Wednesday, June 6, 2018

When Chaos Comes To Claim Our Souls

I am aware I have not posted here in quite some time. What I have come to tell you all is I have
recently finished writing a novel the first in a series called WHEN CHAOS COMES TO CLAIM
OUR SOULS. For those who have enjoyed this blog over the years I urge you to check out my
website at to learn about the book, the world of Sedatis’ lore, and how I came
to write the book. All of you here have enjoyed my writing over the years when I just put together
random thoughts which were flowing through my mind. I hope you will do the same when you enjoy
my carefully woven together world. I will leave you all with a taste of the book below.

In the lands Sedatis, magic is not as you have read in stories or fairy tales. Magic is a curse, and the Damned who wield it seek to harm, torture, and kill so those who know of their existence will forever tremble in fear. Their intent, their purpose, is for Chaos to claim the souls of this world.

For it matters not if you are a King stuck in the ways of the past, a Prince and Princess who wish to forge a new path, a Lord who wishes prosperity for his Kingdom and family, a hero of legend wielding a fabled weapon from an ancient past, a daughter who leaves home seeking answers to dark questions, sons searching for their place weighed down by the deeds of their parents, or a Father who leads those sworn to protect the innocent yet is burdened by his role in the eternal conflict.

See Sedatis through their eyes, feel their pain, cry their tears of sorrow, savour their moments of passion, urge them caution in their pursuit of revenge, and push them forward in their quests for redemption when Chaos comes to Claim their Souls.