Friday, September 30, 2011

Looking For Raid

Friday is upon us on this final day of September. What a September it was for WoW announcements. One of the biggest I think though has been the looking for raid and even with the big revelation with it yesterday I still asked for this week's Reader Post how you all think LFR would work. So here goes let's see what you all thought.

I think it may turn out to be worse then pugs for instances. Many people cheat to get the ilvl needed for instances by swapping PvP gear in and around could you imagine what they will do to get into raids? Blizzard also knows this will they then tune the encounters to deal with fail people or will see this as a fluke? I am extremely interested in trying this out so I can raid on some alts this kind of just scares me.

The one plus I see is that you won't get saved so if you happen to be part of a horrible LFR then you will have a chance to try another one. I think this is Blizzard's answer to bad groups. Everyone has been part of a horrible pug before and know it can mess up your heroic imagine if it could mess up your raid for the week? Just think about the forum rage that would erupt from that.

To me having Deathwing available to a LFR difficulty setting I think will take away the epicness. I know they want people to see the content and that is great, but I would really be in favour of them gating LFR to the server based upon what has been killed therefore LFR progression isn't the same as a servers until heroic s get taken care of.

I am kind of disappointed it is only going to be Dragon Soul raid. I was looking forward to finally get my Throne of four widns finally done. No one ever wants to do it after they have done it and it is extremely frustrating since I missed the first month and a half of Cata. Maybe Blizzard just wants to stick with current content though and not open up. Or maybe it is the fact that they don't want to go back and tune LFR for the previous instances.

I think this will be a great system to use as starter guilds or alt runs for guilds that just need to fill a couple spots. Although I am not completely sure how it will work out loot wise.

There you have it that is the Reader Post for the week. As always thank you for all your submissions they are always appreciated as this post would not exist without them. If you are interested in participating check out next week's topic during Sunday's Ask Gauss. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wrathion, the Black Prince

“They wanted to hold me, to keep watch over me – a prisoner in all but name. But I will NOT be held accountable for the sins of my father. My destiny will be my own.”

So yesterday I was complaining how two models bothered me. How Azshara's model in my opinion was horribly designed and was missing some essential things within it. Well it only remains that I should praised Blizzard for a model that I think may be one of the best they have ever done. It is for none other than Wrathion, the Black Prince. If you are unfamiliar with the story he is the dragon that was within the purified black dragon egg from the quest in Badlands. He is also going to be the focal point of the rogue legendary questline. So with all that in mind take a look at his model.

You see I wasn't kidding at all. The best part of this screenshot? He is outside Ravenholdt manor the place of the elite society of rogues. If you have never been there it is a place with a feel of its own. Now with every great model and character there should be an epic story. From reading the preview I think Blizzard is doing just. They are going back with what it means to be a rogue. "Players will travel across continents to accomplish crucial missions of reconnaissance, burglary, infiltration and, of course, assassination." I am pretty jealous of rogues who get to be a part of this questline. The story of the egg and Rheastrasza's sacrifice is something which has always appealed to me. So congratulations rogues who are going to be a part of this epic adventure. I am sure I am not the only one who is a little jealous.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

PTR Model Farming

So yes 4.3 was just released on the PTR. There has been a lot of great information that you can go check out on MMO Champion but there is just one thing I want to talk about concerning the models. So for those don't know anything about Queen Azshara. Let me give you give you WoW Pedia's background on her

"Queen Azshara was born with golden eyes, which were quite rare in night elves before the Great Sundering. Thus, golden eyes were commonly regarded as a sign of future greatness. Indeed, Azshara became the most beloved monarch in all of night elf history. She was widely considered the most beautiful of night elves and swiftly became the most beloved monarch in night elf history. Strong-willed, manipulative, and incomparably beautiful, Azshara possessed far more magical talent than almost any other night elf."

Couple things to note here golden eyes and incomparably beautiful. I understand beauty is in the eyes of the one looking, but I think we can all agree that many comtain a natural beauty. Now let me she you the model that Blizzard has given Azshara.

So there is nothing special about this at all, and it doesn't even have golden eyes. I know many are thinking this is just Gauss being a Lore nut, but it isn't even that. This is Blizzard things need to be way they are. Now many are probably thinking this is just a placeholder model, but I doubt this since it is different than any other Night Elf model in terms of detail. Really though it is what the night elf female model would look like if it was revamped.

Like after reading that excerpt is this the picture you get? Now what frustrates me even more is the fact that they took more time into Tyrande's model. Was this done on purpose? This was Blizzard's perfect attempt to showcase what in all likely hood will be the big baddie for the next expansion. Now she will be in Naga form then, but maybe then they can give her the right eye colour and make her look different then every other female naga.

Looking at Tyrande's model do you understand my rant? Her is my question and really it is a simple one. If I didn't tell you that was Azshara would you have guessed it was? I can tell you I wouldn't have, but then I know that Azshara has golden eyes and not many may, so I am asking this seriously. I am actually happy with the way they did Tyrande's model I am actually happy with all the back in time models. When something is done wrong it just irks me to no end. It is like when there is a spot on my computer screen and I must clear it. I am just not going to leave it there. Maybe it is because I am some what of a perfectionist. When I saw the screenshot of the Well of Eternity has I was disappointed it wasn't the size that I always picture it, but that was just my interpretation being wrong it wasn't the fact that it was done incorrect on purpose. So I don't know maybe I am just taking this all to seriously and should expect mistakes. Hell this is why red shirt guy exists in Ironforge right. This isn't that bad though thinking someone was dead, this is a disregard to facts.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You Fail At Genn Greymane Lore If...

