Monday, June 30, 2014

Top 5 Ezio Moments

Happy Monday everyone! Everyone ready for Canada Day tomorrow? Birthdays really are something which should be recognized and in the gaming scene there was a big one on the 24th. It was Ezio Auditore's 555th Birthday and what better way to give him a gift then to showcase a machinima put together by Loomer showing his favourite Ezio moments over the years. So it back relax and realize all the memories you played through.

Requiescat de pache Mentor

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Hard to believe not only is the weekend almost over but the month of June is. Seriously just a couple of days to Canada Day! Not all of you are Canadian though so might as well skip on trying to explain everything about that today and do what I do best on Sundays. That being answering some questions. So here we go!

Do you think Blizzard is going to have a huge problem with the fact Terrans are not doing so well in the Global rankings of SC2?

I think it is a concern. The Problems with Terrans though are very hard to fix. Small buffs to the race in general can turn the tide in not the smallest way. We have seen now what a small decrease in the Widow Mine radius does. I think the problem really is that the micro involved in high end Terran play at the moment is astronomical compared to the other races. Does it mean the players of the other races are worst? No. Just means that currently Terrans are working so much harder in the late game. This has to do with the styles which have been favoured to play. Mech still really isn't a viable option, and sky Terran isn't really something which is easily pulled off without being killed in the process. So I really think in order to balance the game out those are the styleswhich have to be looked at. Right now we are seeing some Terrans adding pieces of Mech to their compositions and if the trend continues I think we may see the race in general make a comeback.

If you could recommend any game for a couple people to play together who aren't the best gamers but just want to have some fun playing what would you say?

Magicka without a doubt. The game is easy and difficult at the same time. It is also hilarious to play and even when you are dying or messing up it is insanely fun. It is also a game which will constantly surprise you, which is always a plus. You can also kill each other endlessly when you are angry or just want to be "that guy". Check it out it may even be on sale for the summer. 

How many games have you purchased through the Steam Summer Sale?

Not enough currently have to get on and make my final choices.

There it is now your Sunday can go on. As always thanks to everyone who sent a question in if I answered it on here or not. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Heroes Interacting

Happy Friday everyone! Here I am sitting around still not able to play some Heroes of the Storm. Waiting for non US residents are able to get into play. Now I am not a for sure thing to get in by any means but I do have hope that I will get my shot. Afterall a lot of people I game with are waiting on me to get in so we can play some together. With that in mind Heroes of the Storm has some interesting character interactions in the game and for this week's Reader Post Kenshinryu talks all about it.

So I have been playing Heroes for a couple weeks now and the game plays great and all but some of my favorite things have nothing to do with true gameplay at all. I'd just like to nerd out for a moment but I really -love- when characters from different universes or shows come together. I was smiling a bunch when Raynor got teleported to the Nexus and Uther was there to greet him. While Raynor was all confused thinking he was on a Nexus from the Protoss, Uther had no idea what the heck he was talking about. I really enjoyed that moment. Along with all the other moments they had during training. 

I'd really like to see more interaction with the characters themselves. Kind of like if two characters are in a lane together and they are standing there idling they could have some quick dialog together. 
I dunno just a suggestion but again like I said earlier I'd just like to see more interaction with each characters and see how they act with one another.

I know some characters who are directly connected in their universe talk all the time like Uther and Arthas, Raynor and Kerrigan, and Malfurion and Illidan. I just think it is awesome and hilarious when 2 people who have no connection at all some how come together and have a grand old time. Now I understand the game is still in Alpha and has a long way to go, but this is one of the things I hope they build on. If the game is fun and built right, competitive and all of that jazz just make the characters connect on the simplest level for our enjoyment. 

Now doesn't that make you want to play that much more?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Sales

Here we are now in the middle of summer, and nothing says summer to the gaming community like sales. Every year around this time there are sales everywhere. The sales could be games which have been out for just a short while or they could be games we have forgotten about and they just happen to be on sale. So what is a gamer to do?

There used to be times when I would go crazy and buy games endless they try to get through them all during the summer. I would spend stupid amounts of money because it was the smart thing to do because the games themselves were on sale. Now I am not going to say it was a bad idea because I did have fun playing all those games. Some of which I never would have bought if they had never gone on sale. So what is the problem you ask?

As I have got older I have realized the the experience playing the game has become much more important to me. I try to do everything possible in games. I never rush through and I sit back an thoroughly enjoy everything I am playing. At times I like to play a game completely out before switching to the next because they I feel like I have experienced everything there was to offer from the game. This could mean getting all the achievements, finding all possible secrets, seeing all possible endings, or anything else which is possible.

