Tuesday, June 30, 2015

You Fail At Remasters If...

So I went on a little bit of a rant last Thursday. You may or may not have read it but it had everything to do with Remastered versions of games. It is not that I hate them it is what is going on in the gaming industry right now with them. So in keeping with that same sort of theme. Fail day is going Remaster.

You Fail At Remasters If...

  • The first version of the game just came out
  • You are making Remasters when people have been asking for remakes for years
  • You didn't actually improve the sound quality
  • You remastered glitches which were in the original game
  • You try to add content no one is interested in
  • You make the achievements and trophies so ridiculous no one is ever going to attempt them
  • You are using your remaster to hype the other new game you are making
  • You remaster reveals the flaws in the original gameplay
  • The price of the remaster was more than the original price of the game
  • No one ever wanted to play the original game
  • People were asking for a sequel and you gave them a remaster
  • You are choosing to remaster one of your games no one has asked for instead of the game everyone is asking for

and finally

  • You stop making new games

There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Hope you all enjoyed it or got something out of it.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Game of Super Mario World

So it is Monday, and if you are like me you are missing Game of Thrones. You miss talking about it. You miss wondering what is going to happen next week, and you just need a game of thrones fix. Well what I have for you isn't exactly that but it is close to it. Steven Jase came up with this Game of Thrones Parody of the opening sequence, but done in the style of Super Mario World. So sit back and enjoy the show!

Hopefully this helped a little!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ask Gauss

So here we are on another Sunday morning and the last of June actually. The time when you actually start to feel like it is summer time, as long as the weather is cooperating that is. This doesn't change the fact that Sunday has traditions and one of the traditions you are here for is that of me answering some questions. So let's get on with it.

What do you think about the Archimonde death?

I was a little disappointed with how easy he fell. Now I understand they wanted it to be different from the last time. Really though it took the night elves giving up their immortality and scorching Nordrassil for him to be killed. This seemed a little bit like a "really?" moment. Now the thing which interests me more is what is going on with the whole Gul'dan pack and the staff thing. Just makes you wonder if there are Lich King parallels going on.

Not sure if you saw recent notes from LoL and DotA2 making efforts to make their games shorter in length. Do you feel this is a direct response to Heroes of the Storm?

Honestly? Yes. Shorter games make for time more well spent. Especially games like LoL and DotA2 where they can spin out of control in quite a hurry. There is nothing more frustrating then a game which is dragging out and you have no way out of it because you are forced to play it out. Really though those games will always be longer in length than Heroes for the simple fact that they have a long and boring lane mechanic, which really is a must for the gameplay. Even if you don't have games which are 90 minutes in length you are going to be hard pressed to ever have a game which is 30 minutes long.

Why is Nova so OP?

Because you can't see the shimmer.

There you have it questions all answered for the week. Thanks to everyone who sent something in as this could not be done without your contributions. Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Is This The End?

It is Friday well in case you didn't know. Now any WoW fan knows 6.2 is all around and the Hellfire Citadel is all up and running. Also you may or may not know that it appears the "ending" to Warlords is all around. Now if you are worried about spoilers I know ignore today's post, but Jokubas has a theory how the cinematic should have gone down for this week's Reader Post so have a look.

Archimonde wins. We were not prepared to fight Archimonde, we should not have killed him

He brings down those meteors to destroy Draenor. The cutscene is not a celebration, but an evacuation. The heroes realize they cannot win, only mitigate their losses. Gul'dan, meanwhile, knows he will not survive the meteor impact either and panics. Archimonde prevents him from escaping and talks about the pact, which is the last thing we see as we escape. There's a bittersweet reflection as the escape portal forcibly shuts behind us. After going to black, it returns to show Gul'dan in the Nether, with Kil'jaeden or some other voice hinting at the plans he has for Gul'dan and presumably our timeline. End cutscene.

