Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Patch Notes

Now after reading the patch notes I decided that I had to say a few things about some of the notes, because I found them interesting. If you haven't seen the notes you should go take a look at them.

First off there seems to be some random nerfs and such to heroics. I am really wondering if this is needed because of the gear increase. Now I know that for people geared for the current content the heroics are already becoming very simple, plus with the addition of the increased luck of the draw buff this really makes me wonder what the reason is. Are people really still having trouble clearing the heroics? Regardless to the raider I really don't think they will notice a change with these nerfs, because they seem aimed at people that are not very bright.

Account Bound Items
  • Many "Account Bound" heirlooms are now labeled as " Account Bound", meaning that they can also be traded or mailed to characters that are on different World of Warcraft accounts under the same account.
  • Mail sent to characters on the same account now arrives instantaneously, as it does for the same World of Warcraft account.
  • Mailing account-bound items to characters of the opposite faction on the same account will now correctly translate faction-specific items to their appropriate equivalent.
This is an interesting change for people who enjoy alts and have multiple accounts linked to a single account. This still doesn't go as far as to give the altaholics what they want, which is heirlooms being able to be mailed cross server.

Hunters will automatically acquire a new target if the current target dies in the middle of a cast.

Can you imagine how many things will be pulled accidentally?

Wailing Caverns
  • The maze section has been removed, and nearby creatures and bosses have been adjusted to compensate.
This may be the greatest change in the history of the game.

So like I said these are just some of the changes that I think are interesting ones. There are plenty of other changes that are worth taking a look at including an explanation of guild challenges.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Queue Times

As many of you know who play a DPS spec queue times are 30+ minutes. This can, of course, be fixed by queuing with guildies or friends who are a tank or a healer. Now for players who this is an option for that works for us, but what I know and what Blizzard must know is that this makes the queue times for those DPS in queue even longer. Why? Well because if a tank or healer friend is only queuing with a DPS then a DPS that is already in a queue is not going to get in that spot in the group if the tank/healer didn't queue alone. Meaning a DPS is jumping the line. Now there have been many solutions put forth for this to be fixed, but what is my idea?

Well the simple solution is just to have more tanks and healers something which is easier said then done. What we don't want to do is drain the Tanks and Healers that are in the queue out. My solution isn't a perfect one, but I believe it will help slightly. You see when Dual spec was introduced many DPS created a Healer or Tank off spec that they would then gear for and learn to play that much better. You see when something is available to you in a game like WoW it is as if you have to use it and improve upon it. Now I know some people use their offspec for PvP or a second PvE spec I know this, hell I do it currently. Now what if Blizzard made Tri-Spec a possibility. I think this would increase the Tank and Healers not by a massive amount, but by an amount that the wait time in queue is actually noticable. Sure we will still have people using it for PvP or extra PvE specs, but even if only 1 person uses it to add another tank or healer to the queue the times will improve.

Just a simple thought that someone at Blizzard has had to thought of, and have to know that it will make those customers of theirs waiting in these long queues that much better.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You Fail At Blackwing Descent If...

HAPPY FAIL DAY!!! Oh yes once again it is everyone's favourite day of the week. The day of immense celebration and shunning. Now some of you who are new to Fail Day might have missed the times when I did some of my "guides". You see I know there are many sites and people that make how to videos or how to checklists for instances or bosses. Not around here. You see I just tell you what you or other people will be doing wrong and do it in a way that will make you feel like a complete idiot for doing so. So let's tackle everyone's favourite entry instance Blackwing Descent. You Fail At Blackwing Descent If...

  • You don't know how to get inside of it and ask for summons every time your raid goes here

  • You complain constantly about how you have to fly for 10 years to actually get to the instance and go on and on about Blizzard making a portal

  • You didn't know the entrance was where you actually fought our good friend Nefarian the first time.

  • You watch pretty lava spew out of the ground and send you 200 feet in the air

  • You have a hard time pressing 1 and clicking the little pretty green circle on a giant spike

  • You root a slime that is chasing you and cause it to explode on a melee

  • You dont stop attacking Magmatron when his shield up causing nerd rage all around and leading to your discussion of how you tab target

  • You find new and exciting ways to die on the elevator each and every time

  • You have to tranq shot by finding it in your spellbook

  • You wave at people trapped in Iceblocks and wish them well

  • You interrupt things that the raid leader keeps screaming at you to not interrupt

  • You have problems avoiding giant circular spinning disks that make snails appear fast

  • You stand there while a blind dragon is breathing fire at you

  • You find the concept of not healing people over 10k as difficult

  • You think it is amazingly cool to watch Onyxia blow up

  • You love to add to your statistics of "dying in fire and lava"

  • You believe interrupts are hard and should be removed from the game

and finally

  • You still do not understand that dragons have a tail swipe and a cleave

And there we have it. If you learn to not do these things I will say without a doubt in my mind that Blackwing Descent will go much more smoothly. Good Luck on this Free Loot Tuesday

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Fall of Cairne

Monday, Monday, Monday oh yes today is Monday if you didn't know. Monday besides being the last day before reset is also the day where I show you a video from the machinima community. When I first heard about this video I thought I needed to see it. After all it is the story of the last days of Cairne the Tauren who was the reason I chose to be a Tauren warrior. He is a Legend and the way he is portray within Lore is nothing besides epic. But, I was also scared to watch this in case it was poorly done and I would in turn hate anyone and everyone for every doing a movie based upon lore. So I watched it and I was impressed. The entire Machinima is based out of the book "The Shattering". Some of the female voices are not the greatest, but it is something you can put up with. Now the video is about 16 minutes long so make sure that you have the time to watch it when you do.