This isn't me saying you shouldn't take advantage of the summer sales because you should, but if I could give anyone advice it would be makes sure you are getting everything out of everything you are playing. So maybe you will spend the money and save a bunch, but just don't rush through it to get to the next game. Enjoy your time, be it listening to the score, enjoying the story, or just have fun.

Oh and also make sure to experience the real world every once in awhile as well. Happy summer sales and happy gaming 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

So, She Collects Knives

Here we are smack dab in the middle of the week once again. Sitting around thinking it was just the weekend the other day and then wondering why the weekend isn't here yet. Of the confusion the middle of the week brings us. Now you may of heard and hopefully did not forget but yesterday was the official last day the Auction House had anything to do with Diablo III anymore. Basically yesterday was the last day you could take things out of your completed tab without them being lost forever. Now the auction houses didn't work out the way they were intending which happens quite a bit in gaming terms. So with that in mind that's where this week's list comes in!

5. Diablo III Auction Houses

Since this is what brought on the topic it should probably make the list no? The Auction Houses were put into Diablo to provide a way for players to trade their gear in a more efficient manner and the option to spend real money through a trusted provided and not go to third party sites. The idea was great and they worked as intended. The problem? The loot of the game had to adapt since there was easy access to upgrades. Drops ended up for the most part being terrible and 95% of your upgrades were bought through the auction house.

4. SimCity Region Play

Maxis tried something different. Instead of the massive cities we were used to building you were tasked with building a region where all the cities were connected. It was a nice touch and it worked, but then there was never the option to build the massive cities you were used to. They have attempted to please the fans but due to graphic limitations of older machines they have not attempted to increase the individual building size for specific cities.

3. Diablo III World Wide Launch

So in theory this was a great plan. Everyone in the world would get the chance to play one of the most anticipated games in history when the servers went live all at the same time 12am PST. The problem? There was so much server traffic no one could get on... Error 37 where were you?

2. Shemue console choice

One of the most expensive games ever created and a game which delivered on every promise it ever made. It is also known as a the best game that hardly anyone got to play. Why? Well it was released on the Dreamcast.

1. Sixaxis Lair Controls

Lair was supposed to be the gateway to the power of the PS3. It had everything you could want in a game. Except the controller it was supposed to showcase caused for horrible controls which made the game near unplayable and maybe one of the most frustrating experiences in gaming one could ever have.

And there is this week's list. Do you have any thoughts? Something to add? Well you know what to do.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

You Fail At Complaining About Diablo Patch 2.1 If...

Fail Day! Yes it is that day of the week again isn't it. The first Fail Day of the summer too so shouldn't we think of something special. I was thinking what people do most during the summer, and then complaining came to mind. It is either it is too hot, not hot enough, the bugs, or not getting enough rain. So then I was thinking about the things people have been complaining about this week, and of course with complaining comes Diablo and this week it was the patch 2.1 preview. So here we go.

You Fail At Complaining About the Diablo Patch 2.1 Preview If...

  • You believe you are being forced to play seasons
  • You think competition is bad for gaming
  • You wanted to keep your easy way of farming blood shards
  • Your first response to the preview was your demands for more legendary drops
  • You are threatening to quit
  • You believe the Dexterity change is unfair to the non Dex classes
  • You started to ask about PvP
  • You think its unfair you paid for your gems and now better ones are dropping
  • You believe there is no space on your gear for healing
  • You play a Witch Doctor
  • You think Conquest achievements are unfair because you won't be able to get any
  • When you saw the Cesspools were not added at launch you used this as an opportunity to complain about the dev team being lazy
  • You are wondering why the PTR isn't up already

and finally

  • You haven't realized it is just a preview
There you have it, this week's edition of Fail. Sit back and take a breath everything is going to be ok!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Illidan: Heroes of the Storm Developer Diary

Monday! Yes it is that day of the week the one where you are blah blah blah because of blah blah blah on the blah blah blah. As you can see I am over it. It's Monday so it is time for Machinima Monday and I really found the best thing to showcase this week. Now I haven't showcased a Heroes of the Storm video yet so this will be the first, but this will not be the first Ian Beckman. We all know and love his Azerothian Super Villains series but he really does do much more. This is an interview done with Illidan about how pleased he is to be part of Heroes of the Storm. So have a look and a little laugh.

