Sunday, January 31, 2010

How To Videos

So as a raider and a raid leader videos on boss kills are extremely helpful. I am sure everyone knows about tankspot and they, of course, do great videos explaining all the mechanics of the fights and give details about what everyone should be doing and when they should be doing it. I would recommend them for anyone looking at learning anything about encounters. In fact I base a lot of my guild specific strats off of theirs and what I see in their videos. That being said, there are times though that I view other videos and look at other strats. If I didn't then I really wouldn't be informed as I would like, and couldn't make really the best decision regarding the strat for my guild. There isn't a be all and end all way of doing things. If there was, wouldn't that be extremely boring? Anyways, I don't know if any of you ever watch Xephos videos, specifically his how to videos. I highly recommend them because they explain the encounter and make you burst out laughing at the same time. Now of course they don't go into as much detail, but some time serious isn't always they best way of doing things. Their latest for Blood Queen Lana'thel will make you laugh so hard I just can't even explain it. You just have to watch it. I have included it here tell me what you think

Hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did. Also to tie this all in for next Friday's post explain to me your favourite boss kills, wipes, accidental pulls, or whatever else has happened with you others might enjoy hearing about. Enjoy what's left of your weekend.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Must Mash Buttons

So since I have been getting tells and mails to the max, I feel the need to do a post explaining the issue. I have been messing around with Fury. Yes, you all did see me type that. Basically trying to max myself out for raids on certain fights and Fury preforms better on some compared to Arms. Also I have the gold and can respec Prot for 10 mans. Now many of the comments I have gotten have been as if people were talking to me like my mother had died in front of my eyes. Yes I hate Fury, but I will do what is needed. Let's just point out the reasons why I feel a like dirty.

Fury requires little to effort to play whatsoever. You mash like 3 buttons and can do so by not even looking at the screen. Saying it requires skill would be like a Mage saying is harder than it used to be. Well let's take that back for a second. Yes a Mage is harder than it used to be, you have more places to port to now. Back to the topic. After playing Arms and actually working at paying attention to every detail. For example with Arms you have to watch procs, timers, careful what abilities you use during bloodlust. You know all those fun things. Fury your only hindrance on DPS is if you develop carpal tunnel. Getting high DPS as Fury to me is like the accomplishment of wiping your ass. Should you really be proud of such a thing? People say grats on the awesome DPS and I am thinking if only they knew my monitor was off so I could concentrate more on the TV.

So what was the point of this? Just to let you all know I am not crazy, but I am doing it for the greater good. Even if I feel dirty. I can be a no skill champ because I can mash buttons with the best of them /flex. Maybe I should go play Halo to increase my button mashing potential then I can feel I am awesome for doing something else which takes no effort.

Happy Saturday I am off to go do finger push ups.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Dueling is an interesting thing in WoW. Many people use it as the be all and end all of skill. Those who do this are obviously that special kind of stupid, but anyways this isn't really my point. I really don't PvP like I used to. In classic and BC I would be pvping all the time World, BGs, and Arena. The whole I am awesome because I can stack 100000000 resilience basically put me off it. I still world pvp of course, but not because of the PvP mostly because of the whole Alliance vs Horde thing. I am after all a lore nut. For those of you hardcore PvP people saying "ARENA IS THE BIGGEST TEST OF SKILL THERE IS" I would agree with this if you were able to get such and such a rank not using the current gimmick of the season. I proved I could play to much and play well by being one of the first High Warlord's on Llane during classic WoW. Yes this required a lot of time playing, and yes many people who didn't play particularly well got it. I see this as the same people who get carried in arena in the current stage of the game. In BC I had a 2k+ raided team in every bracket every season. Yes I did play Druid/Warrior, Warrior/Shaman, but I also played Pally/Shaman/Warrior, Warlock/Warrior/Druid, and of course my famous Warrior/Shaman/Shaman/Shaman/Shaman. Point is I didn't play all the combos which made it easy. In wrath the whole resilience thing has been just stupid and I haven't even bothered. So I think this makes the point I know my case of what works and how to PvP a litte. So lets get back on topic.

Dueling. So now when I duel it is with n0 PvP gear. So basically I hit like a truck and go down like a sac of bricks, unless I got prot... Anyways, dueling is not like the old days when I would sit outside Orgrimmar just watching it all. People would walk by me look at my gear and keep walking. Every so often someone would duel me. I would stand up and it would be funny how people would crowd around and yell "SOMEONE DUELED GAUSS" it was pretty funny. Yesterday though as Murloc always does he had an interesting ideas. We dueled the old school naked boxing match, with the rule that I could shout and he could hex and bandage. It started out that way at least. This wasn't going at the speed to end in a timely manner to put it lightly, and we started to break our own rules. He equipped a hp5 trinket I started using enraged regen. He started dropping totems and I was using thunderclap. I then started fearing and bandaging and he equipped is lance. As did I, but only to realize it did as much damage as punching one another. I through on my shitty dagger in my off-hand with Main hand lance and I was slightly out dpsing his trinket. Only he would hex me then bandage. "This is going to take forever" we said at the 20 minute mark. That was when I through my caster dagger on and bladestormed him for more laughable damage. Ever see someone Bladestorm with a dagger? It really is something you should see at least once. After 14 banages and god knows what else he pulled out the ringer and dropped his fire elemental. 27 minutes! A duel which people would leave and come back and still saw us dueling. Was quite amusing. Epic duels for the win.

Remember 40 Shamans vs 40 Pallys? Another epic match. I also remember this time I watch 2 holy pallys duel for over an hour and it only ended because one had to log off. So many crazy duels I have seen over the years. Many funny ones in which someone ended up dying. So to connect it all, dueling isn't about schooling someone to prove you are better. It is about doing something epic which people are going to remember. No one is going to remember that time I dueled so and so and it ended before my Bladestorm finished. But everyone who watched the duel last night will remember it. Just think about it the next time you duel someone.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ask Gauss

It is Wednesday, bring on the questions! To go over some quick ones first. Yes I call random people idiots, yes I have attempted to kill my neighbours cat, no I am not 300lbs, no I will not give you gold, and maybe I remember you from that time we did that thing and killed some stuff. Ok let's get to the ones that require a little more thought.

Does it bother you that some people have such a dislike towards you?