The cutscene we got implies Draenor isn't going to be seen again, and just kept around in case they want to use those characters again, so they don't really need it. If they actually destroyed Draenor, we'd actually have a reason to fear what might be coming next, and with the Gul'dan stinger, it would actually feel like a proper cliffhanger, instead of just being told it is.

And just to be clear when I say Archimonde should have won, I think one of the biggest problems with Warcraft's story since World of Warcraft isn't that the heroes always win, it's that each plot follows the same arc, and the endings just follow off of it. New villain reveals themselves, we fight to their lair, we kill them. Mists of Pandaria is the only real exception, and I think that was both good and bad. Bad because, in order to roll out the rebellion and Garrosh's threat, the leveling experience had to be almost entirely filler. Good because the overarching plot felt like a continuation and a conclusion to the war started in Cataclysm, not just a march to a villain. Outside of that expansion though, the closest thing to a real complication we've gotten was the Wrath Gate way back in the day, but that barely felt like one because it was obvious we weren't going to beat Arthas at his back door before touching Icecrown. Warlords of Draenor tries to do this with the Iron Horde->Fel Horde switch, but we would have gone to Tanaan and took down the last villain there regardless, so it didn't feel like a shift. I'm not saying the villains need to successfully cause an apocalypse or roll the die on a few characters to kill off, that tends to be handled poorly as well, but the path to defeating them should not be linear, and it shouldn't always literally involve defeating a villain. Like in my example, I think it's totally fine if we never fully resolve what Archimonde does in an alternate universe as long as we resolve whatever comes as a consequence of it for us.

Warcraft III was not a linear march from Lordaeron to Archimonde's house. It was an ever-growing story that started small and grew more complex, introducing new threats and complications over time. It was obvious relatively early that Archimonde was the main villain, but that didn't make everything between then and the ending feel like filler. There was the Scourge, then the Legion. There were actually plot relevant and logical skirmishes between the factions. The faction conflict was resolved, the Scourge would end up betraying the Legion in the expansion, and ultimately the Legion would be defeated on our doorstep, not theirs.

I was hoping this would be the first multi-expansion plot, because I think we could really use a threat that is more complex than just getting to the villain's lair. If that happens though, this cutscene just does not sell it.

So what do you think? I am still digesting everything but feel free to speak your mind.

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, June 25, 2015


So it is the big thing now to release old games as new. Sometimes these games aren't even that old and they are thrown right back at us. Now I don't have a problem with it if say companies are doing it for fans who may have never got the opportunity to play a specific game. I have gone over this multiple times in regards to The Last of Us. It was an exclusive title and a last generation PS3 game that many people who switched from xbox to Playstation did get the opportunity to play. This gave them the opportunity to do so.

This also is evident the price of the item and how Sony has made it a selling point of the PS4 being that it is a bundle item. Why wouldn't you want to show off one of your best games? What is bothering me about this remastered thing lately is that it seems that more than half of the games currently coming out for this generation are remasters. There is minimal new titles. Sure we have seen some great games come out this year, but for a second just sit back and think about the amount of games that came out that you would think about buying for this current generation of consoles?

And that is my point. Sure it is great to see these games. Especially ones that you know are great choices for remasters because of not only the time period they came out, but the iconic value of the games. I just would like to go to the store and see a variety of games I want to get my hands on that are not just remasters. I get that they are trying to connect new gamers to the glory of the PS2 days, but there is a limit to my patience and to my fellow older gamers patience looking for something which is new, fun, and exciting to us as well.

Again I want them to continue with the remasters and I will be playing some of them. I just don't want current content to suffer as much as I believe it has

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

At Last The Promise Has Been Made

So E3 is over and we all are in recovery mode. Like every year after E3 well sit back and realize what we will be able to get our hands on. Some times these things are delayed and sometimes there is pain and anguish of having to wait to get our hands on them. With all of that in mind I thought the perfect plan for this week's list was to say what E3 has got me the most hyped for. So here it is.