Wasn't that worth your time? Enjoy your Monday!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes here it is the first Sunday of the summer that is if you are living in the Northern Hemisphere. Otherwise happy winter to everyone else! Summer being the time where we all tend to game less because we venture to the place known as the outside world. I know it can be scary. Sunday though regardless of the time of year is time to answer some questions so let's do that shall we.

Do you think it is wrong for Blizzard to have Season only legendaries in Reaper of Souls?

From my understanding with what I have read there are 2 possible options. There is the option when the season is over the legendaries will be part of the normal loot for all non season players. The other option is a gated system where the season players have had enough of a time to get access to them first and then they patch them into non season play. Now the first option is completely fine with me as long as the seasons are not very long. Kind of like the way Hearthstone seasons are where it is once a month. If the seasons are longer like they were in Diablo II then the second option is a much better scenario. Basically they want to get people playing seasons and really the world we live in people won't do things if they are not given bonuses for doing so.

So Heroes invites are going out to non US residents, what you think?

To quote Mr. Fidlay "Hell, It's about time!". Really I have been wanting to try out the game for some time now and this may be my chance to do so. Now I am not saying I know I am going to be getting an invite, because honestly I have no clue if I am going to be getting an invite or not, but I do know now there is a chance I will and really that is better than no chance at all. Also if I do get in you all can expect me to give the Gauss point of view from everything I have got myself into.

Watching the SC2 matches from MLG?

Why would I not be. Actually been some great games so far looking forward to the end result today.

There you have it. If you sent a question in and it wasn't answered on here. No worries I will still get to it. If you don't know how to send in a question you can look at the top right of the page or just send an email to Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Will Curse of Naxxramas Cards Change Anything?

Friday! Got here in a hurry didn't it? So since it is Friday it is time for a Reader Post and I received one from Alexi which was rather interesting and I thought I would share. It has to do with when The Naxx cards are introduced into Hearthstone will it have any effect on the meta of the game with the specific cards we have seen. This is of course based on the facts certain things won't be changing before hand. So sit back and have a read.

All I've seen from the new Naxx cards are things that will maybe improve control warrior vs. druid or zoo vs. handlock, or token shaman and tempo priest will become major archetypes.

But, all of these decks will really just be playing around for fun, because miracle rogues and freeze mages, with the proper draws, will continue to make these matchups unwinnable.

Honestly, the power of a good draw in a miracle rogue makes double innervate into cairne look like a joke. Hell, it makes playing two doomguards in a row look weak.

Same thing with freeze mage. With the correct draw, there simply is no reasonable level of counterplay. Like, double innervate into boulderfist ogre I can finish off with a pyromancer+hunters mark. Problem solved. Double innervate into cairne can be game winning, but it's not quite game breaking, as the druid can find themselves low on cards right off the bat.

It's nothing like miracle rogue and freeze mage. Both of them have now evolved and adapted to the point at which they poke through the consistency ceiling. It's like the molten OTK decks all over again. Hell, Miracle would beat molten OTK quite a lot by being able to play so easily around their health. But, it wasn't really a thing at the time, since the deck was seen as gimmicky and luck based due to a lack of development by the best players.

But it's evolved now, and frost mage is now sticking out too as another one of these decks, that with the correct draw, make the game absolutely unwinnable for most opponents.

The ONLY thing that unseen Naxx cards could do is provide more aggro/defensive tools. Well, buffing aggro just makes this dearth of control decks even worse. Defensive tools? If they counter miracle rogue, they're probably imbalanced, since all we're going to see now are neutral minions.

So, no, I don't think Naxx will change much and I'd rather see a nerf BEFORE Naxx so that I don't have to dream about how nice these Naxxramas decks would be if it weren't for these often unbeatable decks.

I'm tired of it, so tired of it. I want the old tinkmaster/pagle druid/shaman meta back compared to this! Hell, the hunter meta was nicer than this. Sure, there are a lot more decks, but that's because two classes became playable without hunter being popular. So, basically you have a bunch of people screwing around and having fun, ranking up with weird decks because they can, even though they CAN play miracle rogue and don't want to (like me).

There you go something to think about on a Friday! Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Reaper Of Souls 2.1 First Look

So not sure if all of you have seen it but there was a huge reveal for the upcoming patch 2.1 for Reaper of Souls. So much new content is coming and I am extremely excited for pretty much everything. So I am going to really go through and state what I have liked from everything they have thrown at us. If you haven't read up on it you can click this to read up on it.


Seasons are a great way to add competition without adding anything new to the game. Sometimes leveling characters is fun and this is a way to make it that way with some rewards. Also the Legendaries converting to non season loot after it is over is a nice touch as well as long as they are not too long this wont be an issue.