Honestly, no. I play this game for fun and I know of course people will not find things that I do amusing. I also know that some people take things I say way to seriously. I joke around and if people don't like it so be it. I am not going to shove myself in their face and force them to like me. I know I have opinions and not everyone is going to agree. That is just the way things are. The hate mail actually is some of the best to read. I got an email from someone who worked at World Vision saying my "food buffs are for African children" joke was going to far. If it was or not that is not the point it was a joke. Have you not heard a Bob Burnham song? Completely offensive, but you will laugh your ass off. If I can say something and it makes people laugh, then I have done what I set out to do, because really isn't that the point of a joke? People are in their own right to say and think what they want. If someone wants to ignore me or talk crap then so be it, but respect I may do the same. I know full well people will have issues with me or anyone else. Just the way things will always be. People will never agree with everything I say. What fun would that be anyway? Not everyone is going to get along and I don't expect it. Really I just think because I am "there" people notice it.

Do you think less people play ret pallys because you make fun of them?

Of course not. Although, I do find it amusing that all these ret pallys link me meters of them at the top after a heroic. I feel there is this game of back and forth I play with all ret pallys. It is a running joke from way back in classic WoW and I am not going to stop now. I have 3 ret pallys in my guild all of whom are good players, and you can ask them I make fun of them on a daily basis.

If less people played them I would be in fact be disappointed. I would have to write a new set of material on a completely different class. Besides nothing brings people together than pointing and laughing at ret pallys. Just as with the previous question. When I am joking around don't take nothing to seriously and laugh because most of the time it's funny.

How many mails do you get a day?

OVER 9000! Ok that was bad, but its almost true.

That is it for this week. Keep writing and I will keep replying. I have a system to keep me on schedule now. Remember Thursday is your last day to submit your reason for AFKs. You can just give reasons like many have or you can explain a specific time when someone went. I will include all types for Friday's post.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You Fail At Staying Connected If...

Tuesday. What does that mean? Well it's Free Loot Tuesday. It means I can farm souls for my Shadow's Edge, it means I have the pleasure of doing 100000 swaps in and out of raid and it means someone is bound to ask if I can run For The Horde. Oh and it also means it is time for this weeks You Fail. So let's get to it.

You Fail At Staying Connected If...
  • Your ping is greater than your age squared
  • Your experience in the game is lag or more lag
  • You believe me when I say /camp is the answer
  • You keep linking a piece of loot and wonder why you keep getting booted
  • You have ret pally Internet ie dial up
  • When told to power cycle your modem you laugh because you thought it was a new WoW joke
  • "The Running Man" is your nickname
  • You rename cities with the word "lag" inserted into them
  • You don't put a password on your router
  • You just googled "router"
  • When you answer your cell you dc
  • You have a macro to disconnect yourself or others
  • You argue about how your satellite Internet is awesome only to find out you disconnected while explaining
  • Less people know the name of your ISP than the amount of "friends" Bagellord has
  • You forget to plug in your laptop
  • You preform 3 casts without seeing any of them happen

and finally

  • When you come back from a dc everyone knows why you dc'd even without you explaining why

May the boss drops be with you!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Understanding Those Who Understand

So running a guild in addition to leading raids can be quite stressful at times. It is not that I don't enjoy it because I do. The whole leadership thing is something, which has always been natural to me. I have a way of thinking and a mind set to go at problems full force. I guess this comes from my Mathematical background or what makes me good at mathematics in the first place. I will get back to you on that if I ever find out the answer. This brings me to my point. Sometimes there are just people who don't get it. No matter how much you explain, no matter what way you say it. They will never get it through their head. Obviously in a guild raid the problems are different then in my For The Horde's or Old School runs. I would say mostly because I have assembled people in the guild who are like minded and want to succeed as much as I want the guild to succeed. Of course this doesn't mean there are not a fair amount of mistakes, but just of a different variety. The other raids people may just be there for the run to get that achieve or just to see what they haven't seen. They are less focused or generally not of the same mind as myself. These people may enjoy wiping pointlessly or don't see the purpose of having to listen to someone who knows what he is doing. Or maybe they are just what I like to refer to as "a special kind of stupid".

Now I see how this makes me sound. Like I think I know more than everyone and I am better than them. My answer to this question is the same every time someone asks it. "Not everyone". I will never say I know more than everyone about anything, but the difference is I know more than a lot of people about specific things, and I am well versed in others. If I don't know or I am unsure I will let it be known, but I will always have an opinion and that opinion and focus will always be in the best interest of those involved. I don't like my time wasted, so I pledge the same to others.

Ashdod gave me the brought my attention to this photo, which I feel helps the way those not understanding my point. So take a look.

Of course there is humor to this, but it has an underlying point. Don't get in over your head listen to those how understand what is going on, and respect them. You can voice your opinion, but realize that it is an opinion just like anyone else. Enjoy the last day of your lockout.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Today is an interesting topic. Everyone knows every so often I write a post a little on the serious side. People then email asking for me to do it more or email and ask me why I didn't post anything funny or insulting. Guess you can't make everyone happy. I don't feel I could do it all the time because I don't think I could think of that many topics people would find interesting. Secondly if I did it more often people would probably get bored of it and they wouldn't have the that wow factor I always get. So since I am done with the explanation let's get down to it.

Forgiveness in a game is an interesting concept mostly because you are recognizing that it really is more than a game. How so you ask? When someone does something, which they want to be forgiven for it is because they can see the effects of it. That feeling you shame or guilt or steping over the line. You don't ask this or expect it from something you see as fake. For example I don't ask for forgiveness when that damn polar bear lady refuses to give me the mount and I pelt her with snowballs. But I do if I feel I may have forgotten something or didn't do everything I could for one of my guildmates.

This makes me think why people find this so important. Is it that you feel that closes the book on the entire ordeal, and you can both just move on. When someone leaves your guild and wants to come back. Why do they see the need for forgiveness? Is it guilt of why they left? Or do they honestly just want back and they feel that is the only to do so. Either way they feel it is somehting which is supposed to happen.