Hope you enjoyed it good luck on your last day before reset.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ask Gauss

Happy Sunday everyone, hope you are having or had a great weekend. Sundays to me are always hit or miss. If I get to sleep in and it turns out to be a nice day then I am normally all happy because regardless how my weekend went it was a good weekend, but if I get up early and it is horrible weather outside no matter how my weekend went it was awful and the worst weekend I have ever had. Anyways, I have no idea why I said that but I did so live with it. Where was I, oh yeah. Sunday is when we do something called Ask Gauss the day where I answer questions that have been sent to me throughout the week I think you all might be interested in seeing me answer. Out of principle I am not going to tell you that if you want to send a question there is a link on the top right of the page or you could send me an email, because at this point you should know the drill by now. So I am just going to get right to the questions.

I know you have made a bunch of gold through all the time you have played this game, do you ever plan on sharing your ideas?

I think there has been a few times where I have thrown out little hints and tips or things like that. In truth though this isn't a gold blog or a blog that is used to increase your dps/hps/tps. This is a blog that is about WoW and my experiences in it. So yes I might throw out there some things I have done to make some gold, but I don't think I will ever make a post straight out there about it. There are hundreds of blogs out there who are dedicated to help you make gold. The fact of the matter is I would probably be just restating what many of these great blogs have already said. If you are interested I have a link to a few of them in my blogroll and you should check them out if you looking for a well written thought out post that can help you. Instead of a Gauss type rant on what to do. As I am sure many of you enjoy my rants, but not all the time. So check them out, and then if you have specific questions feel free to email me something.

Guild Challenges. What are you thinking after looking at them?

Honestly? I am pretty disappointed. These I understand should be there and it is a great way to help guilds gain XP and make money. But a challenge? I don't see running heroics, winning a battleground or killing one boss a challenge. Well maybe for some guilds this is the case, but for your normal everyday guild everyone will be able to do this, which to me this isn't a real challenge. When I heard about this I was happy that these would be in the game to increase XP Gains and guild funds, but I was hoping for something along the lines of. No one dying on a boss, every spell is interrupted, X number of quests done in a set time frame, Completing an instance in a time limit. You know things like that. I am all for those things increasing your XP or guild bank funds. So here is me hoping that they add to the feature to make it something which is actually a challenge and not something that everyone will be and can be doing.

Have you asked Blizzard lately about getting you a statue as tribute?

No, but I think this is a great idea. I wonder where they should put it.

There we go that is it for this week. Hope you all got what you wanted out of this wall of text. Next Week's Reader post is simple, I want to know if you could come up with a guild challenge what would it be? As always you have until Thursday evening to get your submissions in. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Why Do You Write About What You Do?

So it is Friday and Friday as always means it is time for the Reader Post. This week's Reader Post topic was an interesting one because I asked my fellow bloggers past and present what it was that made them decide what to write about. I have always found the WoW Blog community an interesting one and it also appears Blizzard thinks the same since now much of their community updates if not all of them come from blogs. So what did get all these Bloggers started? Well let's find out.

I knew for awhile that I wanted to start a WoW blog, but I wasn't 100% on what I should do it on. I thought there were 100s of blogs about shaman and about healing and I just couldn't bring myself to just be another blogger doing the same old same thing. So I came up with the idea of just writing it as if it was the story of my toon. Sure it isn't the most popular blog, but I enjoy writing it and those that read it I hope enjoy it as well.

I like taking screenshots and always have, and just like they say a "picture is worth a thousand words" so is a screenshot. So everyday I take a screenshot and explain a little story behind it. I have noticed that readers always want to know where I took it and want to know more of the story behind it. I will always keep doing it even if no one reads because many years from now I can look back and know exactly how I was spending some of my free time.

Gold! I love gold and the challenge of making it. The fact was when I gold capped myself I didn't know what to do from then on. So I decided to share the things I had learned with everyone else out there. Not everyone who makes gold camps the Auction House 24/7 and I was there to prove it. I also found out by joining the community there were so many others like me who wanted to share what they have learned. It has been great fun and I will keep doing it as long as the market doesn't crash and I lose everything.

Roleplaying was the only real choice for me because it is what I play this game for. Gear comes and goes, but the Lore of WoW is always there. Even if sometimes it seems Blizzard pulls something out of no where to show us about this and that. I will be forever immersed in the Lore that is Warcraft and I wanted to let my creative juices flow and maybe entertain some readers at the same time.

In all honesty I have changed the focus of my blog several times. I have gone from talking about hunters, to DPS, to hating hunters, to raiding, back to hating hunters, to hating Blizzard for making hunters, to random exploits, back to more hunter hate, and finally today on DPS theorycrafting. So it has been a great ride and I am sure there will be a time when I will love hunters again, but that will probably be when they are removed from the game and I have nothing to hate anymore.

So there you have it. The end of this week's Reader Post. For all who are interested I started writing because I one day I was talking randomly in trade and guild chat when many people just kept telling me I should write some of this stuff down. So I did. This is probably why I really don't have a topic I just randomly talk about WoW in my own way, but it has worked and I will keep doing it.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Back To the Future Problem

As the Devs have stated they love how the new 1-60 zones play out and lore and story behind them and how everything feels connected to anything else. I would tend to agree I have played through most of them and they are extremely well done and thought out. Almost every quest has some lore part to it or its own individual story something, which was not always the case in the past. The problem lies in the fact that when you go to Outland you actually do go back in time before the Cataclysm where none of this has happened. The same thing also happens when you go to Northrend, but then when you start doing the 80-85 quests you go "back to the future" and yes even if I don't play alts or anything like that I know this is a problem. Sure probably 90% of the player base doesn't actually give a crap that this is going on, but I don't care.