Greater Rifts

This is a really a great idea and again a way for people not competing in seasons to have some sort of competition or basically just something to strive towards. Honestly I cannot wait to head into some of these on my Hardcore characters and probably even die a few times doing so.


These make the game less of a grind for what at times seems like a pointless endeavor. Sure you want to get the best gear possible for your characters and kill such and such on such and such a difficulty, but it does get boring. When you add in some form of competition though it becomes much more interesting


So dodge is going away which is sad in some respect, but giving 1 point of armor for every Dexterity will make the survival of Demon Hunters and Monks that much more. I think though this may make some Monks near invincible but that does remain to be seen.

Overall I am really pleased with everything I have read and all these changes will be adding fun to a game I already enjoy quite a bit. So in my eyes this cannot be live soon enough so we all can get some epic competitions and a hell of fun going on.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Drink Your Goddamn Tea!

Wow didn't the middle of the week just come out of no where. Seemed like the weekend was just here. Even if I cannot believe it though it is Wednesday which means I need to do a list of some sort. So I was sitting here thinking what to do it on. Then I thought to myself wouldn't it be interesting to have real conversation with some of our favourite characters from the games we love. And so here we are my top 5 gaming characters I would love to have a conversation with.

5. Nathan Drake

This would just be one of those conversation which you took talk for hours about things yu have got yourself out of. The places or things hes seen could make this conversation be one of the more interesting you could ever have.

4. Zeratul

Being exiled and providing guidance to the greatest Protoss who ever lived is something which cannot be looked over. Besides hes a Protoss and it would be cool to talk to someone who doesn't have a mouth.

3. Velen

I would just want to see if he feels bad for knowing the entire conflict in Warcraft Lore is basically because of his choices. Does he feel bad and what does he have to say for himself. Also if he knows everything why does he always seem as if he has Jon Snow syndrome.

2. A'ltair lbn-La'Ahad

One of the most skilled fighters in mind and with the blade. He saw so many things throughout the history he lived, what came before and even what the future would bring. The man created a library with no books and just himself. Tell me this wouldn't be amazing.

1. Cid Highwind

First off you would never be short on tea. Every story no matter how dull would be the most entertaining thing you have ever heard. Plus you wouldn't have to worry about your language because obviously to make a point you have to throw in some swear words.

There is this week's list. What do you think? Who would you want to shoot the shit with?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

You Fail At Playing Old School Games If...

Fail Day! Yes it is that time of the week again isn't it. The day when new games come out, others have maintenance which people complain about way too much, and the day when celebrate the failures of others. So over the past week or so I have been enjoying some old school Final Fantasy and I like many others love going back and play the games I enjoyed so much when I was younger. So then this idea popped in my head and here we are.

You Fail At Playing Old School Games If...

  • You have issues with lower than 32 bit graphics
  • You don't love cheezy plot lines
  • You think they will be a walk in the park
  • You have issues paying attention
  • You dislike grinding
  • You hate reading dialogue
  • You need the internet to explain how to get to such and such
  • You never say to yourself while playing "omg I love this part"
  • You never say to yourself while playing "omg I hate this part"
  • You use save states
  • You never wonder why they don't make games like this anymore
  • When something is easier then you remember you wonder if you just sucked when you were younger
and finally
  • You are a bad gamer
There you have it this week's edition of fail hope you all got a smile or a little chuckle out of it.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Divided Soul Revisted

Happy Monday everyone! Hopefully everyone had themselves a good weekend which if you think back about it your Monday might not be as depressing. Anyways though you didn't come here to mope around came here to see what I am showcasing this week. I did think for this for quite some time and when all of the sudden when I was on YouTube one of my favourites showed up under the watch it again. So I took it as the world trying to tell me something. So here it is one of the best machinima of all time in my opinion. Divided Soul by Martin Falch

Still as amazing as it always was,

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

So today is Sunday and normally that means it is time for Ask Gauss, but today that is not going to be the case. Doesn't mean I am no longer answering questions just this Sunday I am taking a break from it. Why you may ask? Well today is Father's Day and while most holidays have become more commercialized including this one it really is an important day for me.

While there are so many other things my Father has done this relates to gaming in such a way it is worth mentioning. He was the one who would listen to me endless babble about a game I was interested in when I was little. The would just sit there and wait while I came up with a way for him to buy it for me. Then when I was older it was about borrowing the car so I could get there for a midnight release. He has always known gaming has been apart of my life and truly embraced it.