Tuesday, means Fail Day! I know you all are excited to see what the topic is today. Of course, you could always just read the title of the post, but what fun would that be really. Since I started the lore series there have been a couple characters people have requested and Genn is one that has been talked about quite a bit. So I decided to cave in a little and give the nation what they want. So here goes

You Fail At Genn Greymane Lore If...
  • You for some reason didn't know he is the current king of Gilneas
  • You didn't know that he is at least 70 years of age
  • You were not aware that he was part of the original creation of the Alliance of Lodaeron
  • You did not know that he had two children Liam and Tess
  • You didn't know his ability to be wrong seems to be non-existent
  • You were not aware that Sylvanas shot and killed Liam in the battle for Gilneas
  • You didn't know he built the Greymane wall through Gilnean land so that it could be linked into the mountains
  • You did not know that his mentioning of where he wanted to build the wall ended up causing a Civil War in his country
  • You were not aware the purpose of the wall was so that Gilneas could be its country country and not be bothered by other nations affairs
  • You didn't know that he was the one who gave Argul permission to summon the original worgen
  • You didn't know he was one of the first to undergo the ritual preformed by the Night Elf druids
  • You did not know that he lead Varian through the same ritual
  •  You were not aware that for a short while after the Cataclysm he was present at the Howling Oak in Darnasuss. This being where the surviving Gilneans settled themselves
and finally
  • You some how did not know that his last words to King Terenas are some of the most famous of those spoken by any Alliance Leader
There it is this week's edition of fail. How fail are you this week? For the quote well I don't there is one better to pick than this one

"Damn the orcs, damn the Alliance, and damn you! The last thing Gilneas needs is sponges from other nations drawing from our resources, Dalaran wizards meddling with our affairs, and someone else's enemies killing our soldiers! Gilneas is its own nation and it always will be. This is the last time I'll ever talk to you, Terenas, so I hope you were listening."

Good luck, it's Free Loot Tuesday!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Explorer Timelapse

Monday! You know that day that you dread its existence. Yes it is that day again, but don't feel too bad because it is Machinima Monday! You know the day of the week where I showcase a machinima made from someone in the WoW community to brighten up your day. Now let me first say this is a very different type of machinima than I normally showcase. No it is not a Blood Elf rap video. This is a machinima using a technique known as timelaspe. Basically you take a series of pictures or in this case screenshots and then cycle them into the video. The reason this works so well in WoW is because there is always so much going on in each and every zone. So not only does this machinima showcase the game and its zones, but you can also play guess that zone while it is all flowing across the screen. The creater Mdaabil gave some fun facts about the video and here they are

  • A total of 88 zones are shown in random order.
  • Over 100,000 screenshots taken.
  • Screenshots saved in nearly 950 folders
  • More than 100 GB of space consumed.
  • Around 900 scenes were captured. Only 164 scenes used.
  • It took only few seconds to few minutes to capture most of those scenes.
So without you waiting any longer here it is(be sure to watch it in HD)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Awake and ready to get to the typing. I don't know what it is but of any morning there is in the week Sunday I always seem like I am always ready to go. Who knows, but I always remember this being the case. Anyways, that has nothing to do with anything, it's Sunday so it means Ask Gauss time.  You know that post of the week where I go and answer questions sent in throughout the week. As will never change you can click the link on the top right of the page to send them or send them directly to the email With that out of the way time to get to it.

So no Tier Gear from Valor Points, what do you think about this?

Well I know many will be singing and cheering that Blizzard did this because they finally saw the light and don't want people getting tier just from running 5 mans. If you think this is the reason they did it you are far from right. They did this for the simple reason that LFR will not be on the same lockout as your regular raiding. Meaning you can get twice the amount of Valor points from raiding and twice the chance at tier drops. Now I know many will be saying well the LFR teir isn't as high item level. You would be right in stating that, but thats when the double dip of Valor comes in. Blizzard wants people not to feel like they have to endlessly be running 5 mans each week so instead they would rather these well geared and expierenced players take part in the LFR and help those not familar with raiding get the job done. It is a win win for them. Have players help others out in a real environment not in a 5 man where they can just bitch and complain and always hop in another right away. This will get more people raiding, the focus of the game, and will in turn make everyone better at it or at least those that are terrible better at it. Blizzard is thinking to the future and I think this is a step in the right direction.

Any ideas on the release date of patch 4.3?

Of course. SWTOR has just revealed its release date that being December 20th 2011. I would be willing to bet that 4.3 will be release the exact same day. Blizzard has a history of releasing game patches on the day a competition game releases. They do this so their game seems fresh while this other new game is fresh on the market. Also with what Blizzard has been saying about how there is still quite some work to be done on the patch just about 2 months away seems to make sense for the PTR especially if it is up and running this coming week as I expect it to be. So feel free to quote me on that even with all of you thinking in the background "that is too close to Christmas, Blizzard will never do that to people, especially the top guilds in the world". They will do this because it is what will be best for their game and will keep the most subscribers from switching to SWTOR.

So with the reveal that epic gems will be drops in raids what do you have to say to all the people who have banks and banks of ore?


There you have it questions answered for the week. Hope you all got some insight out of it. For those waiting for it next week's Reader Post is going to be about how you think the LFR will work out in regards to your game play. As always you have until Thursday Night to get your submissions in. Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Account Wide Storage

Friday! It's all about the Reader Post people. Who cares if it is the day before the weekend. Who cares if you got something amazing planned. It is time for the Reader Post. The post of the week where it is all made up of your opinions. This week I wanted to know what you all thought of the shared stash and the gold stash in Diablo III and if it would be welcomed in WoW. So let's see what everyone had to say.

I think they are already implementing it with the Void Storage in some respects. They are testing it out to see how it works and go from there. They just have to figure out a way to make it not work cross faction and deal with soul bound items. Everyone knows even Blizzard that the mailbox is used for storing items doing something like this would put a lot less strain on the system.

