Wednesday, July 22, 2015

You Must Defeat My Dragon Punch

Happy Wednesday! Yes here we are right in the middle of the week thinking about something to argue over. So what better time to have a list in which people will have opinions for days about. So what is this list then? Well the most recognizable signature moves in video games. So here we go let the arguments begin!

5. Spin Dash - Sonic

So we have seen the little blue ball rolling around collecting coins for years. He was always going to be on this list it was just a question over where.

4. Spin Attack - Link

Now I was thinking of putting the yelp in, but that doesn't really count as a "move". Every Zelda game though we see Link with his sword and shield preform this again and again.

3. Fus Ro Dah - Dovahkiin

Who doesn't love this battlecry? Like really? How many people scream this and have no idea where it comes from?

2. Get Over Here - Scorpion

Now when I thought about this list I knew this was going to be number 1 or number 2 but it came in at number 2. That doesn't mean that it isn't recognizable as I am sure all of you know. Just means that it just falls short.

1. Hadouken - Ryu and Ken

Now I am sure some of you have your doubts, but hey it is my list. I scream this randomly when I throw a ball just for laughs. Always a great time.

There you have it. This week's list. Feel free to argue till the cows come home about it.

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