You see the Devs have talked about this bothering them and I really don't understand how they don't just apply some simple fix to it. You can even use the fact that it is going back in time and have a bronze dragon port you there to make sure things go how they are supposed to go. This way going back in time actually makes sense because you are making sure it happens, now maybe leveling in that "past" doesn't make too much sense, but really it would be better than just telling everyone to ignore that it is happening.

Yes I do understand that there a lot bigger issues to fix then this one, but really I am a Lore person this is an easy fix so let's get on it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Winged Nightmare

So for anyone who isn't aware Blizzard has announced that the mount above will be coming to the Blizzard Store. Now for all those people who are already going on about the new TRH but calling it the TRL are just not even thinking. First off the least I could say was that the my little pony sparkle pony was something that could have actually been put in game for killing Algalon. Now even if the mount in my opinion looked silly and overdone that was in fact true. This was highlighted in Totalbiscuts TRH video "Even you could pretend you killed Algalon". The problem I have with this mount is I cant get the picture below out of my head while looking at it.
Yes that is the Lion from the Land of Misfit Toys from the movie Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. So if you liked the look of the mount I am sorry for ruining it for you, but as Edmond says in the Count of Monte Cristo "they must suffer as I have suffered". Don't worry you can thank me all later.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You Fail At Naming Your Guild If...

Happy Fail Day everyone! Yes, Tuesday is here once again and as such is tradition it is time to celebrate the art of failing. Or otherwise stated as the pointing out of why others are horrible, stupid, moronic, or just plain dumb. To all those people saying I cannot believe he just wrote that well you know it is true and you think it. You just want to be politically correct and for that you can take your holiday tree and your TIF and shove it right up your ass. I think I feel better now for some reason. Anyways, today's Fail Day post comes as a suggestion from someone named Crushion. Yes his name is an awful one and even has one of those stupid things over the "u" but hey it was a good topic so here we go.

You Fail At Naming Your Guild If...
  • You have one of those retarded characters over top of a letter in your guilds name
  • You spelt a word in your guilds name wrong
  • Your guild name is a joke that you are the only one laughing at
  • Your guild is in all lowercase letters
  • Your guild is in all caps like you are a screaming teenager looking for attention
  • The name of your guild has no meaning
  • You stole your name from something that already exists in Warcraft Lore like "Sons of Lothar"
  • To pick your guilds name you went to google and typed "Funny Guild Names"
  • You named your guild after natural disasters
  • You had your guild disbanded because it was offensive
  • You are a horde guild with "Knights" in the title
  • You named your guild after a movie's catch line
  • You have "lol", "lmao", "ROFL", or "leet" in your guilds name
  • You have a guild name which proclaims its satisfaction in the existence of Blood Elves

and finally

  • Your guild name is "Guardians of Silvermoon"

There you have it for this week's Edition of Fail. Thank you very much to Crushion for the topic even if your name is awful. Good luck on this Free Loot Tuesday!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ragnaros Cereal

Oh it is Monday and everyone loves Monday. Well I guess no one really loves Monday, but let's just run with it. Monday has a new tradition in Gauss Land for all those who haven't picked up on it. I show Machinima videos of any variety that I believe you will find interesting. This week since Firelands is not too far away I decided to go with this commercial made for a Ragnaros cereal by the WoW Outcast Network. Have a look.

One thing I think they are missing is someon funny lines they could have used to make this even better. Think of "TWO SCOOPS, EXECUTUS!" or "TASTE THE FLAVOURS OF SULFURON!", but maybe that is me just going a little bit overboard.

As always tell me what you think or if you have a video you think people would enjoy send me a link and I will have a look. Enjoy your last day before reset.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ask Gauss

It is Sunday! Of course it is, why wouldn't it be? For the people who still don't know Sunday is Ask Gauss, the day of the week that go through and answer some of the emails I have received throughout the week that I believe people would like my insight on. Well that is the idea anyway. Maybe I am just way off about what people think, but who knows. Also there are still people that still have no clue how to send a question in. Actually, I find it amusing people send me an email asking how to send in an email to ask a question... Anyways, it is very simple. Top right of the page there is a link that you can click on, if you are not into that sort of thing you can always send an email directly to See now doesn't that sound nice and easy? So before I go on babbling about god knows what let's get to the questions.

So what does the G-Man think about the daily heroic changing to a weekly total?

This is probably the best idea that I think Blizzard has come up with in a long time. I originally assumed they made it a daily so people had to log into their game everyday. If they are logged in everyday then they are playing. The other reason is to make sure the content they designed ie the heroics actually get done. So they are just taking that "log in everyday" out, which is a great idea. This means people can still do 1 a day or they can do any combination, but they only get the valor points for the first 7. This means you wont have people saying "I already did my daily today sorry". I am a little concerned about queue times on say Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday will be rather long, but we will have to wait and see how that goes. So yes if I could give Blizzard a high five for doing this I would. GG Blizz.

What is your opinion on the amount of Valor Points one will be able to get from just running heroics in 4.1?