Looks like a great idea as long as it doesn't result in items not becoming soul bound. I think this would really take away form the game especially if you put tier gear and some how a drop you got on your hunter can now be worn by your priest because the drop belongs to your account.

I think it would be really dumb. Imagine starting a character off and already having access to all your gold Horde or Alliance. It would make the game extremely unbalanced and something I don't think a lot of people will stand for.

This would be the best idea they ever came up with. Everyone knows we get around this already with the neutral auction house and the mailbox. Why not just remove that step. It is not like people will stop doing it, and Blizzard allows this to happen. Just put it in and be done with it.

As long as they make it a Horde and Alliance separate storage I am all for it. I am also not against an item being account bound and not soul bound. If you are there for a drop then it is the players drop not the class that was there for it. Blizzard has stated it is all about the specific player and not the class they are playing so it is simple do away with soul bound and just make everything account bound.

There you have it that is it for this week. Thank you to everyone for submitting your responses they are very much appreciated. As always if you are interested in taking part in next week's Reader Post make sure to check out Sunday's Ask Gauss post for the topic. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

What Is Next For The Church Of The Holy Light

Well there will be spoilers in some regards here so if you don't want to hear them don't read this and then complain I wrote them.

So if you haven't heard yet they are putting in the events of the book Twilight of the Aspects concerning the Archbishop. In the new instance Hour of Twilight Archbishop Benedictus is the final encounter in the Wyrmrest Temple. So totally ignoring the fact that the world could end let's talk about how the church will recover from losing its figure head.

Will the church itself fall apart? I really doubt it. The light in Warcraft is so ingrained in the way things work the church itself is safe even if its highest ranking member has decided to forsake his own teachings and serve the being that wants the world to end and everyone within it to die horrible deaths. Then what is to become of it?

Who will lead it? Well there has been some talk that Anduin Wyrnn Prince of Stormwind would be a great choice. The light within him is seen as very strong. In Wolfheart, Velen himself seen by many people as a Jesus archetype says the light is very strong in him more then anyone else he has ever come in contact with. Now remember that Velen himself has been in direct contact with a few Nauru beings of pure light, and he is able to say this about Anduin.

Now I believe Anduin himself will be one of the most interesting characters in Warcraft, but he is only 13 years old. I don't think he will be the head of the Church this soon because logically will the other bishops choose to follow him because of how the light runs within him or because he is their future king? With this being an issue I don't think it can happen when he is this young. So then what? Well I just see someone in as a placeholder until Anduin can take the spot which will be rightfully his. In regards to when this will take place, well I believe Anduin will play a major role when we are dealing with Demons and Argus.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

5 Mans Look Incredible

Well let me just say that after seeing the preview of the new 5 mans I was nothing short of amazed. If you haven't heard or seen the 3 new 5 mans which are going to be released with 4.3 all surrounding the story of Deathwing are all going to take place in the Caverns of Time. I am going to give you my view on these after just reading them.

End Time

First off yes the instance name is End Time. This is a trip to the future which reveals the world as if Deathwing has won. There is something important to see when you hear this.

Yes Deathwing himself doesn't even survive his future. For those of us that read Twilight of the Aspects this is what Ysera dreamed. As you can see from the screenshot he is impaled on the top of Wyrmrest Temple. In this instance you fight 2 leaders of today chosen from 4. Those being Jaina, Baine, Tyrande, and Sylvanas. I don't really agree with Sylvannas because it seemed at first they were using some lesser used leaders and this would be the perfect time to use everyone's favourite forgotten leader Lor'themar in a role that would not be useful but would at least be something. This is the main point though

"Once these shades have been laid to rest, the maniacal figure blocking Nozdormu's vision will be revealed at the Bronze Dragonshrine. None of the Dragon Aspects could have predicted what entity would have such power to interrupt the sight of the Timeless One… the ability to create a new and infinite dragonflight. Only by destroying a mysterious dragon known as Murozond will you give Azeroth's protectors the opportunity to avoid the potential outcome to which your eyes bear witness."

Now you all obviously should know about Anagrams. It is when you rearrange the letters to get something else from them Murozond is and anagram of Nozdormu. Again we knew he was the leader of the infinite from the Twilight of the Aspects book, but I really didn't think we would deal with it this soon.

Well of Eternity

This is the instance people have been waiting for years, but we aren't there for the reasons we thought we would be. We are hear to retrieve the Dragon Soul so we can use it modern day against Deathwing. In this instance we see a young Illidan and Tyrande and we not only have to make sure the Sundering Actually happens, but at the same time we have to retrieve the Dragon Soul for our future purpose. This instance sounds amazing in every way I just have one knock against it.

Every time I imagined the Well it was so much bigger than it is in this picture. I pictured it the size of a large lake not something as large as say a fountain. I guess I cannot have everything.

Hour of Twilight

Here is the excerpt which explains this instance

"Having shattered the infinite dragonflight and recovered the fabled Dragon Soul, Thrall and his allies must now journey to Wyrmrest Temple and rendezvous with the green, blue, red, and bronze dragonflights. Reaching their destination will be an arduous endeavor: the Twilight's Hammer has amassed its forces near the temple, determined to intercept the Dragon Soul at any cost.The final stage in this series of dungeons is set in the present-day Dragonblight, now under a full invasion by the Twilight's Hammer. Players must escort Thrall and the Dragon Soul safely to Wyrmrest Temple, where the assault on Deathwing is to commence. But the Twilight's Hammer forces are numerous, and their leadership remains strong. Those attacking the temple are commanded by a man known very well for the strength of will he's offered Alliance citizens. Now with his own will broken, he preaches only Deathwing's cataclysmic vision for all life on Azeroth."