Think of it also in the context of people who lie. Why did they do so? What were they trying to get out of it? You could tell everyone in your raid, guild, or PUG the truth, but you chose to lie. Now would you ask all of these people forgiveness if they found out? Of course not. They have a variety of care levels. It is like that guy you cut off on the way to work. Would you tell him you were sorry? Probably not. The answer to me is simple just like out in the real world your relationship with the people you play with effects the decisions you choose to make. In simple terms your Care-O-Meter. Think about it before anyone you talk to today online. What is their rank on such a meter? Is that really different than how you would react to someone out in the real world? So yes, once again it is a game but we apply our real world habits into practice because we see it as much more than that. Just something to think about.

So weekend is just about over so I will have more to complain about during the week. Next Friday's reader's post topic will be about "reasons for afk" they can be yours or ones you have heard. As always you have till Thursday evening to submit them.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gotta Love Gear Score

So always since the start of playing this game I have collected weapons. This is not just weapons which are useful, but weapons which serve absolutely no purpose. Many of you have seen my daggers enchanted with Unholy or my High Walord's Staff enchanted with Crusader. It was all done in the name of good fun. Yesterday, during the ToC guild money run no one wanted [Barb of Tarasque]. So I took it to have some fun with. I enchanted it with Executioner because there is no other enchant which can blind someone or be the direct cause of seizures. Murloc wanted to join the club and enchanted his newly bought [Dual Blade Butcher] with 45 spirit, for those you you who don't know Murloc is an Elemental Shaman. So we walked around showing our new weapons when Murloc had a great idea.

"Gauss you should make a Holy Pally set"
"Because it would be awesome. Just think you would out gear real holy pallys it would be hilarious"

And so it was started. I have started a holy pally set in order to prove that gear score means nothing. Although the humor of it all is also a nice touch. I will be sure to keep you all up to date and be sure to post pictures. With the climax of course with me going into a random heroic and doing my thing. Tell me what you think, is this stupid? Is it crazy? Or is it funny as hell?

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, January 22, 2010

You Did What Now?

TGIF right? Where everyone comes to the blog to see what other people want to share. I find it interesting that it is one of my highest volume days, because basically I write practically nothing. Are you all trying to tell me something? Regardless, today is all about what you have made other people do. So sit back and laugh as much as I did.

I once convinced someone there was a secret quest like the one in Blackrock Mountain that you could only see when you were dead. Except this was in the Feralas by those dragons. He was a new guildie and he really would believe anything we told him. You know trying to show everyone he was committed. He basically was looking around there for a good hour. When he was about to give up, since he finally figured out we were messing with him. This was until he thought he saw a "!". We let him look for another hour before we finally told him.

At level 60 you must remember the Spear you get from AV was a pretty good weapon. Well talking about that with someone in Org he eventually asked me where I got it. Just joking around I said it dropped from King Mosh in Un'goro. Now I was just joking around when later that week the guy whispered me giving me crap because he was farming him non stop. Apparently after all those kills on him he decided to look up the loot table and find out I was just kidding.

I convinced a low level in my guild once that since he destroyed his hearthstone he could never get it back. He ended up leveling from 20-55 without one until someone finally told him just to talk to an innkeeper.

When my friend started playing he was a major Diablo player. You see in Diablo when someone kills you and you have gold on you they can take it. So we had him mailing his gold to alts every time he left the city, since he was afraid he was going to lose it. Some bastard in the guild finally told him the truth, but it was funny while it lasted.

I pretended I was a chick for months and months so I could get free stuff from all the guys. It wasn't till one day I joined the wrong vent and said something making fun of them that I was found out.

I linked a red bug in trade chat and someone asked me where I got it. I told him you had to farm the bugs in Silithus. About a month later he whisperers me "you got so lucky I have been farming these forever and haven't gotten a damn thing". I thought I could have told him right there I was kidding, but I decided to say "Don't worry keep at it you will get it".

There was this guy on the server that I hated. He was such a moron and would argue about everything and really just drove me insane. So I saw him standing around one day, and I thought of a really evil plan. We actually had a civil conversation, but it was all part of the plan. We started talking about gems and I convinced him to change 90% of his gems. The best part was they were spirit and he was a pally. Even better is we had this conversation he switched everything and started arguing in trade about any pally that didn't gem spirit was an idiot. The whole time he's whispering me "these idiots just don't understand".

For a little bit I think it was a month or so you could order takeout through in WoW uses the /panda thing. We were talking about in one day in guild chat and this was months if not almost a year after when someone logged on and saw we were talking about it. Some how he still thought this could happen and we convinced him all you had to do was open a ticket with a GM to get the service active. We told him you could get Chinese, pizza, and so many other kinds of takeout. He was a little pissed when the GM answered his ticket and said he was duped.

We had this really awful player in our guild, but we had this policy of not kicking people for that reason. I know, I know we should have just kicked him. Instead we convinced him that his wife was cheating on him because he played WoW too much. He ended up quiting the game and we never heard from him again.

I honestly convinced someone that standing in fire increased their dps. I said things like you don't have to move, you get higher regen, and so much more crap and the idiot believed me. I felt bad, but not for him for the people he would be playing with.

So there you have it. Thanks for all the submissions next weeks topic will be given out on Sunday. Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Old School

So recently I was reunited with an old, and by old I mean very old, guild mate. So for those of you old school enough his toon's name is Wrink. Wrink was around during the High Warlord grind and was a major contributor to Three Score during classic WoW. He said something in guild chat last night that got me thinking. Thinking of a perfect topic that can bring people down memory lane. So everyone knows about those "you grew up in blah blah decade" things so we will do it this way.

You Know You're Old School WoW If You Remember Any Of This
  • /who Orgrimmar created less results than /who Barrens
  • You made fires with flint and tinder
  • Tauren's dropping on all fours
  • 40 man Scholo Raids and wiping
  • Epic mounts that were just different colours and had no armor
  • South Shore vs Tauren Mill
  • Do you know anyone who has an UBRS key?
  • Leveling Poisons
  • First Aid as a primary profession
  • No Horde Graveyard in the Hinterlands
  • Stuck at authenticating
  • AV ended with Tuesday maintenence
  • The room of upside down cinders
  • Out of combat Rezers
  • Throwing Purples
  • Dishonorable Kills
  • Hakkar's Poison wiping Orgrimmar
  • The hammer of Zul'frak
  • The Scepter of Celebras
  • Betting on the races in Shimmering Flats
  • Porting people out of MC to TB because it was funny
  • The run back from Onyxia

and finally

  • When Epics were Epic

There is a blast from the past. Quick reminder tomorrow's reader's post is what you have convinced other WoW players to do. There have been some great ones so far so keep them coming you have until tonight.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ask Gauss

Wednesday means time for the weekly Ask Gauss. I got a lot of worthwhile questions this week so I may save a couple for next week to publish, but I will still mail the response to the readers in question, so they do not have to wait. So let's get down to business.

