Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It Might Come In Handy If You, The Master of Unlocking, Take It With You

Wednesday here we are in the middle of the week once again and it is time to throw a list your way. When deciding what to go with for a list this week I sat around thinking. Then it was slightly awkward and then I realized there we go. The most awkward video game cut scenes. So here we go and obviously slight spoilers ahead

5. Cave Scene - Metal Gear Solid 3

So Metal Gear Solid games have some amazing dialogue and great story that is always put together in a way to be appreciated. Then there was this scene...

4. Pole Dancing - Dead or Alive 2

So to be honest these games aren't very good. Most of the game you are wondering how let this game be released. Then there was the pole dancing and you are not sure to laugh, facepalm, or get someone to show them and ask what the hell is this.

3. Sonic's Human Girlfriend - Sonic the Hedgehog

So Sonic has had some weird choices over the years in terms of story telling, but as I am sure most will agree this takes the cake. Not only is this entire scene awkward but completely unbelievable

2. Yuna and Tidus Laughing - Final Fantasy X

You knew this was going to be on here you just were not sure where. This scene you are wondering the entire time how this was the best take of the whole thing. This scene has actually become a running joke for bad voice acting in general.

1. Every Cut Scene in the Entire Game - Resident Evil

These are so awkward and bad I couldn't even pick one. The game itself was actually pretty good, but sometimes I find myself mindblown by how awful the cutscenes are in this game. You almost think it is some sort of weird joke, but then how does that fit into the horror of the game.

There it is this week's list. Do you you agree? Let me know one way or another as always.

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  1. Was so hoping for some Resident Evil and you didn't disappoint