So you read it. We will be at Wyrmrest saving the world all the while protecting the most simple of discs, which is now the most important thing in the world. And again the events which occurred in Twilight of the Aspects comes to the forefront when the final boss in the instance is none other than Archbishop Benedictus

So those are the three 5 mans coming. Like I said nothing short of spectacular. I am ready to take part in the them, how about you?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

You Fail At Deathwing Lore If...

Tuesday! Happy Fail Day everyone! You guessed it, it's time to see what you know or what you don't. And if you don't then you should feel horrible about yourself. I am going to be continuing on with the Lore fails, but I won't be switching back to Alliance this week. With all the information about 4.3 coming out I decided this is the perfect opportunity to see how much you may fail at Deathwing Lore. So let's just see how bad.

You Fail At Deathwing Lore If...

  • You did not know his real name is Neltharion
  • You were not aware that he was grant his power as an Aspect by the titan named Khaz'goroth
  • You didn't know Malygos was his closest friend before maddness took him over
  • You did not know the Old Gods were the ones who convinced Deathwing to create the Dragon Soul during the War of the Ancients
  • You didn't know that Deathwing destroied almost all of the Blue Dragonflight the first time he used the Dragon Soul
  • You were not aware that the armor plates that Deathwing wears are what keeps his body from falling apart
  • You did not know that the Dragon Soul was renamed the Demon Soul because of what it was doing to Deathwing
  • You didn't know that only Deathwing or a scale of his had the power to destroy the Demon Soul
  • You were not aware that when Korialstrasz was sent back in time during the War of the Ancients he tried to stop the creation of the Dragon Soul only to be muted by Deathwing during the process
  • You didn't know that his two most famous children are Nefarian and Onyxia
  • You didn't know that Blades Edge Mountains is the location where a lot of the Black Dragons were killed by the Gronns. This is why you see many dragon corpses piercing the spikes throughout the region
  • You were not aware that Gruul fought Deathwing and lost and lived to tell the tale. But did gain the title "Dragon Killer" for all of the children of Deathwing he did slain.
  • You some how were not aware that he is utterly insane and even with that will use manipulation tatics to get what he wants.
And finally
  • You didn't know in the future of the world that Deathwing wishes he does not even survive it.
There it is this week's edtion of Fail. Hope you you don't fail that bad. As you have had a whole expansion to learn all there is to learn about poor Deathwing. For the Deathwing quote I will choose one of my favourites of his, but of all the characters in Warcraft he has some of the best.

"You know me... but I do not know you. You would speak against me... make the others see me as you do... you would have them distrust their comrade of old... their brother... You will not be allowed to spread any of your malicious falsehoods..."

Good luck on this the first nerfed reset!

Monday, September 19, 2011

You Are A Pirate!

Happy Pirates Day!!!! The day where we all talk to one another and don't make any sense whatsoever. So I will take this oppportunity to do this entire post in the language of a pirate.

With it bein' Monday. It means it be time for a Machinima t' showcase. With it bein' Pirate's Day how could I not choose one that was all about bein' a pirate. You be a Pirate be an older video, but without a doubt it gets t' point across. So without waitin' any longer sit aft and enjoy ye scurvy dogs!

Enjoy Pirate's day, get your booty and wish ye luck on this last rest before t' nerfs, which be comin' on t' morrow.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ask Gauss

Sunday, the last day of the weekend time for us to all be disappointed that this is our last day to sleep in before it is back to all things normal tomorrow. Sunday also as always is going to be time for the Ask Gauss post. The post where I get to answer your questions right here. If you are unaware for some reason or another you can send in your questions by clicking on the link on the top right of the page or you can just email them to So time to get to it.

So I understand the concept of nerfing content when new content is released, but before? What is your opinion on this?

Well I actually think they are jumping the gun way too soon on this 4.3 is not even on the PTR. From a progression point I don't think it matters because at this point the races for world firsts are over. The race for the achievements is over. So in regards to progression this means nothing besides people that haven't been able to down bosses are now able to. This is I think is the point of it, but by nerfing the content this early I think this will create bad habits for those who have beaten it, which is the last thing you want before a new tier is created. You want your raiders to be on the top of their game not standing in things, or moving too slow. So this is why I am against it, and I think it will be a serious problem.

What are your opinions on the already released previews of the tier 13?

I really like them actually. The Warrior tier is the first tier I really like this expansion. The others were not awful they just were on the ok to good range. This new one is on the epic scale. One that I think in the future people will chose to transmog back to, which in Blizzard's mind and the artists should be a plus. I think the Shaman is probably the best looking shaman tier that there ever has been. I love the look and feel of it and the small details just make the set. It looks even more amazing when you see it next to the previous tiers. Whomever were the artists who designed it I think should be commended.

Do you think Diablo's concept of account gold will ever happen in WoW?

Sadly I think no, but let's run with this.

There you have it everyone. Questions answered for the week. For those waiting for it next week's Reader Post is going to be about your thoughts on Diablo's account wide gold storage being put into WoW. Do you think it would happen? What would be the pros and cons of such a process? As always you have until Thursday night to get your submissions in. Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Oh Where Oh Where Will Deathwing Be

Friday! Ah yes, so close to the weekend we are. The weekend where we can sit back and enjoy NHL training camps start up on Saturday, and my Maple Leafs will be ready to kick some ass. That's right Leafs rule the Canadians suck and the Senators blow more than the hookers on Hollywood Blvd. So anyways, let's get back to the topic at hand. Friday means it is time for the Reader Post you know that post of the week where you all send in your responses to the topic I gave you. This week I had you all send in your thoughts on the announcement that Deathwing's raid is going to take place over all of Azeroth starting at Wyrmrest Temple. So what did you all have to say?