What is your opinion on loot and how it should be distributed?

I am a firm believer that point systems don't work. There is always a way to horde points or cheat the system. Point systems also make it very hard to reward performance or lack of it. In my opinion point systems are for guilds who want the easy way to distribute loot. It can be quick and easy. It is final obviously most points wins. There is no ifs, no ands, and no buts. This just brings to mind the countless examples of drama after the fact. If you are interested I could explain another time, but this just isn't the place.

Three Score uses a system I firmly believe in. It is a loot council. Now I know what people are thinking this can lead to a whole list of different problems. Favourites, gear heavy people, and so on and so forth. The difference is if the council is done right and you pick the right group it can be the best way to do loot. First of all everyone should be unknown on the council besides obviously the master looter. This way people can make decisions without their friends knowing they pasted over them. They know that their vote is unknown to everyone outside the council and can make what they believe is the right decision. Secondly, it cannot be an officer group. You need a mix of regular members so their voices can be heard, which leads to the next point. The people on the council need to know what they are talking about and need to be vocal. It doesn't help to have people who just agree. There will be arguments, but in the end people will understand everyone has the best interest of the guild at heart. The only down side is the time it takes, but your guild will understand since they of course are trying to make the best possible decision.

What is the age range of people you play with and you recommend having in your guild?

This is pretty simple. I just want to be able to say what I want and not second guess myself because some one's mother is going to come on vent and tell me I shouldn't be talking like that. I play this game for fun during certain times of my day. I expect when I schedule something people also commit to those times as to not waste my time and those of everyone elses. So maybe this does set a minimum age requirement maybe it doesn't. I guess it just depends on a particular person's environment. But I will tell you this at the first signs it seems to be a problem they will be removed without a question.

Is 71 Points in frost a bad spec?


So those are the questions and answers for this week. Keep sending them in, and I will keep answering.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You Fail At Trash If...

Ok so it's Tuesday, which is the time of the week to look at peoples fails! I have had requests of what the topic should be so by all means keep submitting them and if I can put something together for it I will. Of course these are supposed to be humorous and have an element of truth to them. So be sure to keep that in mind when you submit a topic.

You Fail At Trash If...
  • When told to DPS skull you find yourself hitting nipple
  • All your keybinds are AoE spells
  • You're afk
  • You pull aggro and die because you were dpsing the wrong mob
  • You DPS from the front of a cleaving mob
  • You tab target and pull the next pack
  • Your assist macro is on a healer
  • You /follow someone who is most likely going to try and get you killed
  • You have your Chef's hat on
  • You complain you're in pain just to get out of it
  • You think it's the time to put a pizza in the oven
  • You think the mob that looks like a sheep is the one you are going to blow all your cooldowns on and dps down.
  • You think it is time to explain your goals in life
  • Leave your mic open while you take hits on your bong
  • When you have aggro you run in the completely opposite direction of the tank and then complain when you die

and finally

  • You wipe

And there you have it. Free Loot Tuesday awaits you!

Monday, January 18, 2010

This Would Be a Raiding Guild

Some people apparently don't understand what it means to be in a raiding guild. Yesterday, we departed ways with a certain priest, which I will leave nameless because his name is pointless in the context of the situation. Most raiding guilds have minimum attendance requirements, these are put in place so that the group of raiders get used to one another. Therefore they can learn to play off one another. This also helps the raid leader tune strats for the group because he knows his raid. Most raiding guilds assume if you are online you are on to raid. Not on to level an alt or do battlegrounds for that honor you are missing for whatever reason. Most raiding guilds assume that you have some grasp of the fights you are going to participate in, and of course basic common sense. Standing in fire doesn't give haste and being puked on doesn't reduce your aggro.

These things can all be fixed in many ways. I am the kind of person that will give someone the benefit of the doubt once maybe even twice if I am in a good mood. Repeating the above is just something I am not going to stand for. In a raiding guild you have others depending on you and no one wants you messing it up for them. Be it wiping or you are missing an element of the raid because you were supposed to be on. I have said many times this isn't for everyone. There is also plenty of guilds you can join where doing these things would never be an issue.

Let us now go over the worst thing that can happen when you are addressed for these things. Snapping like the world is coming to an end is really not the best course of action. You not only insult the guild, but you make yourself look like nothing more than someone only capable of attaining the rank "Tickle Me Emo".

Think of this as free advice from someone who has dealt with thousands of people in WoW about every which thing. Good Luck at finishing your lockouts.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Well it seems this song thing is pretty popular. This one was a request awhile ago and I finally finished it the other day. So I know Nickleback is like a love/hate with people. I myself am not much of a fan, but hey the song went together well. So the song if you haven't figured it out yet is Photograph.

Look at this screenshot
Every time I do it makes me laugh
How did our gear get so red
And what the hell is on Kùsh's head
And this is where I leveled up
I think the GM's really fixed it up
I never knew Mandrik went without
Barren's chat makes you just want to get out
And this is where I was schooled
Many times had nothing better to do
Achieve record says I have done it twice
I must have done it six dozen times
I wonder if its too late
To go back and try to educate
Raiding is better now then it was back then
But I am still glad the GMs let us in
Every memory of standing around in Org
I have a screen posted on the message board
It's hard to say it , time to say it
Goodbye, goodbye
Every memory of walking out of Org
I have a screen of a friend I don't know no more
It's hard to say it, time to say it
Goodbye, goodbye
Remember those old raids
Blew all the gold I ever made
Alliance hated us hanging out
They said Nef would never be back to be downed
We used to listen on Ventrillo
And sing along to the songs we know
We said someday we would find out how it feels
Killing bosses when it was ideal
Lurn's the first guy I dissed
Always nervous, and slightly pissed
There has been two xpacs since then
He hasn't logged on in God knows when

