Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ask Gauss

Sunday, last day of the weekend and this the first Sunday of the spring season. Also with it being Sunday it is time for this thing here in Gauss land I like to call Ask Gauss. The post of the week where I answer questions sent to me throughout the week. So without waiting any longer let's get to it and answer them.

I saw your article on Garrosh was featured on WoW Insider. What was your take on their take on your opinion?

As always I appreciate WoW Insider reading and linking to my posts. I write them to be read, and agree with what I write or not they are still reading them. To quote WoW Insider"The problem with making assumptions like these, however, is that there is a gigantic chunk of information missing".In my opinion it doesn't matter what information is missing. The matter is they are removing a character that is everything that an Orc Warchief is supposed to be. They are doing this in a way to have someone else re-instated. Thrall in his own words wasn't a true Warchief. Garrosh wants the Horde to thrive, and yes he goes to war, but we have to remember this is WARcraft. The sides don't have to like each other. Each side has their goals. Doing some cheezy corruption way to get Thrall back is still wrong no matter the reasons I know behind it. Make Garrosh the bad guy? When all he did was exactly what Doomhammer did? You know Orgim? The guy the city we are assaulting is named after? So whatever story they come up with, however it is written, it won't make it right.

What are your thoughts on the Nephalem Valor Buff being added in Diablo III?

 I actually like it a lot. The concern was people would be switching their skills for trash packs, for bosses. Back and forth and back and forth. This gives you incentive to keep the skills and runes how you have it setup for your entire play period, which to me will fix the issue of skill swaping mid game. The other great idea of the Nephalem Buff is the fact that it will stop people from kill to a specific boss or a specific pack of monsters then restarting the game just to do it all over again. So there will be no specific "runs" to a boss and will make the entire content of the game active rather then farming specific spots over and over again. I really don't see how anyone could be against this buff. It is a reward for playing the game how it was meant to be played, which is just awesome.

Ultros and Typhon in the coliseum come Tuesday!

I know best DLC for FFXIII-2 so far. Cannot wait.

There you have it questions answered for the week. Hope you all got something out of it. Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

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