I think this is an amazing idea. Especially the Wyrmrest temple opening. It makes it epic that all the Dragonflights will be there to help you take him down. Even more epic that you will not achieve that goal with all of them there! What better way to make Deathwing look like the biggest baddie of them all!

I am hoping for the part of the raid that you are on his back. Is played out like he is setting ablaze to certain zones. So if you "fall off" you die in the fire that he set to the zone. So there really is no tank you are just holding on trying to break off some of his plates so he will land and you can face him for the final stage of the battle. Maybe I am just dreaming, but this just sounds cool.

Why don't we just go back in time and tell the dragons to never create the demon soul, and assinate him. Better yet why don't we fail at killing him a bunch of times then for the final stage we go talk to Noz and say "Hey bitch send us back so we can bust a cap in his ass". Maybe this is anti lore but it does have the whole IN YOUR FACE sort of reaction.

Dumb really how can something like this be instanced if it is everywhere. I am not going to be impressed if we have to go to all areas of the globe just to enter an instance for one encounter. Can you imagine how dumb this would be? Thinking of a raid tier where there is like 8 Maly instances. This is what this will become how stupid of Blizzard to think of such a stupid idea.

As long as the last place you fight him will be at the "Cow Level" I will be eternally happy. Other than that I don't care. I just see him landing there saying "THERE IS NO COW LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!!"

There you have it. That is all for this week. Thank you all for the submissions as always they are needed to make this post what it is. If you are interested in partaking in next week's post look for the topic during Sunday`s Ask Gauss. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


There will be some spoilers here so if you don't want to hear them don't read it.

So I finished reading this book. Now I was actually looking forward to reading this because I wanted to see the Alliance finally have someone stand out and take the lead. This did happen, and I am happy about that. The book wasn't written poorly and the story wasn't bad at all. We were introduced to characters that have been away for awhile and the explanation for them fit right in. We finally learn what Jarod Shadowsong and Maiev have been up to.

The main story points are the Worgen joining the Alliance, the Highborne getting integrated back into Night Elf Society, and of course what is going on with Varian. These are all dealt with. I won't give away too much, but for an Alliance character I love what they are doing with Anduin. I think they are building him up to something huge and it is really something the Alliance needs.

So those are the things about the book I did like, and I think it was all pretty well done. For what I didn't like is Knaak makes the Horde out to be savages and evil. This to me is wrong on so many points and not just because I bleed Horde. This is because it is not true. The Warcraft universe is divided between Horde and Alliance but it doesn't mean that one is good and one it bad. I understand that both sides are in conflict, but it doesn't mean one has to want to see the world burn. Yes the Horde is advancing positions but that is only because Garrosh is after resources his people need not because he just wants to slaughter countless Alliance to place on a mantle in his room. I say that because at one point in the book Knaak has Garrosh say just that to Varian. He is going to put his skull on his mantle. Like really?

Overall though it does its part to explain Alliance Lore even with its flaws. Happy reading.  

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Is The Interview Real?

So recently there was this interview up on The Escapist. This was an interview that had to do with things coming in 4.3 and future announcements about the game. Now it does seem rather fishy especially since the interview itself was taken down. One thing I find extremely interesting is Blizzard recently had denied any Panda information and then this interview pops up and says they will talk about it at Blizzcon. Also the point being that they would have the raid finder be a completely different difficulty. This seems like a complete pain for them to implement when they could just do what they do for random dungeons and add a luck of the draw type buff. Not to mention they wouldn't offer achievements for raids in the Looking for Raid atmosphere just seems odd to me and completely against what they normally aim for.

Now the announcement in that interview that has got everyone going crazy is this.

There's one more piece which is an announcement that we're releasing a rogue legendary weapon. Specific for rogues, so it will be a dagger. There will be some sort of quest, traditionally we've done these quests that players need to participate in order to create the legendary weapon in this case we'll be focusing on rogues that will try to make that happen.

A rogue dagger? Now I am all for rogues getting a weapon specifically for them. It makes sense especially since rogues used to be one of the most popular classes and now have dipped. What better way to get people back playing the class even if they would probably never get a hold of the weapon. Most would then argue why not do a tanking legendary and get the same effect? Well that is a little more complicated since only 2 tanking classes use shields, 1 uses a staff or polearm, and the other uses two handers. So in order for it to work they would have to force one class over another or make the weapon behave like Quel'delar did. I am not at all a fan of making the weapon have different forms I think it takes away from what the legendary is. So regardless if this interview is true or not having a rogue legendary dagger makes sense and gives a class a real chance at a legendary. Instead of a RNG drop that is all about luck.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You Fail At Sylvanas Windrunner Lore If...

Fail Day! Yes, yes it is here once again. The day of the week where you will feel better or worse depending on your "score". As has been the custom the last few weeks we will continue with the Lore edition of fails until I run out of interesting people to do it on or you all get bored of it. This week we are back to the Horde and will have everyone's favourite leading lady as the subject.

You Fail At Sylvanas Windrunner Lore If...
  • You did not know she is also refered to as the Banshee Queen
  • You were not aware she has two sisters Alleria her older and Vereesa her younger
  • You didn't know she is the former Ranger General of Silvermoon
  • You live under a rock and didn't know Arthas raised her to be Undead when he finally was able to kill her
  • You didn't know she was instrumental in bringing the Blood Elves to join the Horde
  • You were not aware her Brother in Law is Rhonin the Leader of the Kirin Tor
  • You did not know she allied herself with Dreadlords in an attempt to kill Arthas
  • You also did not know she forced Varimathras to "kill" Balnazzar in front of her to prove his loyalty.
  • You were not aware that she was killed by Lord Godfery and resurected by Val'kyr
  • You didn't know she called her people the "Forsaken" becasue she believed they were forsaken by humanity
  •  You didn't know she finds out about the truce between Koltira and Thassarian in Andorthal and sends Koltira somwhere to "fix" his weakness
  • You were not aware that she believes the Alliance have no claims at all for Lodaeron
and finally
  • You didn't know the Val'kyr now serve her
There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Hope you got at least something out of it. Cannot forget the quote as promised probably her most famous of all

"We are the Forsaken. We will slaughter anyone who stands in our way."