Well I am glad first of all that there is a cap that you can not max out just from running heroics, because in my opinion I think that would just be wrong. Now I am not a fan of people getting points at all from not raiding, but Blizzard doesn't agree with that and I have accepted that this is going to be the case. What most people probably don't realize is the reason that they allow players to get points in such ways. When people logically progress their character it goes Normal, Heroics, Raids. The problem is if you don't get at least some Valor points from Heroics the player wanting to progress from Heroics to Raids will never get that chance. They will always be behind and in the process won't be able to join a raiding guild. So what does a person do that cannot progress their character in such a way? Well they either just quit, or they start a new guild. Now this may seem weird, but Blizzard doesn't want players to start guilds in such a way. This basically doesn't "improve" their player base. Basically all the people that couldn't get into other guilds join this guild and this guild may progress, but right when these people get enough gear they jump ship to the guild they always wanted to get into in the first place. Thus the new guild is back at square one and Blizzard has a lot of loyal unhappy customers who are stuck doing the same bosses over and over.

So this is their way to make sure a guild is never created in this manner. People will join guilds rather than creating their own and people joining it for selfish purposes. This also makes the recruitment pool much larger and the player base benefits as a whole. Also as long as heroics are kept at a difficulty that isn't stupid easy the player base won't be morons from just running heroics. Meaning a large plus for all raiding guild recruits.

How did you decide what you would talk about on your blog?

I talk about something in particular? You must be new here.

There you have it all that is it for this week. Hope you all got what you were looking for and maybe something you actually needed. A quick thanks to WoW Insider for the plug on the Daily Quest always appreciated and glad to know you think others would enjoy something I may be saying. Next week's Reader Post is simple I am looking to my fellow bloggers, how did you all decide what you were going to write about? As always you have till Thursday evening to get those submissions in. Enjoy what is left of your weekend and remember Spring starts today around 7:30pm

Friday, March 18, 2011

What Should Be Brought Back

Friday is here once again and we should all be thankful for it for some reason or another. With Friday as always is the case is time for the Reader Post the post where I ask you the readers to write it based on a topic I have given you. So this week I asked people to send in their submissions based on what they would like to see updated for a heroic as ZG and ZA was done. So lets have a look at what people said.

Personally, I'd like to see Scholo and Strath make a comeback. And upper and lower Blackrock Spire, which would actually fit in with the current lore thanks to Deathwing and the black dragon flight.

Blackrock Depths. With the absolutely god awful abortion that is the Lyceum when it's mobs respawned on a 20 second respawn timer, or what ever ludicrously faster timer it was. Whatever it was, it was fucking fast. You had to keep moving or they would respawn on top of you. Oh and the flame jets on the boss (who's name escapes me) before Emperor would one shot clothies. Oh and it still has to have all 22 bosses. 22x70JP=1540 for a full clear. Now there is some epic debating about full clear vs. optional bosses.Personally I loved full clearing BRD. 3+ hours in a 5 man. Those were the days.

In my opinion of my preference I'd like to see scarlet monastery or ragefire chasm. I have no lore behind my opinions is just the fact I enjoyed those alot and I would like to see them re-done for lvl 85 Scarlet seems like another MGT imo. Alot of humanoids, lots of trash, lots of CC. I'm not sure how the fights would be re-done for mechanics but I'm sure blizzard could come up with something. As far as RFC goes seems like alot of fun, I think there needs to be more trash though if it was re-done. That or make trash packs hit harder & add mini-mechanics to them. Again I have no ideas for bosses. You said you'd like to see dungeons redone in my opinion and I said I'd like to see rfc & sm done.

Personally I would be fine with a Caverns of Time type LFD tool that let's you run nostalgia raids/instances at level cap for noncombat items like mounts, vanity items, pets, etc. That way lore doesn't have to matter and we can all still enjoy the old dungeons at a higher difficulty level. They wouldn't have to really change a thing but raise the health pools, levels, and dmg of the mobs. This would be outside the random dungeon tool and wouldn't drop gear so players wouldn't feel obliged to run it. It would be more of a fun thing to do on the side to collect vanity items instead.

I got this submission and I thought it was beyond amusing. Only with the tag "Wouldn't you love to run this as a random everyday

And there we have it. Thank you all for the submissions make sure to look for next week's topic during Ask Gauss. Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


There was a very interesting breakfast topic over on today talking about questlines that you feel are unfinished and want to find a solution to them. Being a Tauren the Magatha storyline is something that is extremely important. This is the person responsible for the murder of our beloved Carine. If you haven't done the Thousand Needles zone I will warn you now that there are spoilers in this post. You see in the zone you rescue Magatha who appears to have been captured by the Twilights Hammer. You free her because you don't want the Twilights Hammer to use her as an asset in their vile and corrupted ways. The problem is you are played. You "free" Magatha and give recover artifacts which are powerful enough to give Magatha a tremendous amount of power. It is revealed that she is in fact in charge of the Twilight's Hammer in Thousand Needles. It just ends though. What have you created? A raid boss perhaps? Will we see our first ever Tauren Raid boss and will it be Magatha Grimtotem? It is something that I actually hope happens. I will take pride is defeating this Tauren that tried to ruin everything that Cairne tried to accomplish. She will pay and I hope it is soon.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Daily Blink

So for anyone who doesn't know about "The Daily Blink" comic you are really missing something. They never fail to make me chuckle a little and share it with some friends. Recently they have made some movie posters I thought were quite amusing and I thought I would share them with you because everyone needs a laugh on a Wednesday.
Tell me you haven't met a mage like this before?
Just LOL

Now if you don't laugh at this one you have to have some sort of problem.

So hope you got some laughs out of those and enjoyed them. Be sure to check out the Daily Blink everyday it will be worth it trust me.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You Fail At Emoting If...