Even now he is still interested in what I am up to gaming wise. We have discussions about real history and Assassin's Creed or what number Final Fantasy has finally got up to. It's times like these when you can appreciate how lucky you truly are. Or the times we can sit around and play Tiger Woods golf and joke how if only we could do crap like that in real life or how crazy it is at how competitive Wii Sports bowling can be when everyone is involved.

When I was younger maybe I just didn't realize it, but now I see it I am a gamer because that is what I was brought up to be. We may not play the same games that much, but we never stopped being interested in what the other is up to gaming wise, and that really is what it means to be a gamer.
So it is because of all this that I would like to wish my Father a happy Father's Day. As one gamer to another and as a son to a Father. One I am extremely lucky to have.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Looking Ahead to 2.1

So here we are at the end of the week wondering what is ahead of us on the weekend. Before we get there though there are some things to take care of, like this week's Reader Post for Bezzez which is a look towards the Reaper of Souls 2.1 patch. So here it is have a look.

In my personal opinion, the success of Reaper of Souls is very heavily riding on patch 2.1. It's something that needs to arrive relatively soon, but should not be rushed in any way. Seasons and Tiered Rifts will be the pivotal moment that decides whether or not D3 continues to be the casual efficiency click-fest that it is or if it can be something highly competitive and addicting with an emphasis on FAIR competition.

In order for something to be competitive a great deal of skill needs to be involved in it. It can't be strictly a gear check, there has to be a way to mitigate bad luck and play the game in a completely different way that isn't focused entirely on gimmick farm methods.

One of the concerns that was raised in the last thread was how lucrative Greater Rifts will be to actually run. Are players doing them strictly for the challenge and recognition or will they have distinct rewards that players can actually look forward to.

One of the great things about BoA in the absence of trading is that it is very much possible to create a highly competitive game that's free of the corruption of real money transactions. Whether you're rich or you're poor, your progress in game is based entirely on your dedication to it. Unfortunately, when you combine 100% random with 100% BoA you start to run into a lot of problems. The more random that is involved the more luck has to be on your side in order to stay competitive. One of my greatest concerns with 2.1 is the inability to influence your own luck. There's no way to mitigate bad streaks and since the reward model is 100% snowbally if you gain a strong luck advantage early on you will only progress further faster and faster.

Snowball is a term to describe gaining an advantage to use for more of an advantage later on. Like a snowball you start rolling slowly, then gradually pick up speed the longer you go. Depending on your luck in how much of a boost you get at the beginning, you could essentially hit full speed right away while someone else might struggle just to get theirs rolling.

Anyway, in order for Tiered Rifts to be lucrative, they must offer a reward that is either comparative or greater than the rewards of playing the game without them. Otherwise, you run the risk of them not being utilized at all. What could possibly be added to Tiered Rifts to make you want to utilize them?

Here are a few areas of interest to start thinking about.

What is the ease of access - How easy / hard should they be to enter?
  • How do you enter them?
  • Can you skip ahead to higher rifts rather than repeating easier ones?
  • How easy should Greater Rift Keys be to Obtain?
  • Should you automatically get a Greater Rift Key if you complete a normal rift in a specified time?
  • What are the qualifications to enter a Tiered Rift? Must you be playing on a certain Torment level?
What are the rewards - How rewarding should tiered rifts be?
  • Should Tiered Rifts have special rewards that are only in Tiered Rifts?
  • Should Tiered Rifts give greater rewards depending on how far you progress?
  • How powerful should the rewards be?
  • Should Tiered Rifts give Hellfire Ring type rewards?
  • Should some of the rewards be cosmetic?
  • Should there be rewards for being in a certain percentile / reaching a certain rank during the season?
What is the difficulty - How difficult should tiered rifts be?
  • Should the difficulty jumps between ranks be large or small?
  • Should all Greater Rift (Rank 1) rifts start at the same difficulty?
  • Are the Greater Rifts broken out by Torment Difficulty?
  • Should the density also increase the higher in rank you go?
  • Should more emphasis be placed on skill rather than gear?
  • If so, how would you go about make sure skill > gear?
  • Concept of Fairness - Will Tiered Rifts even harbor a competitive environment?
What other aspects of the game will influence the success of tiered rifts?
  • RNG Progression vs Skill Progression?
  • Random loot vs Static loot?
  • The snowball effects of loot acquisition rates in higher difficulties vs lower difficultes?
  • How will the "Gear Wall" affect your outlook on the competitiveness of Tiered Rifts?
  • How important will defensive stats be in determining your success?
  • Should Tiered Rifts be tuned with "efficiency" in mind?
  • Should you be one shotting enemies?
In order to make this new feature successful, we need to start thinking of things that would make us actually want to run them. We certainly don't want this to be a repeat of WoW's challenge modes.