Good luck in your last non nerfed reset!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Stwarkwaft II

Monday you know the day afeter Sunday and the day before Tuesday. The day where you have to go back to work and actually appear like you are actually doing the job you are paid to do. Yes it is that day today. On Monday's though we also know it as Machinima Monday's the day of the week where we showcase Machinima for all of you to see and enjoy. This week I decided on Stwarkwaft II. Mostly because in addition to Warcraft I enjoy Starcraft and well everyone either loves or hates Murlocs. And if you haven't guessed it these video contains references to all 3. So if after watching this you don't think this is the single greatest thing to ever have murlocs in it then I will be amazed. So be prepared to be awed.

Hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did. Good luck on this your last day before reset.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ask Gauss

Sunday, the day before we really have to recognize that a new work week is about to begin. Sunday as you should know is time for Ask Gauss. The day of answering some questions for all of you who wanted to know about my thoughts on them. If you are not sure how to send in those questions well there is a link on the top right of the page or you can just email them to Now that is out of the way let's get to it.

So what do you think of the Deathwing Raid taking part over all of Azeroth?

I really think this is probably the best idea that Blizzard has had. You see when they decided to make Grim Batol a 5 man I was really struggling of where they would decide to put the raid where it would make sense. You see you cannot just make something out of the nowhere that is going to house Deathwing. Then when Blizzard announced that the first battle would take place at Wyrmrest Temple. Now I am assuming you enter the instance somewhere and it works like Sunwell where the instance instead it is Azeroth. I also like this as an idea to make Deathwing the most epic boss that you have ever come in contact with WoW because you are fighting him multiple times. I am sure this is Blizzard's idea and I think it is a great one.

What do you think is going to happen in the 5 man dungeons in 4.3?

Well I think they will accomplish the same thing that the ICC 5 mans accomplished. They will add to the story of the Deathwing and the importance there is to taking him down. I think there will be a lot of Old God lore. Helping us understand N'zoth plan. Also this is also where we will see a lot of the remaining members of the Twilights Hammer. Maybe some Magatha, maybe the Arch Bishop, and whoever else is still getting their checks signed by Deathwing. We may even get an Hour of Twilight vision of some sorts, but will have to see.

After 2 years do you still hate Pallys?

More each and everyday....

So that is it for this week hope you all got what you needed out of it. Next week's Reader Post is going to be about your thoughts on Deathwings raid going to be taking place all over Azeroth. As always you have until Thursday night to get your submissions in.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Favourite Year Two Moment

So it is Friday, and as always it is time for the Reader Post. This Reader Post is different in the fact I am not asking you about something in game directly or something to do with the lore or story of the game. I asked you straight out to celebrate my 2nd year with telling me what your favourite Gaussafication moment of the past year was. So without making you all wait and see here it goes.

My favourite thing? Well this is simple. I really enjoy how you made Machinima a weekly thing. You would always throw videos out there every once and awhile, but wasn't a for sure thing. I was never really into machinima until I saw all the videos you were posting. It is simply amazing to watch some of these marvelous creations and having you bring this movie makers and not just some blood elf rap crap to show us is something I am sure they thank you for and I do as well.

I enjoyed this year how you showed how involved you are with others blogs, news, and all that. You have not only kept up with the great humour you provide, but have also introduced us to others who do the same. The Daily Blink for example is something I never would have came in contact with if you never showed it to us. Also I like your analysis of the game, and how you have showed us you actually understand mechanics of the game and not are just some ass who likes to make fun of people for doing retarded things. I also want to point out to you, to never stop doing that because I still actually break out in tears reading some of your stuff. Keep up the good work.

Without a doubt your Not Turkey Day part 2. I really thought it couldn't get any better than your first installment, but part 2 built on it and I loved it. I love your common sense humour and your ability to turn the simplest of things which shouldn't mean anything. To be the joke of all jokes. The perfect example being your hatred for Pallys. Please never stop this it is absolutely awesome. I have actually been looking forward to Thanksgiving since last year just to see what you come up with this year.

 I really love how you were able to poke fun at yourself again for your "Gauss Noob Moments". We all know they happen, but it takes some gusto to make fun of yourself on the open stage like that and I don't think it goes unnoticed. I guess following it up with the "Noobs of the Year" wasn't a bad option either. It is one thing to portray yourself as amazing and untouchable and make it something that you have to keep reading with it, but it is extremely entertaining even for once a year for you to flip it around. Keep up the great blog I love reading as I am sure others do as well.

I loved your new found insight or at least the insight you started giving. It just wasn't about making fun of idiots anymore there was much more to this blog. I am sure some people are upset about that, but there is only so far you can go with all of that. I see it as long as you keep all of that in the blog everyone should be happy. Everything has to evolve and you have done so in a great way.

There you have it. Thank you to everyone for the kind words it has been a great 2 years writing this blog and I hope to continue to grow and make it better for as long as I possibly can. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Kor'kron

So recently WoW Insider did a Know Your Lore piece on the Kor'kron. Now the Kor'kron are a special group of elite Horde soldiers, which are lead by the man above High Overlord Saurfang. They are special because they have renounced their clans and now serve the position of Warchief not the person. So no matter who the Warchief is they serve them. So whatever it is be it Thralls purpose to peace or Hellscream's pursuit of militarism they follow the Warchief. This lead me to an interesting point.