Tuesday it is once again. It is like 7 days went by or something. With Tuesday though everyone knows that it is Fail Day and you come here to read to feel awesome I am not talking about you, feel ashamed that I mentioned something you have done, or laugh and laugh and well laugh some more. Today I am doing a topic I really cannot believe I have ever done mainly because when you really think about it so many people fail at this.

You Fail At Emoting If...
  • You always wonder what the "strange gestures" emote is.
  • You do /welcome when you are trying to say welcome
  • You /cheer to make people think you won an auction
  • You /wave or /hi NPCs because you didn't know you still had them targeted
  • You have never bothered someone by spamming /attacktarget at them
  • You didn't know /e is a custom emote
  • You /thank someone after they do an enchant for you when you didn't tip them
  • You don't know why the teepee and wigwam joke is funny
  • You didn't know about /map
  • You thought /gquit was an emote
  • You didn't know you could turn into a flaming female draenei with a /dance
  • You didn't know you can disconnect you and everyone around you from the game from spamming emotes
  • You have that mod for Warlocks that spams those stupid emotes when you summon a pet
  • You have never /golfclap to a Paladin

and finally

  • You have done /camp because someone told you it was an amazing emote

There you have it this week's edition of Fail Day. Hope you all enjoyed it. Good Luck on this Free Loot Tuesday.

Monday, March 14, 2011

9 Crimes

So first off HAPPY PI DAY everyone. Yes it is once again the day of Pi the day we celebrate a number for being as awesome as it is. With it being Monday it is also time to show a machinima. So I was left with this problem with it being Pi Day and showing a video that was as equally awesome as the day it will be shown on. I came up with 9 Crimes. Even know the video is older it is extremely well done and really makes you go WOW after you watch it. So have a watch

So I hope you enjoyed the video one of the better machinimas I have ever seen. So now go and celebrate Pi Day as it was meant to be.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ask Gauss

Another weekend almost over, and another era of daylight savings to begin. I am still kinda upset I lost an hour of sleep, and kinda pissed they wont give me that hour back till the fall, but hey it is supposed to save us a few bucks on electricity. Anyways, it is Sunday meaning it is time for Ask Gauss. They day of the week where I answer some of the questions that have been sent to me throughout the week. Even though I tell people every week how to send in their questions there are still people that ask how. So once again it is very simple. On the top right of this page there is a link you can click it or if you are not a fan of clicking links you can just send an email to Like I said very simple. So without waiting any longer let's get to the questions.

Did Blizzard make a mistake by not making the entry level of raid content easy?

Well if we look to past expansions going to exclude classic because I don't think it really applies. In BC we had Karazhan and many would argue this is probably one of the greatest raids Blizzard has ever created because it was a teaching raid. I would agree that it taught raiders how to raid so they would be prepared. Every encounter had some sort of stand here, don't stand here, run out, interrupt, switch to this add, and so on and so forth. That is what people remember and they forget that when Karazhan was the only raid it wasn't entirely simple, but there was 1-2 bosses that people could get down and work forward towards. In Wrath the open tier of content was all simple, which was in response to the end of BC being stupid hard for most players. So this is what people have in their memory. People forget that in BC Gruuls, and Mags were very hard at entry level, which I think is what Blizzard has done in Cataclysm, but they are expecting raiders to know how to raid by now which is why there aren't encounters that are simple to get down at entry level. This being said I think when Firelands comes out people will still be doing this first tier, which to me is a great thing and it will become more of a teaching tier for raiders before going to the Firelands. So yes Blizzard could have made 2-3 of the encounters easy to help out entry level raiders, but I think they then this tier would be lost when the next came.

What content do you think Blizzard should revamp?

Well first off this really isn't a revamp, but more of a redemption. Illidan's end really wasn't done the way I would have liked and Chriz Metzen himself stated he was looking for redemption for him. This is the way I see it. Redoing Black Temple doesn't really make sense for current Lore context, but Illidan himself would be a great example for an expansion that us lore nuts knows is coming. Argus in my opinion will probably be the last expansion to WoW. This being where we come face to face with Sargeras the head of the Burning Legion. We all know Malfurion as the druid of druids and he has come in this expansion to save Hjyal by making sure Ragnaros doesn't destroy the new found life of Hjyal. Illidan is the Demon Hunter granted gifts from Sargeras himself. Just as Malfurion is the Druid, Illidan is the Demon Hunter. Illidan has always shown interest in doing the right thing for his people he just wanted more power in the process. I just think this will be his time to show that he is the one to save everyone. You see I think there is only 3 real Lore Characters in WoW that have the most epic of stories those being Arthas, Thrall and Illidan. Just imagine the movie type end if Illidan was the one that saved it all after all he has gone through.

Guess what Monday is?

It is Monday, but it also is Pi Day.

That is it for this week hope you all got what you wanted or needed out of the post. Next week's Reader post is going to be about who you think should be brought back as a boss or a helpful Lore character in the future. As always you have until Thursday night to get your submissions in. Enjoy what is left of your weekend.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Your Theme Song

Friday is here and it couldn't have come soon enough am I right? Friday around here is a very simple day it is the day when I hand over the posting to all of you. This week the topic for the Reader's Post was a simple one. I wanted you to think of a theme song for your toon in WoW. I know pretty interesting topic and I will tell you that I got some pretty interesting responses so how about we see what they were.

I always giggled when playing my Dwarf Warrior and Led Zepplin - Immigrant Song came up. "I come from the land of the ice and snow, with the midnight sun, where the hot springs blow!"

