Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You Fail At Going On and On About No PvP At The Release Of Diablo III If...

Happy Fail Day Everyone! One day away from the day of days in Math Land. So what better way to pre-celebrate then to have Fail Day. This week I decided to make it about something that is on a lot of peoples minds, but frankly it is on some people's minds way too much. So without making you wait an longer here goes.

You Fail At Going On and On About No PvP At The Release Of Diablo III If...

  • You think PvP in Diablo is anything but a side thing
  • You believe having an Arena Death match without any balancing will actually be something worth playing for more than laughs
  • You wrote a book for a thread on the forums then when everyone disagreed with you, you decided to make a new thread saying the exact same thing hoping for different results
  • The only reason you were buying Diablo III is for PvP
  • Your first thought that came to mind is "all the noob care bears are ruining my game"
  • You think not releasing it is against Blizzard's Design Philosophy
  • You didn't even know there was going to be PvP
  • You believe this will make people less angry when you leech off them with your magic find
  • You still think you can do the above, since you obviously didn't read those notes either
  • You blame Activision
  • You think this has everything to do with the layoffs
  • You believe this is just so they can charge you for this later in an expansion

and finally

  • The words release and Diablo III in the same sentence don't actually confuse you
Hope you enjoyed it. Enjoy your day before the epic of epic days tomorrow.