What happens if the Kor'kron decides they don't like who is Warchief? What happens if they use their position which is supposed to be above the political system to in fact be the political position and they choose the Warchief? This has precedence believe it or not well not in Warcraft but in Roman history. The Praetorian Guard of Ancient Rome which eventually went from being the protector of the Roman Emperor to replacing the emperor when they didn't like him, or was bribed to overthrow an emperor in favor of the person bribing them. The Praetorian guard was put in to act exactly like the Kor'kron who knows they could even be based off them. Metzen is the only one who could confirm that.

So this got me thinking. Remember what Saurfang said in Warsong Hold in Borean Tundra?

"I won't let you take us down that dark path again, young Hellscream. I'll kill you myself before that day comes..."

Now Thrall was Warchief at the time, but Garrosh was acting in his name so the Kor'kron were expected to follow his orders because it was the will of the Warchief. He was ready then, who knows maybe if things ever get bad enough we will see Saurfang make good on his words.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Will Deathwing Be Redeemed

So lately with 4.3 announced and that Deathwing's raid will be included I have been getting many questions regarding The Destroyer himself and if he will end up being redeemed and return to his past glory. To answer this I believe we have to think a bit about it.

Now in Warcraft history we have heard a lot about Neltharion and how he was this great black wrym before being driven mad by the Old Gods. Now this is just it. In every instance we have encountered Deathwing games, novels, and whatever else he has always been corrupted already or in the midst of being corrupted(War of the Ancients Trilogy). So my point of this is besides stories of the past within these mediums we have no base of what Deathwing was before he was corrupted by the Old Gods. So it would be hard to do something like Arthas and his Father to the point where it was not forced. Also Arthas corruption was over a few years, Deathwings is over 10,000 years and I just think he is way too far gone to even begin thinking about redemption.

I think we will kill him and get this grand speech about how the world is and what his vision of it was and what was to come, and who was pulling his strings. This will make us think about everything that was really planned and what we should be scared of in the future, that being the next expansion. So no redemption for Death Incarnate he is just going to be going out with a bang.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

You Fail At Stormrage Brothers Lore If...

It is that day again, yes you know what I am talking about Fail Day. Everyone's favourite day to make them feel better or make them feel like they are that ant that they squashed out on their morning stroll. As has been the custom the last few weeks Fail Day has taken it to the Lore. Today will be no different, except for the fact that it is about two brothers instead of one person. Really though these are probably the most well known brothers in all of Warcraft Lore, the Brothers Stormrage. So why don't we just get to it. Good luck this week on not being Fail.

You Fail At Stormrage Brothers Lore If...
  • You didn't know Malfurion and Illidan were twin brothers
  • You were not aware that Malfurion and Illidan were at one time both training to be the first druids until Illidan decided playing in the dirt wasn't for him
  • You didn't know Illidan was born with amber eyes a sign of greatness among the Night Elves
  • You didn't know Malfurion was the first mortal to ever step into the Emerald Dream
  • You thought Illidan was blind and didn't know he had his eyes burnt out to receive the "gift" of Sargeras
  • You did not know that Illidan and Malfurion were both in love with Tyrande
  • You didn't know Malfurion always thought that Tyrande would chose Illidan
  • You assumed that it was only Malfurion when it was in fact both the brothers that helped close the portal and stopped Sargeras from entering Azeroth
  • You were not aware that Illidan is called the Betrayer because of his creation of a new Well of Eternity
  • You didn't know Malfurion was the one that called for his brother's Imprisonment which lasted 10,00 years
  • You did not know that Arthas was the one who pointed Illidan in the direction of the Skull of Guldan, which in turned turned him into the half Demon half Night Elf form
  • You were  unaware that Malfurion banished Illidan from their homeland when he saw what he had become even if he had defeated the entirety of the legion's forces in the region
  • You didn't know that Illidan saved Tyrande from a death by undead forces and not Malfurion
  • You were not aware that Malfurion and Tyrande are only recently married even if they have been "together" for over 10,000 years. 
and finally
  • You didn't know that the brothers made peace with one another before Illidan left for Outland
There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Hope you learned something at least. Also as promised here are the quotes

"We have had much strife between us, my brother. I have known only ages of hate for you. But, for my part, I wish it to end. From this day forward, let there be peace between us."

Good luck this reset everyone!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Return of the Highborne

Happy Labour Day everyone! A Monday that people actually look forward to because they get it off. But a Monday is still a Monday. And with Monday's comes Machinima Monday's. Wow how many times did I just say Monday. Everyone knows I am a fan of the game's lore so when you have a machinimator like Melvenor who shows off the games lore in the way it deserves then it is something I will always take a look at. His latest installment of Faces of Cataclysm is Return of the Highborne. The story talking about how the Night Elves of the past came back to help the Night Elves and the Alliance by showing how the arts of the arcane can be useful. Now I am not saying I think this is a bad Machinima, but it definely is not my favourite of the series. Probably mostly because it has Night Elves and the fact that part II with Andorhal was probably one of the best Machinima I have ever seen. I will let you all be the judge. Here it is

Hope you all enjoyed it. Have a great day off if you are lucky enough to have one. Also the last day before reset so make sure you get stuff done!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Two Years Of Gaussafication

All I can say is wow. I never thought I would be at this point. I am not the greatest writer or even a moderately good one by anyone's standpoint, but yet I have been able to keep everyone informed and entertained for 2 years. This blog started as a point of just putting into words what I was doing. Be it raids, pvp, ranting, complaining, poking fun at, or anything else. And the thing is I am still doing exactly this.

