Thursday, July 2, 2015

Player Community

Here we are yet another day yet a bunch more people who can't seem to get along. Now I have been stating for awhile that free to play games just breed toxic environments. For the very reason that you really cannot make bans stick. Lately though something has really been bothering me about some of the players in Heroes of the Storm.

Now I am not saying that I am the greatest player. I am also not saying that there isn't times when I am pissed off about teamates poor play and I don't take it out on them. What I will say though is if someone offered me advice I would think about it and take it. I would probably say thanks and look into what they were saying. I would discard them and proceed to my CoD behaviour and rip into them like my mother does every night when she wants me to go to bed.

Time and time again I give players useful tips, which are not said in a condescending way, but in a way that it would not only benefit them but the team as a whole. After all Heroes is a game which teamwork is paramount in your success. Hell I have been asked to take specific talents in order to allow some of my teamates to preform better, because again that is what leads to success.

What I don't get is this sense that if you are told that something will be helpful it is automatically assumed you are attacking the person. Does this come from people's experience in other games? Are they always under attack? I will tell you and people I play with will tell you there is a pretty easy way to determine if I am upset or angry or if I am simply giving input and direction to help the team. This attitude just doesn't help build an environment that will allow solo queues to be a fun place to play, and truly that is what will suffer from here on out.

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