Every memory of standing around in Org
I have a screen posted on the message board
It's hard to say it , time to say it
Goodbye, goodbye
Every memory of walking out of Org
I have a screen of a friend I don't know no more
It's hard to say it, time to say it
Goodbye, goodbye
I miss that raid
I miss those bosses
You can't erase
You can't replace it
I miss it now
I can't believe it
So hard to say it
Too hard to leave it
If I could relive those days
I know one thing would never change
Every memory of standing around in Org
I have a screen posted on the message board
It's hard to say it , time to say it
Goodbye, goodbye
Every memory of walking out of Org
I have a screen of a friend I don't know no more
It's hard to say it, time to say it
Goodbye, goodbye
Look at this Screenshot
Every time I do it makes me laugh
Every time I do it makes me...
Hope you all liked it regardless of your issues with Nickleback. Next Friday's reader's post is going to be about things you have convinced others to do in WoW. I can just imagine what the masses have done. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


A lot of people have asked me about wiping, so instead of making this a Wednesday thing I thought I would roll it into its own topic.

Everyone's favourite pass time in the world of PvE. As a raid leader this is something I always try to avoid happening, although it will happen and you better get used to it. Wipes could be caused by people not doing what the strat involves, or could be complete flukes. The key I guess is to really understand why it happened. If you caused it, realize that and fix it. No one wants to be the problem. Even if it wasn't you, you can always do better and make sure the next pull you yourself execute better. Most importantly it is never a good thing for a random person in the raid to call someone out. If the raid leader chooses to do so that his his choice, but never some random other person in the raid. Even if they did something completely idiotic. It is not your place. Doing so can only hurt moral, and makes you look like you are high and mighty and can do anything better than anyone. If you notice something talk to the person, but making them feel like crap is not your place.

Now if someone repeatable screws up it is the raid leaders job to address the issue. Figure out the problem and fix it. Maybe it was a combination of things, maybe the strat needs to be tweaked to fit your raid. This is the time for you if you think of something to talk to the raid leader privately. Never call the raid leader out. Then it would just end up like a political arguing session. We all know they get things done right?

Really the most important thing to do after a wipe is to get back focused and do it again. With content becoming less of a joke this is becoming extremely important since everyone has gotten used to it being simple. Get in the frame of mind and compete are the top of your game. You do this every pull your raid will have success and you will have more fun. Isn't that the point of a game anyway? To have fun.

I leave you with a quote from Confucius

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."

Friday, January 15, 2010

Har Har That Was Funny

So it would be Friday. I got a ton of submissions for jokes, some of them I couldn't post without putting warnings on the blog for content. Others just weren't funny at all so better luck next time. I will post ones I thought were funny and not too many as to overload you with reading. So enjoy.

What's the difference between a Gnome and a trampoline?
You take your shoes off to jump on a trampoline.

How do you keep drarwes out of a bar?
You put up a sign which says "axes denied".

Speaking of dwarves, here's an old one....
A dwarf walks out of a bar...

What do you call a gnome mage?

A gnome and two humans entered the inn in booty bay, and see a tauren sitting at a table by himself.. The gnome says to the two humans "Lets make a small bet.. Whoever get that tauren laughing gets 5 gold" One of the humans walk over to the table and starts telling the tauren a joke, but without luck he goes back and lets the next human have a go.. He also tells the tauren a joke but once again without luck.Then the gnome walks up and says something the two others can really hear... The tauren bursts out in laughter. "You know, I bet I can make him cry aswell" said the gnome after he got his gold from the others.. The others agree to the bet and do theirs to make the big tauren cry, but both without luck. Then the gnome walks up to the tauren and suddenly the tauren starts hulking out loud. The gnome gets his money and one of the humans asks "What did you tell him?", and the gnome answered, "Well, first I told him my %##%#@!#*! was bigger than his... And then I showed him."

Why do so many female players pick the druid class?
Because they can be a kitty for three weeks each month, and then a raging bear for one week.

A regiment of Stormwind's soldiers is in The Barrens. They see a Shaman, who quickly runs behind a mountain hoping to escape the regiment. The commander sends in two of his best men to kill the Shaman. After some time his men haven't returned. Disgruntled, the commander sends in twenty of his best men to kill that Shaman. More time passes, and none of them returns. After a while he thinks "To hell with it" and orders the rest of the regiment to kill that Shaman. Some time after, the commander (now sitting alone in the middle of The Barrens) spots one of his men limping back to him. He orders the soldier to tell him what happened. "It was a trap, Sir! There were two of them!"

Two trolls are stuck in the desert around shimmering flats, wandering aimlessly and close to death. They are close to just lying down and waiting for the inevitable, when all of a sudden....... "Hey Zulfan, do you smell what I smell? Ees bacon I ahm sure of eet." "Ya, Rhumba eet smells like bacon to meee". So, with renewed strength, they struggle up the next sand dune, and there, in the distance, is a tree loaded with bacon.
There's raw bacon, dripping with moisture .. there's fried bacon, back bacon, double smoked bacon... every imaginable kind of cured pig meat. "Rhumba, Rhumba, we ees saved!
Eet EES a bacon tree!" "Zulfan, are you sure ees not a meerage?; We ees in the Desert don't forget." "Rhumba when deed you ever hear of a meerage that smeell like bacon...ees no meerage, ees a bacon tree". And with that ...Zulfan races toward the tree. He gets to within 5 meters, with Rhumba following closely behind, when all of a sudden elven archers appear and Zulfan is cut down in his tracks. It is clear he is mortally wounded but, true friend that he is, he manages to warn Rhumba with his dying breath. "Rhumba...go back mon,you was right mon ees not a bacon tree." "Zulfan, Zulfam, mi friend...what ees it? "Rhumba...ees not a bacon tree...
... Eees a Ham Bush !!

How many rogues does it take to kill a paladin?
Two. One to attack him on the field, and one waiting in the Ironforge Inn.

How many Gnomes do you need to paint a wall red?
Depends on how hard you throw 'em!