5. The Last Guardian

So the game that looks absolutely amazing with all the visuals they had available. The trailer showed us how connected the 2 trailers are, but you just got this feeling that something awful was going to happen to cause some feels at some point in this game.

4. Fallout 4

Well it is Fallout. What more is there to say about this. That is all.

3. Shenmue 3

You have seen me mention numerous times how this series has deserved a third installment. They through it at the fans to see if they were interested and it was an overwhelming success. Maybe I can work as a forklift driver again.

2. Uncharted 4

What can I say the gameplay footage they showed was masterful. I was already beyond pumped to play this game when it was first announced with just a random teaser trailer. Naughty Dog has not disappointed me yet and I don't expect them to.

1. Final Fantasy VII Remake

Was there a doubt? The surprised and the show show stealer at E3. This will be remembered as the E3 when they announced this was finally going to happen. I still really cannot believe this is going to be a thing, but no matter when it happens I cannot wait.

There you have it. Did E3 get you hyped for anything else? Let me know, but please don't expect me to be all excited about some xbox crap.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

You Fail At Tavern Brawls If...

Fail Day! Yes it is that time of the week again. I assume most of you Hearthstone players got the chance to check out the Tavern Brawls this week? As with anything that is new there are plenty of ways for you to fail at it and for me to poke fun at those failures. So here we go.

You Fail At Tavern Brawls If...

  • You cannot find the button to play them
  • You think Ragnaros is OP
  • You have issues excepting change to your precious Hearthstone
  • You keep doing the brawl expecting to get a card pack everytime
  • The question "Why is my new cardback?" has came out of your mouth at least once
  • You are complaining about a free new feature
  • You feel this will stop people from playing in arena
  • You want there to be a new reward everyday
  • You want them to have a difficulty mode setting
  • You are wondering why you can't use Nerfarian as a permanent hero
  • You want to people able to complete your daily quests in Tavern Brawl mode
  • It is not fair because the pay to win people have legendaries and I don't
  • You refuse to play them because you cannot purchase new heroes with gold
  • You were expecting them to add a new set of cards with the brawling

and finally

  • You think you have to pay for it

There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Hope you all enjoyed it if you were part of the crowd or not. So get ready for the next brawl coming up this week!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Starcrafts Season 3 Finale

Happy Monday! Now I know you all are so excited to get on with your Monday. So am I actually. Before you get to all that fun and excitement I do have something for you. Now I know this came out 2 Saturday's ago and if you are like me you watched it the moment it came out. In case you have not though I felt the need to share with you the Season 3 Finale of Carbot Animations series Starcrafts. They pulled out all the stops on this one. So prepare to go through all the emotions on this one.

Poor Bob...

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ask Gauss

Sunday. Here we are wondering what we are going to do because there is no Game of Thrones on tonight. I know I am still taking in last week as well. We must go on though and with a Sunday comes the time to answer some questions so here we go.

Are you at all scared they will destroy Final Fantasy VII reputation with this remake?

I think they have been scared of this for a long time. Wondering what would happen if they take this project on. There is no question the sales for this game are going to be through the roof. The question is if they are going to anger fans from changing things or peoples memories of what was just isn't going to be the same. It is a fine line really. I think they know what they have got themselves into and will do there best to ensure everything works out as it should and how they want it to.

Have you tried Tavern Brawling?

I actually did the other day. Was a fun feature and certainly will do it probably the once a week to get my reward. I did wonder why the reward was an original pack of cards though and not goblins and gnomes. Did get a legendary even though Mr. Fordring already exists in my set of cards. It's free so I urge anyone who is playing Hearthstone to give it a try after all you do have nothing to lose.

So XBOX has a new controller?

And this matters because?

There you have it questions answered for the week. Hope you all got something out of it! Thanks to everyone who sent something in and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Would They?