Personally, I think rewards will heavily tie in to how successful this content is.

Thanks as always for every submission. This couldn't be possible without your contribution. Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

But In Fact It Is Just An Ordinary Well

So my computer was having some issues the other day so figured I would just pick something randomly and get to playing it. I saw Final Fantasy Origins in my listed games on my PS3 and figured I had not played the original Final Fantasy in quite some time so figured hey why not.

When I started up the game though I decided that this wouldn't b any normal playthrough and said how fun would it to play with just 4 Black Mages. Obviously not the most balanced party possible but hey it should be fun and think of all the gil I would save not having to buy armor right? Plus what is better then 1 Vivi? Well 4 of course!

The game itself is not an easy game to begin with. More so easier for myself since I have played through it quite a few times and no all the ins and outs of the dungeons and maps. Also knowing the best places to grind out a couple levels before moving on. What I can say to anyone who has ever played through the game before the Marsh Cave was near impossible with the party setup. I didn't quite a number of times trying to grab the Crown.

Now I am a the point heading towards the 3 major boss and my party has an insane amount of firepower being 4 Black Mages now upgraded to Wizard status. So I expect the game to be not to difficult at all from this point on, but that does remain to be seen.

I can say I always enjoy playing these classic games. Now this version of Final Fantasy has slightly upgraded graphics from the 1987 original but they are only up to say Super Nintendo level so nothing special at all. Regardless it is fun and of course gives those memories of the first time you were able to beat and get through certain parts of the game. So who knows maybe my computer having a little hiccup was a good thing.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Look, I Have My Own Bucket!

Here we are in the middle of the week and what is everyone doing? Well I assume everyone is checking out E3 and what we all have to look forward too. There has been tons of information being put out there and I jsut like all of you are excited for what is coming. So it was pretty simple for me to put together a list of all the things E3 has made me excited about. So here it is.

5. Shadow of Mordor

What can I say about this. As most of you know fantasy is something that always has and always will interest me, and when the fantasy story which basically started it all has a game I will be right there in line to buy it. This game though has so many interesting systems to it makes me quite excited to sit down and play it.

4. The Division

How can you not watch this trailer and not be pumped up for it. Every year at E3 something surprises me and this is this years surprise. When watching this I knew nothing about the game and now I find myself wanting to know more and wanting to see what it is all about.

3. The Witcher 3

So many of us have been waiting for this game for what has seemed to be an eternity. This games release date seems to be further away every time I see it. Still does not change the fact that I am beyond pumped to get my hands on it.

2. Assassin's Creed Unity

All of you know if you have ever been here that I have a love for the Assassin's Creed series. Bringing History and gaming together is something I just appreciate. Again a game which seems way too far away, but I know will be worth the wait.

1. Uncharted 4

Uncharted is truthfully one of my favourite series containing one of my favourite characters in gaming history. The story is always involved and the gameplay has always been the right combination of difficulty and fun. This is the game I wanted to see something from at E3 and I wasn't disappointed.

So there it is. What I am most excited from after all the E3 madness. What about you? What did you like what did you wish you saw and didn't? Let me know as always.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

You Fail At E3 If...

Fail Day! Normally this time of year it is a great time to be a gamer. You can sit back and see everything which is coming your way, and really this is no change. I did though have a random conversation the other day when someone didn't actually know what E3 was. So hear I am to immortalize that event with Fail Day so here we go.

You Fail At E3 If...
  • You have no idea why E3 is a big deal
  • You believe their is no difference between Gamescom and E3
  • You did not know it is an industry only event
  • You are unsure what trades fair means
  • You don't make a list of all the reveals you want to see every year
  • You don't shake your head at some of the upcoming titles
  • You don't remember how badly Microsoft failed at last years E3
  • You are not familiar with the term "booth babes"
  • You were unaware it is located more often then not in the LA Convention Centre
  • You are excited for the Halo reveal
  • You look forward to the endless amounts of promotional merchandise
  • You say when it is over next year I am buying tickets

And Finally
  • You did not know that E3 was short for Electronic Entertainment Expo
There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Hope you all enjoyed ti and have been watching all the events at this years E3

Monday, June 9, 2014

May The Father of Understanding Guide Us

Monday! Let's forget all the nomral complaining it is Monday babbling and get right to it. Its Monday so time to showcase something for all of you. It is not often when I come across something which is genuinely well put together and instantly gives you the thoughts that others need to see it. This is the case for this week's video. I could give you the rundown but I think it is just better for you to watch it and let it sink in.