It was a busy day for the Spirit Healer. First a human came along, who (for being dead) looked quite healthy. "What happened to you?" asked the Spirit Healer curiously. The human man responded: "Well, I have long suspected that my wife has been having an affair and today I got confirmation: I found an elf hanging outside my window in his underwear. So I grabbed my mace and started beating on the arse's fingers until he let go. But the bastard landed in some bushes and survived, and we were on the fourth floor of the tower; so I grabbed a heavy chest, pushed it out the window and killed the sod. Then I died of heartfailure." he added sadly. The Spirit Healer grinned and resurrected him. Then an elf suddenly appears before the Spirit Healer and curiously, the Healer asks what happened to him. "You can never imagine." said the elf. "I was in a rented room and practiced my spells when I needed some fresh air. However, as I had been training so hard I was all sweaty so I had to change clothes, but my robe blew away and I tried to grab it. Sadly, I fell." the elf sighed but continued. "Luckily I got hold of the windowbar of the floor below me when suddenly an a$$clown comes out with a mace and hits me on the fingers! I landed in some bushes however and survived. But then the moron chucks a heavy chest over me, killing me instantly!" The Spirit Healer laughed at the tale and ressed the elf. Then a gnome appears and faithful to her habit, the Spirit Healer asked what happened. "You're never gonna believe it." sad the gnome. "Imagine I'm hiding naked in a chest...."

A human paladin, a gnome and a tauren walk into Booty Bay's Inn Mens room.
They all go tend to their business, and then the gnome walks off, washes his hands, picks a paper towellete, and says: "Where I was raised, I was told to be clean. So after that, I wash my hands and clean them with paper towelletes!" The tauren walks off, washes his hands, picks a single towellete and says: "Where I was raised, I was told to be clean and to economize, so I wash my hands and clean them only with 1 towellete!" The human walks off, zipping his pants, and just says: "Where I was raised, I was taught how to not pee my hands."

'Then Jesus said, 'I can offer you eternal salvation.'
And the disciples asked, 'Can we get kings or might instead?'"

What does a noob and a rogue have in common?
They both pick locks

Saving my Favourite for last

A paladin sits down at a bar next to a warlock. The paladin taps the warlock on the shoulder. "What?" the warlock asks. "How about you conjure me up something to drink?" replies the paladin. The warlock looks at the pally incredulously and says "Man, have you got the wrong guy," and returns to drinking his beer in silence. The pally, undaunted, taps the warlock on the shoulder again and says, "Well then, how about you conjure me up something to eat then?". The warlock, getting a little annoyed now says "If I cant conjure you up something to drink, what the HELL makes you think I can conjure you something to eat??". The warlock goes back to drinking in a huff and sure enough, the pally taps him on the shoulder one more time. "I'm sorry," he says "but I thought you could do something for someone other then yourself." The warlock takes a sip of his beer, turns toward the pally and smashes the bottle over his head. Bleeding on the floor the warlock says "Oh I'm sorry I thought you could tank!"

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. Enjoy the weekend all.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Always a Failure To Me

So this will be the Forth song I have come up with. Of course I didn't write the original. In this case it is Billy Joel's "She's Always a Woman to Me". I think this is my best one so far, but you all can judge. If you are interested by all means click the "song" label at the bottom of the list. If people are interested in recording it and/or making a video for it let me know. I know someone is already working on one for "Free Loot Tuesday" so by all means just let me know. So here it goes enjoy.

Always a Failure To Me

He can kill with his hair
He can dance with his thighs
He can ruin your faith with his casual DI
And he only reveals the spec he wants you to see
He cries like a child
But he's always a failure to me.

He will lead you to pain
He can beacon or heal you
You can tell him the truth
But he'll never believe
And he'll spec what you want, as long as it's ret
Yeah, he ninja'd your loot
But he's always a failure to me

Oh--He can bubble himself
He can heal if he wants
He is wasting my time
Oh--he never gives buffs
And he doesn't gem int
He is just out of his mind

And he'll promise you more
Then the unholy DK
Then he'll carelessly BoP you
And laugh while your screaming
But he'll bring out the best
And the worst you can be
Blame it all on yourself
Cause he's always a failure to me

Oh--He can bubble himself
He can heal if he wants
He is wasting my time
Oh--he never gives buffs
And he doesn't gem int
He is just out of his mind

He is frequently awful
And more than often schooled
He can spec how he pleases
He's just always a tool
And he can be removed
He's earned that from me
And the most he will do
Is throw QQs at you
But he's always a failure to me.

That is it hope you enjoyed it. If interested in the real song click here. Last remind that tonight is your last chance to get your jokes in for tomorrow. Enjoy whats left of your day

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ask Gauss

So today is the second edition of what I hope to be a very informative and weekly thing. It's on Wednesday's because well that's when I started it. For anyone who missed last week's, basically you just send me a question you want answered, and if I think it would be something everyone would be interested in I will put it up here. So here goes.

Why do keep doing For the Horde's and Old raids if you already have the achievement?

The answer to this isn't difficult at all. Besides my silly quest to get everyone a Black War Bear I enjoy world PvP. I miss the days of TM vs SS and the fights at XR and Astranaar. Although the lag was insane the epicness of it was amazing. Sure it was mostly unorganized for the most part but it had the real warcraft feel. I am a great fan of the games lore and as you all must know there is no good or bad. There is Alliance vs Horde and then them against everyone else. For the Horde is just a way to rally people to do world PvP. If there was another way I would do that. It really is something I hope Blizzard takes a look at in the future to bring it back. World PvP shouldn't jsut be about ganking people.

With Older raids it is kind of the same thing with something else as well. I love to see how the game has progressed over the years. It is really mind boggling. I was there seeing all that content when it was new so I am a good person to gauge it. It is also very sad sometimes how easy it is done now, since I remember being there night after night putting my time in to earn that kill. When I do these runs I try to explain the fights so people know what it was like when it was current content. Some fights are still challenging(when you make them so) 8 manning Kael in TK was fun as was 2 manning MC. The fact of the matter is the content is still in the game and I want people to see what I have seen regardless if it is currently a joke to do.

Why do you care if people do things "wrong"?

As was said here "wrong" is all a matter of interpretation. I know some people play this game for different reasons some may not be interested in raiding at all. If that is the case they really it doesn't apply. I have researched all classes, know specs, gems, and chants which are the best for every class. I do this so I am more knowledgeable and know how each class works. I am not an expert by any means and I know there is always more to learn. But i do know more than the average person. When people ask me for help I gladly give them my advice and my opinion. Do they need to take it? Of course not. I was telling them what I believe would increase their DPS, HPS, TPS, or survivability. What bugs me is not when people think they know better, because frankly I know some people do. It is when they discount me as knowing nothing. This is when I take offense to it. The great thing about this game is there is no wrong way. Of course there are better ways to do things, but there is no wrong.

