Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Yeah, Now We're The Cookies

So have you ever only picked up a game thinking why am I buying this? Despite the reviews you still think the game itself won't be one you will actually enjoy? I have done this quite a few times and I will admit some of those time I am pleasantly surprised at how much I have actually enjoyed the game. Now with Destiny I have this same feeling, but the jury is still out on it and will have to decide. For now though these are the top 5 games I was won over on.

5. World of Warcraft

This seems like such a weird choice knowing what you all probably already know about me, but it is true. I have always loved Warcraft Lore and the RTS games were some of my favourite games ever, but an MMO? I wasn't sure. I had not really enjoyed the MMO genre much up to this point and was actually angry that one of my favourite franchises was switching to this format. I then played it though and the rest is really history isn't it.

4. Grand Turismo 

Now I have always enjoyed a good racing game. I even enjoyed the games which allowed you to build your cars and engineer though exactly how you saw fit in order to improve their racing capabilities. Even with that I had been disappointed in the racing genre for years and even with all the great feedback coming out I wasn't overly excited when I picked it up. I am glad I did because this is still far and away the best racing game and probably in my top 10 games I have played all time.

3. The Walking Dead Game

It really is a simple truth that most games based on Television or Movies are not worth the time of day. This game was even being released in episodes and I thought a small price to check out a game which had received pretty damn good reviews. I am forever glad I did for it really is a gem.

2. Heavy Rain 

Murder mystery games tend to not hold my interest. Also I figured since this game had such a high budget a lot of the hype coming out was around the fact that they were pushing it. I was pleasantly surprised and finally figuring out the origami killers identity was a special moment.

1. Uncharted

Now Uncharted is one of my favourite franchises out there. The gameplay is never short of entertaining and the stories are always well thought out and inspiring. This wasn't always the case. When I was first hearing about Uncharted all I could think about is it was serious game coming from the makers of Crash Bandicoot. It really took a lot for me to pick up this game and try it and now I think why in the hell did it take me so long to do so.

So there it is my list of games I love, but came close to never trying them. What games make your list? Is it similar to mine? As always let me know one way or another.

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  1. I agree I was iffy about playing WoW at first too, but now I must say it is by far one of my most favorite games I have ever played. Mostly for the social aspect but the game has given me plenty of good times.