I was told many times you cannot write a blog daily without having a focus. I really think I have proven those doubters wrong. The stats also support the point that more and more are coming here everyday to read what I have to say. Sure I have talked about things that not everyone agrees with. I have even talked about things that have generated a god awful amount of hate mail. I have never let any of that phase me though. I have always thought that if people are going to take the time to write me it doesn't matter if they are hating on me or if they are praising about something the fact is they still wrote me.

The fact of the matter it is because of all you that come here read what I have to say, comment on it, email me about it, or all the other things you do that lets me know that you appreciate and look forward to what I have to say. So much so that I have been asked about other games several times. Who knows maybe someday I may branch off, but WoW keeps me very busy. There is always things to talk about or to look back on.

There have been countless moments over the past year and way too many to actually go through and remember them all. I will leave that to all of you to pick. That is exactly what the next Reader Post is going to be about. Your favourite moment from Gaussafication from the past year.

I want to thank everyone who has linked to me, who has spread the word of Gauss for lack of better words. You are the people and the players that drive this blog I am just the one that writes the things you want to hear. I promise this next year to keep it going the same way and keep you all waiting for the next post. Thanks once again for the memories and all the support. To another year of greatness!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Darkmoon Faire Island

Friday! The last day before the long weekend. The day that seems to go by so slow because all you want is your weekend to begin. With this the last long weekend of summer and to the people close to Toronto know this is the last weekend of the CNE(Canadian National Exhibition) isn't the idea of the Reader Post being what you all think of the Darkmoon Faire Island the perfect topic. Yes, I know I thought so too. So let's see what everyone has had to say about it shall we.

The Darkmoon Faire Island reminds me of the old werewolf and horror movies with gypsy camps/carnivals appearing in spooky woodlands. I'm really looking forward to see what lurks in the woods at night on Darkmoon Faire Island!

Purple architecture. Misty, shady environment and attitudes. ...This can only mean one thing. Chucky Cheese has invaded World of Warcraft.

Here is a random shot in the dark theory, that I don't even believe myself: Darkmoon Island is on Pandaria. The Pandaren are stuck in the Emerald Dream/Nightmare, and one of the old gods is responsible. If you walk into the woods, the old god starts to drive you insane, giving a sanity alternate power bar, which has different effects when you reach different levels, such as randomly running in fear and cowering. 

Being the geography lover, I was immediately curious as to the position of this island. Unfortunately, that information was not revealed. However, from the images provided, the environment appears similar to what we see on Tol Barad. Of course, the atmosphere of the new Faire is merely intended to appear "dark" and the Tol Barad terrain and infrastructure was the best thing to fit. However, it is my opinion that Darkmoon Island might be one of the Channel Islands off the southern coast of Hillsbrad. This island chain was used during WCII for some of the naval missions and early working maps of WoW show place them within the same area of Kul Tiras, Crestfall, and Tol Barad.

With the thing that it says is like Gurubashi arena it sound like there will be 30 people in a free for all scenario in which case i think almost every time the healer will win because they can outlast that or classes like paladins and druids who can be a dps class yet still heal themselves whenever need be. If this is the case it will be extremely disappointing for warriors and all classes alike that will never win.

I am disappointed there is no mention of a roller coaster. What kind of amusement park has no roller coaster? 

There you have it. This week's edition of the Reader Post. Thank you all for the submissions. To let you all know there will not be an Ask Gauss this week, and that does not mean I ignored your questions it just means there will be a special post tomorrow instead of the regular Sunday Post. This will be the post where I will announce next week's Reader Post topic.

Enjoy your weekend. Especially if it is a long one like mine will be.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mitigations Future

Well for all of you that don't know and if you don't and play WoW I really have no clue how you don't, but Ghostcrawler has a blog, which he talks about future considerations for the game. He has gone through many topics and the most recent one is Mitigation. We all know how recently threat was changed to make it easier for tanks to keep their targets and have more of a focus on the actual job of tanking rather than spamming buttons while doing so. As I stated before if this was the intent and not to make things easier for lesser skilled tanks then I agree, because anytime something is more interesting it is in turn more challenging and exciting.

This leads us to Ghostcrawler once again and his current topic, Mitigation. The devs currently don't like how it is boring and not really working the way they want it to. If you want to read the blog you can see it here. But I will give my thoughts on each of the ideas.

Tank DPS Matters

This is not something that I think is really a good option. This basically puts the tanks back in the same situation as they were with threat except it would be a DPS rotation rather than a Threat rotation. This leads to the same issues as before with mobile fights and positioning. So why would they go through all that effort to change the issues from before just to bring them back to make mitigation more interesting.

DPS Buttons Provides Mitigation

This is a model I like. Because it makes the buttons you push matter and they give benefit. Ghostcrawlers example of shield slam activating shield block or revenge giving you a parry buff. I don't see the down side when you may be stressed when you can't keep all the buffs up at once, but couldn't they design so that this style would require skill to keep all of them up not just assume it will be possible for everyone? What would be the purpose of it being so easy.

DPS Buttons Build Resources

This would be kind of similar to the above option, but would let you bank them. Meaning the situation of not having all the buffs up at once could be fixed if you could bank them. Now this could be something I would be all for as long as it didn't lead to trivialization what I was talking above. Everyone should be able to do it perfectly. No one wants to be just as good as everyone else they want something that proves they are better or can be better than someone else.

So there you have it. I recommend reading the blog if tanking is something you are interested in. It goes into specific abilities and talks about what they would like to change them as well. It is a good read, and then maybe you will be able to form an opinion on some things of the changes that may or may not be coming.