Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Whose Fault Is It?

So here I was reading a bunch of emails many of you have sent to me. All of them basically saying that you enjoyed my insight to the whole Garrosh thing. You also posed a question "If it isn't Garrosh's fault then whose is it? Well this is when I decided to finally reveal my grand thoughts on everything that is Warcraft. So sit back and prepared to have your mind blow!

In determining where to start where better then the here and now? We have been told that Garrosh has decided to attack Theramore. Is he to blame for this though? Course not! Why did he decide to attack Theramore? Well there is the whole issue of the Alliance attacking Camp Taurajo. So does this mean we can blame the Alliance for the destruction of their city? Course not! Only reason Theramore exists is because Thrall felt guilty after killing Daelin Proudmore and allowed Jaina to have her city in peace. Ok so it is Thrall's fault.

Again no! Daelin was the one that came over and decided to attack the Horde and try and stop them from building their own homeland. Ok so we agree it is Daelin's fault. Well no, why did he come over to Kalimdor in the first place? Oh that's right he followed his daughter who took some of his fleet. So screw blaming Daelin it is all Jaina's fault. Sadly as much as I would like to blame her she had her reasons for leaving the Eastern Kingdoms. You know that whole issue with that guy named Arthas who was supposed to be her husband, but instead had the Lich King in his head driving him mad.

Well that's boring it is Arthas' fault? Of course not, that would be stupid. Arthas wasn't always the Lich King he merged with the Lich King. You know that guy who used to be an Orc Ner'zul. So it's the Lich King's fault aka Ner'zul. Now people could probably live with that, but sadly he just didn't end up their in Northrend all by himself hating everyone and everything. You see Ner'zul was punished after he was trying to run from Kil'jaeden and he ended up going through a portal that lead him straight to the very person he was running from.

Well that sucks for Ner'zul, so it was Kil'jaeden's fault because he punished Ner'zul and made him the Lich King. Well no it's not that either. Why was Ner'zul making those portals anyway? Oh that's right he was left in Draenor by his apprentice Gul'dan to die. Gul'dan I know no one likes that guy, but sadly he had a reason for helping to create the Dark Portal and enter Azeroth. You see Draenor was dying, and the Orcs wouldn't be able to live if they stayed. They needed to leave to have a chance.

So it all comes down to a dying world? No that would be a cop out! Why was the world dying in the first place. Oh ya, that's right they decided to practice and learn demonic magic and abandon shamanism. Orcs fault then right? Again no they were taught demonic magic so they could achieve victory in their war against the Draenei.

Sadly, though this war cannot be blamed. Why did this war start in the first place? Oh that's right it was because Kil'Jaeden convinced them that the Draenei were planning their destruction, and were not sharing what they knew with them. Again we cannot blame Kil'jaeden since you know you would have thought you know the Draenei would have mentioned when they met the Orcs that they pissed off this guy named Kil'jaeden and he is known as "the deciever" so he will probably try and trick you and make you kill us. But then we cannot blame them even for this incompetence, but they did fly through space to Draenor, but again why did they do this?

Oh that's right Velen decided to ditch his bros for a wind chime. Bros before wind chimes Velen! So it is pretty obvious it is all Velen's fault!


  1. LOL beyond epic. I say we sacrifice him for the greater good of us all!

  2. this is awesome great job

  3. That... Surprisingly makes sence...

  4. That is wrong on so many levels, but then it is so amazing on every other

  5. And this is why I still love Warcraft, it offers no easy answers.

    It has offered no easy answers since they changed the orc's backstory in Warcraft 3 to being seduced by the demon's and it should stay this way.

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