Do you have plans to meet Bagellord or Wally?

umm no.

So that is all for this week. Send in your questions and I will be glad to answer them. Also tomorrow is the last day to send in your WoW jokes for Friday's post. Enjoy less raiding numbers today Free Loot Tuesday was yesterday!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You Fail At Cooldowns If...

So it's Tuesday which means it's You Fail day. This seems to be everyone's favourite post day. Maybe it has to do with server shutdown, who knows. Let's just get to it.

You Fail At Cooldowns If...
  • When asked to use them you check the temperature of your CPU
  • You don't use your "use" trinket because you think you have to open your character window to do so.
  • You are saving them for that one special day that will never happen.
  • You use them before the pull even happens
  • You BoP Gauss in the middle of the pull
  • You don't watch your timers and end up using them when you are stunned, boss submerged, or on the move.
  • When told to use Bloodlust at a certain point you just smash the Bloodlust button whenever you hear the word.
  • You believe you have no cooldowns
  • You blow them before the tank has aggro and you die
  • You have to trinkets which share a cooldown
  • You think cooldowns are like hodir rep you are too cool to use them
  • You are one of those druids that uses your battle rez on someone who has already been rezzed
  • You misdirect a DPS who is not a ret pally
  • You complain you have no gold and yet never use any of your profession cooldowns.

and finally

  • You believe stupidity has a cooldown

Keep sending in the WoW Jokes, you have until Thursday night to do so. Maybe Free Loot Tuesday bring you the purples you are looking for.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Just a Game

WoW is a game, but I am not entirely sure that is all it is. Someone who I have played this game with for over a year and a half had to leave the guild yesterday. People have left Three Score many times for many different reasons. Some of those reason were for personal gain, test the waters, issues with members, or just stopping the game all together. This was not like that at all. Three Score is a raiding guild we raid quite often Sunday through Thursday. It is not for everyone. Psychax server transferred to Llane when Three Score was on Bruttallus. For him it must have been hard to fit into an already progressed guild looking to find his place in it. He fit right in without much of a problem. In Three Score we have fun, but we get things done. When its not raid time we have fun in a variety of different ways. Some of which probably shouldn't be mentioned. He was part of it all pretty much from the get go. He was there in group 5 on M'uru pull after pull. He was also there on Kil'jaeden killing me with his flame darts. We became friends as much as you could on this game. We had much in common in real life and could relate to one another. I guess it made it much easier. When Wrath came he was one of our Death Knight rerolls. Psychax became Ashcampbell. Once again he was there, although expelled from group 5 since he had become a tank. When we downed or attempted content Ash was there always ready doing whatever was needed of him to push us further. Sadly, Ash will not be there with Three Score any longer. We will not hear his Shop Smart phonetic as often, or his smart ass comments over vent. I will not have to DE countless amounts of greens on a daily basis because they are sitting in my mailbox, f course that damn train, and who could forget you taunting me with the white polar bear.

Talking with him last night on vent was hard for us both. When he told me he had to transfer to go on with raiding. I could hear it in his voice. I could hear it wasn't what he wanted to do. It was something he had to do. He wanted to stay because he enjoyed it here. He had made connections with everyone. Real life they say can stop you from doing things you want. No one will ever think ill of you for doing what you have to do. You will always have a spot in Three Score if things change and you better come and shoot the shit with me every so often.

You will be missed. I wish you the best in all you do in game and out. /respect

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Finally Caught Up

I cane finally say have caught up on all my emails! Well besides the ones I got today... I would like to say some people are strange, some people are obviously that special kind of stupid, and well some just wanted to write me something. I responded to everyone regardless even if I wasn't my normal cheery self. I have to say though damn people send me a lot of WoW jokes. All of them wanting to have them put up on the blog. So you all will get your wish! Next Friday's reader post will be about your own personal Warcraft Jokes. I am not going to put a limit on the number of submissions if I think people will find them funny I will include them. Of course, as always, if you want credit for them just say so in your email. I will include your name when I post them.

Another thing I want to point out. Although I find it extremely funny you don't have to send me a email every time you end up in a group with Wally. This guy must do heroics like mad. Too bad they don't teach gemming 101 in heroics he might have actually learned something. If you haven't had the pleasure click here. Now as you can see he no longer gems for +hit, but he still has over 500(level 90 boss). Also every socket is matched, gotta love those yellow gems. Who am I kidding I love hearing about all of you grouping with him, keep them coming. I really have a feeling we will be making Wally jokes for a long time. Pretty soon it will be like Bagellord or Ret Pallys. You just have to say it and they will be funny.

Getting back on topic. Everyone who now sends me an email now can know that it will be answered in what I consider a timely manner. Enjoy whats left of your weekend. I will leave you with something someone send me which made me chuckle.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Good News Everyone...

So I have always enjoyed the voices in WoW. I play with my sound topped up. I can say wrath has been great with all the new voice actors and the way they have put them to use. The Plagueworks I must say though is special. As a raid leader you are always finding ways to keep your group focused, but these encounters voices are how can I say it? Well, special.

Although I do appreciate the comical nature of it all as it is a nice touch. I have found myself laughing when I should be concentrating on what is going on. I also have found myself walking around the house saying "Good News Everyone". If you have yet to do any of the encounters you are in for a nice treat. The Professor is probably the first real encounter in the in instance, which is conceptionly difficult. Festergut will make sure your DPS is ready for the instance and of course paying attention. While Rotface will make sure everyone knows where to stand and where not to stand. The last 15% of Rotface are pretty intense or almost utter madness. I must say though the feeling of some accomplishment is back. So try not to be too distracted by the voices, but enjoy them. This really makes me look forward to what the rest of the instance will offer.

If you haven't heard here are the voice clips.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The New Macro

So last Sunday I got people to send me suggestions on what my new Math Macro should be. Let's just say I got enough suggestions to last me for as log as I am playing this game. So now I will list some of the best that were put forth. I guess you all will just have to wait and see which one was chosen. This is also very Mathie, but hey maybe you will learn something or maybe your head will explode.