So here I am going through the reader posts for this week. When I got this proposition from Peckham. What if they were to change specific story elements from the game for "Shock" value. To surprise even the biggest of fans. Now I am against this as I have stated. I wouldn't be opposed to them adding detail, but changing major part of the story is a no go from me. Especially what Peckham is referring to here.

I’m just suggesting that you consider an alternative scenario, one where this Final Fantasy VII remake becomes more than just a snazzier mimic of its archetype.

What if you could upend one or more of the game’s hallowed story vectors? Entertain a few “what if” scenarios? How much more gripping would the game be if some of its most memorable and hence anticlimactically predictable) moments weren’t carved in stone? Is it asking too much from an assured blockbuster that’ll pay dividends on whatever crazy figure it costs to make?

I’m assuming stuff like the battle engine and item customization (materia) systems are going under the knife, that loot placement’s headed for the lotto ball tumbler, that the original game’s innumerable cutscenes, no longer necessary to fire our imaginations as feats of full-motion derring-do, are due for cutbacks, or at least less jarring placement.

I’m also assuming, given how much we’ve seen in this trailer that we’ve never seen before, that some of the allure’s going to lie in seeing all the crazy world-building chrome the development team’s going to layer in, and that 1997’s creaky video standard would have rendered inscrutable.

But I’m not sure how motivated I am to climb into a gun and roleplay a bullet that, by the time Final Fantasy VII arrives circa its 20th anniversary, someone will have fired decades ago. Put that gun to my head, and I’d probably plead my case for at least one sequence rethink. You know the one I’m talking about.

So my question to Square Enix is this: Is it wrongheaded to request that part of this remake’s raison d’ĂȘtre lie in allowing that one momentous and monstrous inevitability to somehow play differently? Could the game’s most resonant trick be not its obviously stunning visual recast or ostensible gameplay overhaul, but the way you approach, experience, then proceed past one of its most indelible moments?

How angry would you be? When in the remake of a game you have waited for years then changes one of the very things which made it so memorable?

Thursday, June 18, 2015

How To Remake The Remake

So I know you have heard, well that is unless you have been living under a rock that is. If that is the case have a watch here for something that has always been wished for, but no one ever believed would actually happen.

Now I am excited for this more than you can possibly imagine. The 3D worlds of the 7,8,9 games never aged particularly as well as the 1-6 games. Not that graphics are the most important thing, but they do help in bringing new people to the franchise and help those who haven't played earlier titles get into them.

When things get down to it though the word "remake" doesn't mean the game has to be exactly the same just with update graphics, sound, and voice acting. It could also mean they could change some of the current aspects of the game to have a more modern approach. Something I think they actually do. You see random battles are no longer fun to me. I want to see the style which started in 12 come to the 7 universe. Meaning you see all enemies you are approaching. This style makes farming and grinding much more fun and also leads to much better visuals overall. I also would like combat to be more challenging. I love the combat in the 13 games in terms of positioning and moving around. Now don't think this means that I would like an "x" button mashing combat. I just want battles to be more interactive where movement occurs and your speed of execution actually matters. I also don't want the game made easier for the modern gamer. It still needs to maintain at minimum the same difficulty across the board.

I want the materia system to stick around, but I am sure they will change some aspects of it in terms of modern gameplay. I am completely ok with this as long as it keeps its core foundations.

Lastly please don't change the story we know and love. I would be find if they went more in depth with certain aspects and characters of the game, but please don't do anything drastic just to surprise the people who have played countless times. It would be in poor taste and really would just upset the very fanbase that has been begging for this remake for years.

Now those are my simple requests. Not that they would be listened to, but as fans of the game I would think they would understand all of these things.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I Will...Never Be A Memory

So with the announcement that we are finally going to get a remake of Final Fantasy VII. I thought this is the perfect opportunity to do a list of my favourite moments from the game. Now this was actually harder than I thought when I put it into practice. Why? Well I started to have a list split with moments I felt great about accomplishing and then story moments which have left me and others in the state of hoping for a remake for years. I decided I would go with the story moments as I think that is something everyone can relate to. So here we go.