When I'm getting corpse camped, And my guild are on the way to back me up, I generally stick on Pistol Grip Pump From the RATM renegades cd. They can be messin' with other people's stuff, but they can't be messin' with mine.

Manowar – Warriors of the World United. This is what I hear in my head when I am ready to start tanking an instance. Its got a march theme to it and just gets me pumped before a raid. Lyrics are kinda corny, but it also fits with Warcraft at the same time. STAND AND FIGHT TOGETHER!

So far, aside from Heather Alexander's "The March of Cambreadth" much better live, though, with the whole audience screaming "How many of them can we make die!" all I'm coming up with is "Re: Your Brains" which is odd since I've never played a Forsaken. In fact, I now have the chorus "All we want is to eat your brains" stuck on infinite loop in my mind.

Iron Maiden Be Quick or Be Dead. The title says it all. Fits perfectly with my PvP centric hunter. Fast paced, adrenaline rush type of music. And I am a metal freak.

Starfire by Dragonforce. I don't think I could a better song to say what I would want my toon to be. "And we're standing one and all fight untill we fall Hoping for a better day, never giving in". Would just make me want to kick some more as each and every time.

Is there any choice but Indestructible by disturbed. It is basically a song about someone on a quest which along the way deals with him fighting for his life to preserve himself in the process not to mention it as saying how he is completely pro at kicking anyone and everyones ass.

So that is it for this week hope you all who didn't submit are thinking in your head what your theme song would be. Then of course you will be playing it endlessly and everyone will get bothered with you because you are driving them absolutely mad. Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Speak So You Should Listen

So I have come to the conclusion on why people think Cataclysm is hard for a variety of reasons and I just want to use this post as an outlet to try and make people understand the problem. So this may come off to some that I feel I am just better or know better. For the people that actually think that is the case that is probably actually true, but for the people that understand and think about what I am saying they will know and understand what I am saying rings true. So by all means if you don't agree or think I am being a douche tell me. I so enjoy hearing back from anyone and everyone especially the haters.


If you are a tank and think Cataclysm is hard it is pretty simple. You were a pally tank that was used to checking their facebook and doing nothing but press one button every couple seconds. You have no idea on stat priorities and have always reallied on your healers to make up for your mistakes. You cannot tank and move and keep aggro, only 1 of the previous are able to be done at any given time.


So if you are a DPS and you think Cataclysm is hard it comes down to a few things. You hate interrupting or have no clue how to do it. You have CC that you have never used before and have to learn how to use it to be an effective player. You have always expected tanks and healers to make up for your mistakes of standing in the fire dpsing the wrong target etc etc.


If you are a healer and think Cataclysm is hard then you have no idea how to manage your mana correctly. You are spamming one spell and are not thinking about what you are actually healing. You have tunnel vision problems and cannot heal yourself out of these problems. You ignore boss mechanics and try to heal through them. You have an impression that DPS is easy and healing is 100x more difficult.

It is as simple as that. Tell me how I am wrong and I will be happy to listen.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So over on MMO Champion they have some beta screenshots of the Firelands, which will be available to us as a zone and raid in the future. To a lot of peoples dismay this will be in 4.2. Regardless here is my favourite of the screenshots.

I was worried that this zone would be for lack of a better word too "Hellish" I am happy that after seeing the screenshots they did it in a way that gives the player the understanding that they are in the domain of fire, but not in this endless pool of flames and surround by lava. This was the same thing I was afraid of in Northrend that we would just have snow everywhere, but they got around that there so I should have had the same confidence they would have done it here. So I must say I am quite impressed with the screens and the look of the zone.

In addition with some data mining they have gotten 3 partial achieve icons. One of which is no surprise at all and that has to do with Ragnaros. The other two are interesting. One being with Fandral Staghelm, which is very interesting in the fact that he was transported to "safety" during the mount Hjyal questline. Even more interesting is that he was corrupted by the Old Gods specifically the Nightmare and her is hoping they bring this more to the forefront. Also I think a real druid type encounter would be quite an interesting one. Lastly is Alysra, who is the green dragon that helped you transport Fandral. Now this could either mean she is some how corrupted or gone rogue or could be Dreamwalker type encounter when she is required to be saved.

So even if we have to wait a little longer for the Firelands seeing the screenshots and this boss revelation makes me understand this will be an interesting zone and raid for sure.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You Fail At Smack Talking WoW If...

Happy Fail Day everyone! Over the past week I have heard a god awful amount of bitching, complaining and whatever else anyone could possibly say and I have frankly had enough of these clueless people running their mouths about things they have absolutely no clue about. So here goes!

You Fail At Smack Talking WoW If...
  • You said Guild Wars would be the WoW killer
  • You said Age of Conan would be the WoW killer
  • You said Warhammer would be the WoW killer
  • You said Aion would be the WoW killer
  • You post a wall of text on the forums about how you are quiting thinking people actually care
  • You complain the game has changed too much and is too hard
  • You go on and on about WoWs numbers diminishing when they are actually increasing the number of subscriptions
  • You created like 30 threads complaining that Firelands is not in patch 4.1
  • You were one of the people that complaining how there is X.X# patches and not just X.# patches but then complain when they do an X.# patch doesn't have what you expected.
  • You talk on and on how Blizzard only cares about money, and yet they don't charge for patches like other games do
  • You complain about recycled content without realizing that Blizzard is making content that already exists in the game useful.
  • You complain things are too easy, but then are the first to complain when they take away a title by increasing the difficulty because you earned it "Fairly"
  • You say you are unhappy and you hate this game, but you still pay for it every month
  • When complaining you offer no solution or ideas you just bitch and complain that stuff isn't as it should be without actually saying what "should be" is

And finally

  • You think Rift is the greatest thing ever made without realizing it is just WoW with a gimmick except it has no story to keep people interested

And there we have it this week's Fail Day. That feels really good to get that off my chest. Enjoy your Free Loot Tuesday.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Thunder Axe War

Going on with how Monday's have become the Machinima day I am going with the flow. Also because I have this thing with coming up with names for days I need one for this. Too bad someone is already using Machina Monday, because that would actually be perfect. So getting back on topic, and what I chose for today. So for those that didn't know over on Sha'tar EU server March 1st through to the 6th they were having a roleplaying event known as the Thunder Axe War. They created this trailer for the event and even if the event is over this is epic enough for you to watch it.

