Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes here we are on the tail end of our weekend once again. It is sad, but we have ways of curing that sadness. One of which might actually be seeing what questions I am answering this week from all of you. If you are still unsure some how or are new to the whole thing. Just send in your questions to If I answer it on here congratulations if not be sure I will get to it eventually. With that let's get to it.

Did you happen to see the footage for the Warcraft movie from Comic-Con? If so what did you think?

From what I saw it appeared to be scenes from the novel Rise of the Horde. Now there were some changes, which is completed to be expected but even in low quality I liked what I saw. I know some people are complaining about CG but what did you expect if you wanted the orcs to look like the orcs we know and love. Be sure when we see more things from the Alliance perspective you will get a better feel for the whole thing. It really has made me very curious what is in store for us come November and a Trailer.

Do you like how Blizzard is now getting people to buy into their Betas?

I assume you are referring to Legacy of the Void and previously Heroes of the Storm. Companies have been doing this for awhile. Now for Free to Play games it makes a lot of sense to do a Beta this way. It gives people who are willing to contribute to the game financially a bonus of getting to play first. It also gives them the opportunity to spend the money they were going to spend anyway. Blizzard though for LotV is just allowing people who pre-purchase a chance to play the beta and the prologue. Nothing serious. It is not like they are getting into the campaign and are going to spoil it for everyone. So to all the people freaking out about Blizzard trying to cash in unfairly to people forget it. They are just buying the game early and getting a chance to play. If they were buying beta access and not the game then that would be a different story.

Do you go to Comic-Con?

No San Diego is a little far.

There they are the questions for the week all answered for yours and my enjoyment! Enjoy what is left of  your weekend and if you are like me enjoy the heatwave

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