Wasn't that awesome?

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Means it is time for pancakes and time to answer some questions. Sometimes even at the same time. Since some of you still wonder how to send in your questions every week for Ask Gauss. You can see all the options on the top right of the page or if you are lazy you can just email them to So with that all done let's answer some of them.

Do you think it is wrong of Blizzard to be charging money for an Alpha game?

Now first of all they are not charging people to play in the Alpha. The invite is free and you are getting access to them game. Now sure there could be costs you have the choice of taking part in if you want access to some more heroes but that doesn't mean it is required. Now I think what you are saying is why not just let everyone have access to everything during the Alpha stages. Now they could do that, but then they wouldn't be testing one pretty important part of the game and that is the buying of skins and heroes. They have also stated any money used during the Alpha will be refunded to your Battlenet balance when the wipe happens. Now this means you could have tried things before and didn't like them and basically you could spend your money on something else the next time. Could also means if the costs go down you could spend less and get the same as you had before(Blizzard has stated the costs would not go up). So honestly I have no problem with it especially and with the wipe you could choose to spend your money differently the next time. So in my books all is well.

Did you happen to see the new Witcher 3 Trailer?

For those who haven't

This trailer may actually be one of the best game trailers I have seen in a long time. It showcases story, gameplay, and general awesomeness. Really dont have anything bad to say about it besides the fact I have to wait till February 24th to actually play it.

So the Horde Chopper Won, surprised?

Not really even if I think there is probably slightly more people worldwide who play Alliance I just think the Horde bike just looked better overall and that is why it won.

There you have it. Thank you to everyone who sent in a question if it was answered on here or not I will get to them. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Tips For New Heroes Players

Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone has some good plans for the weekend, always great to have a break every once in awhile. Maybe you were one of the lucky ones to get access to the Heroes of the Storm Alpha and maybe you will be spending some time playing that. With that in mind the submission I picked for this week's Reader Post has all of that in mind. Keglagek shares his tips on what is making Heroes fun for him.

Hey I have been loving the Heroes of the Storm alpha so far, just figured I would say a thing or two I have realized, that helped me enjoy the game a whole lot more!

1) This is not LoL. I came from LoL as a platinum support player. My first few games I went into this game with that mentality. No last hitting, no kills, and trying to be team captain. I very quickly realized that this was not going to work the same. Heroes focuses on team accomplishments, there is no ADC in the spotlight, rather people using their skills together to pull some wicked sick stunts.

2) Rage free zone, bro. Again with that LoL attitude, my first few games, I raged hard. What was so hard about calling MIA's and following pings. The fact of the matter is, death doesn't hit nearly as hard as in other MOBAs. There is no point in raging, as many people may be playing their first game ever, even though the genre has been around, we may be pulling a different player base, it is important to foster a learning environment, and more importantly....a fun environment!

3) Recognize your team members. When someone does something awesome, tell them! This game from what I have seen has a unique opportunity to draw a whole different player base then previous MOBA's, and the sooner we reinforce good habits, the better chances we have at this. Plus, positivity breeds positivity! If you are always calling out good plays, when you do something good, your team may recognize it as well, and that is a good feeling.

4) Have fun! It's a game after all :).

5) There is no META. People already have been claiming what perfect teams are, but that is not what this is all about. Try what you want, try something new! Grab a few friends and try rushing a lane, or running triple supports! Explore the world, and help to create it!

best of luck, see you on the fields of battle!

There you have it thanks Keglagek for his submission and everyone else who sent something in. Hope your weekend is a great one!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Drop Is A Drop

I did think for a bit what I was going to talk about today. As most of you know Thursday I mostly just go off about something on my mind or something I am currently playing. Keeping that in mind it seems so many people friends and non-friends alike have this issue with loot in Reaper of Souls. They seem to think their drops are rigged and something must be going on.

Now I know everyone doesn't understand how programming and how RNG actually works and I get that. I also know how some people feel they are getting the short end of the stick compared to others. The fact of the matter is drops are based off the whole player base as a whole and not just on a single person. So there is going to be cases of some being lucky and some being unlucky. There is also the matter of some legendaries are more rare then others.

So then people come up with all these theories of how drops really are and how Blizzard is trying to screw over the player base some how. How we should all speak up and not stand for what they have done. I cannot be the only one who thinks this is completely absurd. Some people will make up reason upon reasons just so they don't have to admit the truth sometimes.