I hope they release some videos of the actual event taking place, because with what I can only assume was an insane amount of time and effort I hoped it all worked out for them. If I hear anything I will make sure to keep you all posted on the happenings.

Enjoy your last day before reset, there must be things for you to do!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ask Gauss

Sunday is upon us once again meaning it is time for Ask Gauss. The post of the week where I answer some of the questions I have been asked throughout the week. If you are still clueless about how to send in your question, once again it is very simple. There is a link in the top right of this page or you can just send and email to Like I said very simple and easy. So without blabbing on and on let's get to this weeks questions.

What do you think of Blizzard's decision to not release the Firelands with patch 4.1?

The simple answer is I agree with there decision. If they are going to stick with their plans of letting people experience the content while also not having attunements, and changing the valor point system each tier then I agree with it. People didn't get a chance to experience Ulduar for a few reasons. It was much more difficult then the previous tier and much easier then the tier that followed it. Also the ToC tier was the first time 5 mans gave what is equal to todays valor points. All these factors contributed to Ulduar being ignored by the vast majority of the WoW population. Why do something much more difficult when you could put in a third of the effort and get more? Also instead of just delaying everything they are giving the community a chance to gear up to make raiding easier so that they can see the content quicker. This is a much better solution then giving a buff and making some of the content faceroll. I am also not a fan of Ulduar was hard so lets make ToC a joke. I want the Firelands to be on par with the current tier, that being the most important thing to me.

I read your post about Armor customizations and I thought it was a great idea, what about adding to that and making guild specific armor?

This is actually a great idea. This would also build on the idea of bring guilds together like Blizzard wants to do. We have guild banners, tabards, pets,and mounts. So why not have a guild specific armor set that is designed just like the tabard. There could be a cloth, leather, mail, and plate sets all of which would just be visual. You would keep the same armor stats you were wearing you would just be representing your guild. Truly great idea and wish I thought of it.

If you had a theme song what would it be?

I think I went over this awhile ago "the One and Only" by Chesney Hawkes

So that is it for this week hope you all got what you were looking for. So for next week's Reader post, what is your WoW theme song? Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Caverns Of TIme Future

It is Friday so once again it is time for the weekly Reader Post. This week's post I asked you all to send in what think would make a great Caverns of Time instance in the future. So I got a lot of submissions for this, some of which already have happened so not sure if people are clueless or just want it redone, either way that wasn't the purpose of this post. Anyways, let's see what people had to say.

The Slaying of Mannoroth.
Mannoroth was perhaps one of the greatest pitlords that ever existed, and the infinite dragonflight are attempting to stop him from being slain. To counter Garrosh Hellscream and Thrall's attack on the mighty demon, the infinite dragons have sent an army of their finest members to old ashenvale. If the infinite flight succeeds then it is likely that Mannororth will aid kael'thas in the summoning of kil'jaedan, and if that happened....... The aim of this CoT instance would simply be to stop the legions of infinite dragons from reaching Thrall and Garrosh. Not sure on bosses. No doubt some legion dudes and infinite dragons would be bosses.

The War of the Spiders
The infinite dragonflight has turned its attention to northrend, and is attempting to re-make the outcome of the war of the spiders, the massive war between the scourge and nerubians. If the nerubians had won then these spider men would have taken over the world with help from the old gods. The infinite dragons have sent nerubian troops from the past, present and future to the final battle in the war of the spiders. You must now help the scourge to defeat the legions of nerubians. Time is short. The final boss to this dungeon would be wait for it an un-undead Anub'arak.

The March On Quel'Thalas.
After Kael'Thas failed to rebuild the sunwell, a group of his followers have contacted the infinite dragonflight who have sent them back in time to prevent the well from ever being destoyed in the first place. In return the bloodelves have promised that in the choas that will ineviably ensue because of the sunwells continued existence, the infinite dragons can lay claim to Azeroth.

Protect Rhonin as he destroys the Demon soul and saves Alexstrasza

Yeah... Save an Aspect? AWESOME! Plus Rhonin is awesome and Deathwing comes into the story and there is an epic fight between the Deathwing and the Aspects... and now that I think about it this could fit in with WotLK since they are adding Malygos and Dragonblight as a raid boss and zone... if you read the lore I think this may be where Malygos starts his war against all non-Dragon magic users... He is already slipped far into his madness and he finally leaves his cave and sees Rhonin and orc warlocks wreaking havoc over Azeroth

Razing of Stormwind or Sieging of Capital City
Either ensure that Garona is able to kill King Llane and that Stormwind is lost to the orcs, or defend Capital City from Orgrim Doomhammers assualt.

Titans vs Old Gods
I really believe eventually we will see this one. All the Titans will partake and we will finally learn if a Titan fell in the battle with C'thun. This will contain all the Elemental Lords and all the Old Gods.