5. Cid Finally Going to Space

So when we first encounter Cid he is a bitter man for what he believes was taken away from him. All he ever wanted was to go to space and see the world from there. He lost his chance after he decided to save someone rather than go for his dream. Years later he gets his chance and realizes he made the right choice back when he did, but you cannot help the feels coming when he is looking through the glass into space when he is finally there.

4. Encountering Vincent Valentine

Everyone always gives Cloud and Sephiroth the prize as the most interesting characters in the game. I have to say I find Vincent's backstory jsut as interesting if not more so. This is a guy who gave up everything just to help protect the one he loved and has been punishing himself for years for what he believes are his failures.

3. Sephiroth Burning Nibelheim

The moment that probably has more fan art creations than any other in the history of gaming. There is a reason this moment is looked on as one worth doing so. This is a major point in the story which truly is the reason for the entire rest of the story.

2. Aerith Death

Bet you thought this was going to be number one didn't you? This is a great moment one which is considered one of the greatest moments in gaming reason for what it actually had the guts to do. Sure main characters had been killed off before, but never like this. Truly a sad moment of sad moments and one that I think everyone is looking forward to seeing in the remake.

1. Killing Septhiroth with Omnislash

The true "Last Boss" of the game. Now, of course, this moment is an automatic win, but that doesn't take away from its epicness. You are one on one with the "greatest" swordsmen in the world and you cut him to pieces. Showing you are not only better but that everything you fought for the entire game is over and completed.

There they are my favourite story moments from a game I have played way too many times to count. I am sure you have some of your own some of which might be these. As always let me know one way or another.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

You Fail At The Lost Vikings If...

Fail Day! Yes it is here and you didn't miss it. As many of you know I have been playing a lot of Heroes of the Storm lately. With that I have encountered many players of varying talent level with the game. Also you may or may not be aware that some of the Heroes are much more difficult to play than other ones. With that in mind the hardest Hero in the game to play in my opinion is in fact 3 heroes and they are the Lost Vikings. And this brings me to this week's fail.

You Fail At The Lost Vikings If...
  • You didn't know they are the hardest Hero to play
  • You always control them as a single unit
  • You didn't know you could split them up
  • You don't let them cover multiple lanes during objectives to boost team XP gain
  • You are last in your team in XP gain
  • Even when you have them fighting together they are way split up because of their different speeds
  • You don't take Longboat Raid Ultimate
  • You fail to see why you should have to practice with them before playing with others
  • You are constantly feeding the other team because of poor positioning
  • You don't set rally points for each viking correctly
  • You had no idea you could set rally points
  • You can't take Merc camps on your own
  • You have poor map awareness
  • You brag about your kills
  • You are wondering why you have no abilities for your Q,W, and E when the game starts

and finally
  • You don't care if you are a determent to your team

There you have it, this week's edition of Fail. Hope you enjoyed it and learned something at the same time. Happy Longboat raids!

Monday, June 15, 2015


So here we are on Monday recovering from the fact that there will be no new Game of Thrones episodes for almost a year. I know it is an awful thing isn't it. If you haven't seen it make sure you stay away from the internet until you do if you want to avoid spoilers. With that in mind you may or may not have came across the fact that Cranius and Legs have released a new machinima/song for all of us to enjoy and well thought a video called Dragonborn really was a great choice for a day like today. So enjoy!

There you have it? Worth the wait for a new collaboration from the two of them? Hopefully we won't have to wait as long for the next one!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ask Gauss

So here we are my first Ask Gauss since I have been back. Let me tell you I will have a pile of questions for quite some time to go over. I will also tell you that keep sending in your questions I still will be looking at old and new and picking the best of the week so don't worry you will not be ignored. With all of that out of the way let's get to this week's questions.