What is the truth? So many gamers are entitled. They believe they deserve the same as everyone else, and in an almost pure RNG system these type of people just don't belong, because what happens is what is happening as we speak.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

True Strength Lies Within Me

So this past Sunday's Game of Thrones got me thinking. If we were to match gaming characters vs other gaming characters in say a battle of skill using swords who would come out on top? No other powers or anything like that just pure skill with the blade. So thinking that way eliminated some people who could actually compete on the list. So after many hours of thought this is the list I came up with.

5. Zack Fair

One would ask why Zack makes the list Sephiroth and Cloud do not. Sephiroth is completely genetically engineered to be what he was, while Cloud by his own admission wasn't close to the fighter he was because of his exposure to Mako energy. So with that I went with Zack because honestly have you played the end of Crisis Core?

4.  Caim

Caim is one of the most well trained swordsmen in any game. This point is spoken to again and again about how he has developed his craft by any means necessary. He views every fight as a challenge to learn and this is what makes him dangerous. 


Alucard has speed and strength in the perfect combination. He just knows what has to be done and how to win. He will fight clean or dirty. Whatever it takes to rid the world of the influence of his father.

2. Auron

Auron became the youngest warrior monk in the history of Spira at the age of 25. He views his skills with the blade to be that of an art form. He believes every strike and every swing has a purpose and nothing ever should be put to waste.

1. Heishiro Mitsurugi

In a world where everyone is looking for more power Mitsurugi just wanted to prove he had enough. His only goal has been to prove he is the best in the world always seeking a new challenger. He has yet to find one who could prove him wrong.

There you have it. What do you think? Agree or Disagree let me know whats on your mind.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

You Fail At Watch Dogs If...

Fail Day! Yes it is that time of the week and I know you are excited as I am to poke fun at others for their short comings. No we are not horrible people why just enjoy the agony of others from time to time. This week since I finished up Watch Dogs figured I would do tribute to it with a Fail Day. So sit back and enjoy

You Fail At Watch Dogs If...
  • You are playing it on Xbox
  • You unlocked  "one time ctOS scan" to see people invading your games
  • You can't finish online hacks
  • You didn't get your shotgun from drinking games
  • You haven't realize you can't fight NPCs besides taking them down
  • You think car chases are fun
  • You think the profiler system is difficult to use
  • You believe the cops are anything but relentless
  • You don't bother with vehicle takedown hacks
  • You believe grenades are a bad idea
  • You don't understand hacking makes you overpowered
  • You always use hostile and lethal hacks because that is the only way you can succeed
  • You have continuous problems with stealth missions
and finally
  • You believe after playing you will take up hacking
There you have it this week's edition of fail. Hope you all laughed a little or hung your head in shame for just a second. Enjoy your day and happy hacking!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Gnometheus: Fire Of The Gods

Monday! Yes i'm sorry that is the day which we find ourselves taking in. So once you get over that fact the day will become much easier. Also once you are at that point you will realize it is Machinima Monday and know it is time for me to showcase something for all of you to see. Now this week it is going to be something from Gnomishkinomatics Which gives us a little RP fun and gnomish lore. So sit back watch and maybe you will even participate.

So what's your plan?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ask Gauss

Sunday! The first of June as well meaning summer is getting closer and closer. With it comes those people who complain it is hot out when they were the same ones during the winter complaining it was too cold. I know makes no sense to me either. Regardless it's Sunday and you came here to see some questions answered so let's take of that shall we.

Is Leeroy an OP card?

I know a lot of people go on and on in Hearthstone about how certain cards are OP. The reason people dislike Leeroy is because most of the time the whelps are not even a factor. I like many others who use the card use it to finish off an opponent and therefore since the whelps don't have taunt they are not even a factor. Now is this a bad thing? I don't really think it is as really it makes the card useful as finisher. Basically makes the card a fireball where you only have certain situations where it can be useful. Now I guess we may see a many increase but even they I don't believe it changes the effectiveness of the card itself.

What are you looking forward to seeing at E3?

Honestly there are quite a few things, but if I had to pick one I think Assassin's Creed Unity is something I could choose instantly. As you all know I love the Assassin's Creed games not only because of their gameplay and story but because history is something of great interest to me and combining gaming and history to me is just something which will put a smile on my face every time.

So no Kinect on Xbox One?

They finally realize real gamers could give a crap about it.

There you go questions answered for the week. Thank you to everyone who submitted a question. As always feel free to send your questions in on any of the ways list at the top right of this page or just send the email to Enjoy what you have left of your weekend!