Phi: For those who don't know the number it is also know as the golden ratio, the divine proportion, among many others. It is also the limit of the ratio of the Fibonacci sequence. But that is enough math talk here it is


Euler's Number: If there was a number which was as famous as Pi it would be the number known as e.


Sum of an Arithmetic Series: This was Developed by my namesake when he was 8 years old. He was asked to add the numbers from 1 to 100 as a punishment, and came up with this.

Sn = n/2[2a +(n-1)d] or Sn = n/2(a1 +an)

Perfect Numbers: A perfect number is a number whose sum is that of its factors. Here is a list of the first few.

6, 28, 496, 8128, 33550336, 8589869056, 137438691328, 2305843008139952128,2658455991569831744654692615953842176, 191561942608236107294793378084303638130997321548169216, 131640364585696483372397534604587229102234723183869431

Euler's Identity: This is known as one of the most fascinating identities in Mathematics because it contains 3 of the most important mathematical constants. I could go into more explanation, but after all it is a WoW blog and not a math one. So just marvel at it e^(iπ) + 1 = 0.

So that is enough of a math lesson for today and well probably for everyone. Thank you for all the submissions and for your interest in Mathematics.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gauss' Favourite Machinima

Now when I did my song choices everyone right away got on me over the choices I made. Then of course asked when I was going to make a list for Machinima, so I can be attacked for my choices again? Well today is the day for that. This though doesn't include a list of comedies because there is so many of them and to make a list about things which I find funny doesn't really serve the purpose. Although I am pretty sure people are going to ask for it, but until I decide to do it you all can settle with this list. So without waiting any longer here are my top 5 dramatic machinima movies.

5) Edge of Remorse This is extremely well done. The story is put out there perfectly. I know people will complain there is no dialogue and yes it may have been better with it, but live with it. The camera work is great as it blends with the story. Speaking of the story, it is extremely well thought out and showcased beautifully. Also the ending was perfect. So many times you have a great story with a crappy ending, but this was not one of them.

4) Blind. In my opinion there is no better machinima around, which has better camera work. I am even willing to over look the fact that the star of this is a Blood Elf. Again as with Edge of Remorse dialogue might have been better, but the music with this one makes it seem like it is like one of those escape scenes from a movie. Face it everyone is a fan of a good ass kicking. Enjoy it.

3)Ulduar Defiance. This is all about Ulduar, which the title kind of gives it away, but it also has its own personal story to it. It uses the music perfectly and transitions are seamless. Now I know this story isn't completely original, and people will probably argue that it shouldn't be ranked above others with completely original stories, but I would ask you hold your opinion until you watch it. It is about 30minutes in length so I will just include the trailer.

2)Tales of the Past III. This is probably the most epic production of a machinima ever made. The battle and fight scenes are remarkable. It doesn't have the camera work of Blind, but it has a great story. With appearences by Thrall, Rexxaar, Saurfang, Jaina, and Arthas you get the feeling you are watching something epic. Mostly because you are. I know I will get a lot of flact for this not being #1 and I expect it. I will include the final fight scene. The actual movie is over 90minutes.

1)Divided Soul. By far in my opinion the greatest machinima in existence. The story here trumps anything even Hollywood could come up with. This was his first machinima after Tales of the Past III and he proved it wasn't a fluke with that series. The combat is equal to that of Blind, the story is better than Edge of Remorse, and the voice acting is absolutely perfect. You may not completely understand it the first time you watch it, but it will make you think. I also know you will watch it again and again.

Let the arguments begin!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ask Gauss

So I have been getting a lot of emails lately. With which I have had a terrible time trying to reply to them in what I think is a timely manner. 2-3 days in my opinion is too long, but I am working on improving this. With this in mind many people have just been asking me for advice on specific things. So I had this idea. I can just make this into a weekly thing where people can ask questions and I will answer them right on the blog. Of course these would be questions which would actually benefit answering for everyone on here. So if you ask me if I have a dog named Pi, I am not going to answer that here. I guess we could make this a Wednesday thing since well today is Wednesday and I am starting it today. So on with it then.

How is it possible you can make so much gold?

This is not a gold making blog and I don't intend to make it one, but I can give you all a few tips. First off you really have to have gold to make it a lot of it. To get started off you need a basic or small purse of it. Getting this basic amount of gold can be done through dailies and running the random heroic. You can get the badges buy gems and sell them to the countless people that will buy uncut gems. Or you could cut them and sell that way. One thing to think about is purple gems only use 10 badges and sell for about 20% less than reds which use 20 badges. So be smart. Keep in mind also all the greens, junk, and enchant mats you can get doing these heroics.

If your interested in making a lot of gold the best way to do it is to expand the amount of things you sell. Don't focus on one thing. Because just like the real world markets can crash. Try to focus on items with high turnover rates like Vellums and Bags. Of course there are others, but I can't give you al lthe secrets. Also you have a profession(you should have otherwise this is another topic all together) use it, the cooldowns are easy money. If you want more tips on this I will lead you to a couple of people I get ideas from Just my two Copper and Greedy Goblin.

While Raid Leading are you super serious or do you joke around like you do on here?

I play this game for fun. It is a game. What you have to realize though is everyone who is raiding with you is also there to have fun. No one likes wiping for pointless reasons. So as I do joke around I also make sure the raid is focused on the goal at hand. I don't want anyone to waste my time so I keep that in mind. If someone isn't doing what they are supposed to I will tell them. If keeps happening well then it is something that has to be dealt with. If it is a new fight I expect everyone to be prepared and read up. Although I will admit some of my write ups are long and wordy, but I also give a basic run through to see if people completely understand the points I was trying to get across.

I also try to develop strats that work for us as a group. There are many sites out there that do write ups, but you know your guild and what they can do. The basics might be the same but there might be some tweaks you work in to work for your group of raiders.

So to answer I guess I am serious, but I try not to loose sight of the fact this is indeed a game.

Why do you hate ret pallys so much?

Do I really have to have a reason?

So that is basically how it will work. I'll do 2-5 questions based on how long the responses are. I will ask from now on if people want their names included with the questions. Also be sure to keep sending in your new macro suggestions you have till tomorrow night.