Do you think it is odd the new Hearthstone Heroes will not be able to be purchased with gold?

Honestly, and I know people are going to hate me for this but no. I look at them like skins. Skins in any other free to play game are purchased with real money. They are purely cosmetic and offer nothing in the way of gameplay advantage or disadvantage so really are the perfect thing to be purchased with real money. I know people are up in arms about it and that they are completionists and need to have the chance to do everything for free, but really i'm sorry you don't. You want the hero pay for it. I actually believe it is selfish of you complaining you can't get everything in a game for free just because you want everything in a game. Support the company and the game you love if you truly want it that badly if not then just live with the fact you can't have it.

So Uncharted games are all going to be remastered for PS4 what do you think?

Do I think they all need to be remastered? No. Would I like other games remastered before this? Yes. Do I think this is a bad idea? No. You have to remember PS4 has a large population of people who switched from XBOX to PS4 meaning their are countless people that have never got the chance to experience arguably one of the great series there is in gaming. This is the same reasoning I used for The Last of Us and it still works. Naughty dog is providing a fan service to people who haven't had the chance. Also if there is people who want to buy the remastered version all the power to them.

When are they going to fix matchmaking in Heroes?

Go see my Thursday Post. Along with the other hundred people who sent me this question.

There you have it questions all answered for the week. Thank you to everyone who sent in questions along with all of those who sent them in while I was away. I will get to them all eventually if they make it on here or not. This would not be possible without all of your contributions. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and the Game of Thrones Finale.

Friday, June 12, 2015

A Hearthstone Subscription

So here we are the first Friday since I have been back posting and I have had quite the list of posts to go through on which should be this week's Reader Post. Now I want to say first I am going through everyone which was sent in while I was on break. None of them are time specific so I will be including them all for consideration over the next little while. So I thank you all for your patience on this matter. Now the post I chose for this week was written by Dorakara and has to do with an interesting concept of a subscription for Hearthstone. Have a read and let's see what you think

I decided to send you this email after contemplating the idea of a subscription based service for Hearthstone. A problem that Hearthstone and card games like it can have as they expand forward is the inability for a new player to catch up and collect the cards they need to be competitive. Right now there are two full sets out along with Naxx and BRM and even already the amount of money or time that must be sunk into Hearthstone to get the cards to create some of the more competitive decks can be overwhelming, and this problem will only get worse as players require more specific cards from more and more expansion sets.

An easy way for Blizzard to counteract this is to simply add some sort of subscription service, something like The Innkeeper's Collection. For a monthly fee you are able to use all the cards currently in the game without the need to open packs. The cards will stay as long as you continue to pay and if you choose to stop your subscription the collection reverts to its previous state.

I feel like this would be a good addition for Hearthstone going forward and may be able to solve some of the hiccups that can come from new players trying to enter or people who feel like they have hit a wall with what they can achieve. In the case of myself I find I am using suboptimal cards because I cannot craft the expensive legendaries and epics that have taken residence in alot of deck archetypes, such as the Molten and Mountain Giants required for handlock which cost a large amount of dust to craft when your average pack (if you disenchant everything) grants you about 40 dust.

I would like to get your opinion and anyone else's on this idea and find out as well what price-point/additional features (such as arena runs) people would like to see rolled in. If the hearthstone subscription was tied to a WoW subscription would that make you buy into a subscription again if you had quit at some point?

Now do I think this is a good idea? Yes, of course, I do. Do I ever think something like this will be a thing? Not at all. I just think it would get people away from buying cards and everything else for the "chance" to get what they want. This is why Hearthstone and card games in general are such good business models. What do you all think? Could it work?

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Heroes Matchmaking

So as most of you if not all of you know I have been playing a lot of Heroes of the Storm. Now I think the game plays great and the design of each match is a breath of fresh air into the MOBA scene, but that is not really what I am going to talk about today.

