Tuesday, September 9, 2014

You Fail At Knowing About Destiny If...

Happy Fail Day everyone! This week I might be doing something surprising I will be talking about a shooter in the same breath as something I will actually be playing. This would be Destiny as I have picked it up and will be giving it a shot. At least for a couple weeks. So if you haven't heard or no nothing about Destiny this is for you.

You Fail At Knowing About Destiny If...

  • You didn't know it was an online FPS
  • You know nothing of "The Collapse"
  • You were not aware it is about exploring our solar system
  • You didn't know they have been avoiding calling it an MMO
  • You missed them calling the game "alive"
  • You didn't know you won't be able to play the  Dust Palace mission if you don't have a PS4
  • You didn't know the game is heavy based on matchmaking
  • You haven't looked into which focus interests you the most
  • You have made the connection between "the traveler" and "God"
  • You didn't know the 3 races are Human, Awoken, Exo
  • You were not aware the class choices are Hunter, Warlock, and Titans
  • You are not pumped that the robot is going to be voiced by Peter Dinklage

and finally

  • You will be playing it on XBOX

There it is this week's edition of Fail! Happy shooting everyone!

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  1. Is slightly weird knowing you are going to be playing a shooter, but good on you for giving it a fair shot. I will be checking it out in a day or two and hoping for good things.