Thrall, sound like cheating on a whole different level. In the novel "The Shattering" the Cataclysm shows us an interesting problem Thrall had no direct answer for. With the diminishing resources of the Western Horde's homelands and by the manipulation of the Twilight's Hammer, his politic of befriending the Alliance was all but at an end. If not for a "Deus ex Machina" he would have faced the decision of either starting at last a small scale war with the Alliance over the resources of Ashenvale, or letting his people starve. Thrall saw this and after Thrall's funeral much more as before his voyage to Nagrand, he made the decision to let Garrosh make this decision.

    Now we all can agree that Garrosh overreacted by grabbing for all Ashenvale(as far as I know of the last novel which I haven't read) and then with his allout war which bordered at the cliche of a supervillian, but the point remains that it is cheap to set Thrall back into the chair of the warchief without having the same decision to make, being war with the alliance or having his people starving. This could bring a true change in Thrall, or rather a step back to the young warchief who stood for his people by force when there was no way of doing so by talk.

    Worse, having been hinted by Metzen the Horde would go through a phase during the next expansion of looking back, getting spiritual and fighting its feet again, probably with Garrosh having to be the example of who not to be.

    Don't misunderstand me, Metzen hinted this to happen in interesting ways, so it also has the potential for some fun and good storylines, like which place Sylvanas has in a Horde where Thrall "insists" on honour and morale, but...

    All this and in the end the Horde would change? To make it more the Horde Thrall would be suited for? Come on!

    Having Garrosh as warchief, as warchief of the true Horde, neither the demon-corrupted lunatics of the first Horde, nor the peaceseeking one Thrall had wanted to make it would have been the been the best way of keeping WoW interesting. In the end Warchief Garrosh in Cataclysm still had the potential to be the Warchief the Horde deserves, maybe even the one it needs.

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