There has been talk the last few week's how the matchmaking system in Heroes is awful. How you are match up against people and paired with those with a huge skill and level gap. I will agree I have been a victim of this on a numerous number of occasions. Now I am not complaining about this at all. I know it sucks, but the thing I can accept which forum ragers seem to not be able to accept is the fact the game is new.

Every game you play has an effect on your MMR. Blizzard has stated that they are using a similar type of system that is used for Starcraft. In Starcraft it takes about 100 games until you are placed with correct opponents on a consistent basis. This means for a new game one win or one loss will effect your MMR at quite a considerable rate.

I know some gamers now have little to no patience at all, but really that is what it is going to take. Did you want them to do interviews and deep analysis from your entire gaming history so you were probably matched quicker? This is that sense of entitlement I am always talking about and it makes me sick of how people can do nothing but complain.

So my advice if you are having a rough go of it? Or an easy go of it? Keep playing games and it will correct itself. The more everyone plays the better the system will be. By the time you and your friends reach 30 and 40 it should have corrected itself. Also stay away from the forums after every stomp you give or receive it jsut serves no purpose and just feeds trolls everywhere.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Is His Majesty Albert Alright?

Armor? Check. Sword? Check? Noble Birth? Does that really even matter? Well if you haven't guessed I am referring to something you cannot escape when it comes to fantasy games at all. That is the knight. Everyone has their favourites and with today being a day for a list well here is the perfect opportunity for you to know mine!

5. Cecil Harvey - Final Fantasy IV

The main character in an often forgotten Final Fantasy game. He is the definition of everything a knight should be even if he rebelled against what were supposed to be his knightly duties. Honorable, driven, and there to save the day when needed!

4. Esbern - Skyrim

He is one of the last surviving member of the blades. He is there as an archivist and has made it his goal to predict the return of the dragons. He then is their when the prophecy unfolds and takes you under his wing to prepare you for the war ahead.

3. Sir Arthur - Ghosts N Goblins

What does one do when the princess is captured? Well what any good knight would do. Grab your lance and be off to save her. On the way be sure to kill anything you see to make sure the blue haired princess is yours when it is all over.

2.Siegfried - Soul Calibur Series

So not only does he have noble goals in mind for his quest to avenge his father's death he has a big ass sword! His quest is one which rips him apart and spawns Nightmare a being of pure hatred and evil based upon the emotions he has gone through. In the end though he is able to defeat Nightmare and maintain his purity and honor.

1. Lavitz - Legend of the Dragoon

Was there really any doubt? This is someone who gave his life for those he was sworn to protect. He was always honorable from day one and stood up for everything he believed in. Still get the feels when i watch his death scene.

There it is my favourite and what I believe to also be the greatest knights in video games. Think otherwise? Well be sure to let me know even if I won't agree

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

You Fail At Moving If...

So here I am. Back once again as promised. Now took more time than I liked to get everything going as I wanted, but that is the way of it I guess. I also thought fail day was perfect day to start things back up with all that has happened. So thank you to everything you has sent me all of the well wishes and everything in the time that I was away. They were all very much appreciated. And with that let's get right back into everything.

You Fail At Moving If...
  • You forgot where you happened to put all of your HDMI cords
  • You are missing all the pieces for your television wall mounts
  • You forgot how annoying it is to setup a new server within your house
  • You still have not found your awesome looking red PS4 controller
  • You weren't able to get the Witcher III day 1
  • You realize how much your old furniture doesn't work with your new gaming setup
  • You don't know the best spot to put your router
  • You didn't actually realize how much gaming crap you own
  • You didn't label your boxes correctly
  • Your favourite mouse grip is missing
  • You forgot how bothersome it is adjusting nickle fittings on your water cooling is
  • you measured things incorrectly then had to completely change everything in the room after you came to the realization

and finally
  • You thought you could have everything organized within a week

There you have it this week's edition of fail and the first since post being back. Hope you all enjoyed it and that you didn't miss me too much.