Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Siege Of Orgrimmar Fails Because

Oh it is Fail Day and is it ever one. I know you are probably all thinking that I have been on this kick of all things Garrosh, but the fact of the matter is I am extremely pissed off about it. I know I am not going to change anything, but if I was ever born for something I was born to complain. Frankly, I don't ever go off about something unless it really bugs me and this has just pushed my buttons in such a way that I have no idea how to descirbe. So here goes

Siege Of Orgrimmar Fails Because...
  • Garrosh knows what his Father did and being corrupted makes absolutely no sense in terms of the character Blizzard has developed
  • There should be war in Warcraft
  • If your enemy is standing in your capital city and achieved victory they wouldn't just up and leave like nothing happened
  • History dictates that War Crimes are determined by the winners, are we to believe now that Blizzard has chosen sides?
  • Of all the Horde Leaders Blizzard chooses to take down, they agreed on Garrosh?
  • I am sorry Garrosh isn't a mad scientist with a lab in the basement
  • I don't think there is a character in the entire existence of the game that has had more screen time then Garrosh
  • Blaming the entire conflict on Garrosh so Thrall can return and have no "bad" attached to him is beyond bad writing
  • If this is an event to promote dual faction raids I want no part of it
  • I don't care what story you write in to make us think otherwise. Varian is the exact same as Garrosh
  • A "bad" Guy/Girl doesn't always have to be corrupted. There are ones which are just evil
  • If this is an attempt to make up for "the Horde Winning" in Cataclysm it will just result in every expansion being a back and forth.
and finally
  • Thrall doesn't fit as the Leader to the current Horde just like Malfurion doesn't fit as the Alliance Leader
There you have it. This week's edition of Fail. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. It actually felt good to get some of that off my chest.


  1. Well done. Honestly I have agreed with everything you have said on the matter.

  2. I'm really hoping that I'm going to be amazed. I can't imagine HOW the Blizz folks are going to amaze me, but I keep hoping.

    I just can't quite get to a place where I can wrap my brain around the backstory that justifies offing a faction leader in an actual permanent, effects the game sort of way.

    Unless Garrosh kills Sylvanas, and uses the "B" word again. Then I see everyone wanting his head (and other, more sensitive parts) on a pike.

  3. The problem stems back to the lopsided storylines in Cataclysm. Unless you depict an open war as a back and forth grindfest a la WWI, you can't have war as a storyline, because any other form of open war ends with one side winning. Blizzard dropped the ball in Cataclysm, and now they're stuck without any realistic options to get themselves out of this situation, so they fall back onto their old standby, Thrall.

  4. Nice post, though I don't agree with you on some points.

    War Crimes are always judged by the winners, but Blizzard has made clear Garrosh should be the bad boy of this expansion, so him committing War Crimes is the best way of justifying the player's decision to remove him of his post.

    I also can't see how Garrosh would let himself be willingly corrupted, certainly not by a demonic taint, but in the end it is Blizzard's story, so if they choose to use it... it is still better than attributing him to loose his believes in honour such easily.

    Varian being the same type as Garrosh might be true for the start of the last expansion, but saying he has to stay this way means not giving the character credit for change.

    Also Metzen made clear they wanted to make the Alliance the good guys. I would be disappointed if decisions like leaving Orgrimmar to the Horde after Garrosh's removal would go through unchallenged, but that's what Varian being made the leader of the Alliance has been done for.

    Speaking of leaders, I agree Thrall as he now is, doesn't fit as leader of the current Horde, hasn't since the Cataclysm hit, shattering his dreams of peace. Yet, played out correctly this could give us a lot of new tension between the various factions of the Horde, which could be interesting. Also an Alliance under a Varian as described by Metzen could be the partner Thrall has always searched for. This is not the solution I would have liked, but it is somewhere to go from.

    Despite all we know now, there might still be a lot of development to come, so I won't get too excited about seemingly misplaced developments before they happen.