The War of Three Hammers
Basically the battle of the dwarven races ending with the summoning of Ragnaros and the corruption of Grim Batol.

Battle of Thearmore
The battle that took place in the Orc Expansion of Warcraft III where Rexxar defeats Admiral Proudmore.

Fight alongside the quillboars of Razormane tribe to prevent the Infinite Dragonflight from saving Mankrik's Wife
and changing history!

That is it for this week. As always you can find out next week's topic if you would like to be apart of it and put in your submission during Ask Gauss. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

By The Numbers

So over at the Grumpy Elf there is a post today about numbers so I thought I would also play the numbers game to show you all the fun and exciting "Big Numbers" I have achieved while playing this game.

Achievement Points: 10700

There are so many of the new questing areas I want to see which will make this number rise even higher. So that 11000 number is just around the corner.

Most Factions at Exalted: 56

Yes 56 I am all about the rep grinds except those stupid ogres I hate the damn ogres.

Vanity Pets: 101
Mounts Owned: 114

I had no idea I had so many mounts that is actually pretty crazy to me.

Elixir Consumed Most: Noggenfogger(375)

Yes I love my skelly form and the skelly cower.

Epic Items Acquired: 2658

Damn that is a lot of epics

Daily Quests Completed: 3010

Did I mention I hate dailies?

Total Deaths: 8891

I love attacking the floor.

Raised as a Ghoul: 117

My DK guildies love me apparently

Flight Paths Taken: 1342
Number of Times Hearthed: 1342

I actually don't remember the last time I took a flight path, since all this flying in the old world nowadays.

So those are my numbers. How do yours look?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Caverns of Time Raid

So as promised I am going to talk about how I think we will get some connections with the new CoT: War of the Ancients instance. As a review let's go over the CoTs so far.

Escape from Durnhold: Help Thrall escape Infinites try to stop you from doing so.
Opening of the Dark Portal: Make sure the Dark Portal is opened. Infinites try to stop you.
Battle for Mount Hjyal: Make sure Archimonde armies are not successful. No Infinite to be seen.
Culling of Stratholm: Make sure Arthas is successful in driving Mal'Ganis to Northrend. Infinites try to stop you.
War of the Ancients: Unknown as of yet

So many people believe that Nozdormu is responsible for the Infinite flight. There are many cases for this as they travel through time, which is a bronze thing, and there was that whole quest in Dragonblight that hinted at it. The theory basically states that Nozdormu is trying to stop his death with particular events that would lead to this happening, since for those who don't know when he was granted his abilities by the titans he was also shown the exact moment he would die.

Another working theory is that the Infinite dragons themselves are rogue dragons that are trying to stop things that would as they would think help the world. For example, if Thrall doesn't escape the Orcs don't get a renewed strength and there would be no new Horde as we know it. If the Dark portal doesn't get opened then the Orcs never come to Azeroth and the world never has to deal with the resulting conflicts. In CoS if Arthas doesn't succeed in culling Stratholm then he doesn't become the Lich King and Illidan is then successful at destroying the Frozen Throne. Everyone could argue that these would all be good things as a result. There is, of course, always the argument that the resulting timeline could in fact be a worse result, or that whatever happens is meant to happen. With mount Hjyal it can be argued that there was no Infintes because the result itself was the desired result, but then why not help to make sure it was achieved?

Now this leads us to the new instance and the Infinite, will they interfere? Well if they are trying to stop Nozdormu's death I believe that the infinite would interfere to stop the Aspect from losing a portion of his power with the creation of the Dragon Soul. If the Infinite are trying to stop events from happening that would result in timelines and a better result for the world. Then I believe they will be trying to stop in the creation of the Dragon Soul and Deathwing becoming empowered. The result of the war would have to remain the same, but I cannot see another reason for the instance besides the Dragon Soul itself. This would make sense because the expansion is all about Deathwing and this development is centred around him as well.

Regardless this is one of my favourite moments in Warcraft Lore and I will be glad to be right there experiencing it.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You Fail At Saying Cataclysm Is Too Hard If...

Fail Day is here once again everyone. The day of the week where we feel better about ourselves because we are not someone else. Yes, I thought of that line all by myself, but seriously one day I will understand everyone's fascination with Fail Day. You see I get this picture of Gauss Nation members that would laugh at a kid who fell off the monkey bars or some how ended up rolling down a slide instead of sliding down it. Who am I kidding I would probably laugh too. Anyways before I add to my stack of hate mail let's give everyone their weekly dose of fail.

You Fail At Saying Cataclysm Is Too Hard If...
  • You are not even level 85
  • You are doing instances in greens
  • You ask where to buy your free epics
  • You find it hard to move out of the way of the giant worm shooting out of the ground in the Stonecore
  • You are a mage
  • You couldn't complete the quest "Gnomebliteration"
  • Your most prestigious title is Jenkins
  • You are still complaining there are no portals in Dalaran
  • You think it is stupid you cant ignore boss mechanics and do everything you are supposed to do wrong and the boss still die
  • Your stupidity has no cooldown
  • You believe interrupts are for everyone to do except you
  • You have no idea why there is a priest yelling "Click the lightwell you worthless moron"
  • Your faction never controls Tol Barad
  • Your name is Tombrady

and finally

  • You are a Wrath Baby

And there you have it this weeks edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it and use it in whatever blackmail scheme you are planning...I mean I hope you pointed and laughed endless at some ret pally you kicked from your dungeon group. Enjoy your Free Loot Tuesday everyone.