Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes here we are at the tail end of the weekend and up here in the land known as Canada seems as if the warmer temperatures are finally starting to say goodbye. Just means there is more excuses to stay inside and get my game on I guess. Also you could argue there is more time for me to reply to your questions in a timely manner. So I will try. With that in mind let's get to some.

So why do you hate Destiny?

Again I don't hate the game. I actually enjoy playing it. I have just said the game is rather repetitive in the main storyline missions. Often criticism gets mistake for hate for me and I am not sure why that is the case. I have been having fun playing and I will continue to do so. This just means the game is a good game just not a great one in my books. Just leaves you wanting more in a variety of ways because the game itself doesn't have a real identity. So hopefully that puts this to rest .

Did you happen to see that ridiculous play from Reynad during the Hearthstone matches at Dreamhack?

If you haven't had the pleasure

All I can say is this is the type of play which sets you apart from great players. I never even thought of this while staring at it just as long as he did. All I really could think to do after it happened was to slow clap and say to myself I am not worthy.

When was the last time you played LoL?

The last time I was bored enough to update it and log on.

There they are answers to questions for this week. Thank you to everyone who sent something in regardless if it was answered on here or not. Would not be possible without all of you. So again thank you, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. That hearthstone play is probably the best I have ever seen. Simply amazing

  2. I tend to agree I have a feeling destiny will be remember for the game which could have been amazing if it just gave a litle more everywhere