Tuesday, September 30, 2014

You Fail At Knowing About Shadow of Mordor If...

Fail Day! Yes here we are and if you are reading this you should probably already know why I am doing Fail Day on Shadow of Mordor. That is unless you live under some sort of rock and don't know that I have been talking about this game for months now waiting for it to be released. So as always is the case when a game is being released and I am looking forward to it let's see how prepared you all are for it.

You Fail At Knowing About Shadow of Mordor If...

  • You didn't know it comes out today
  • You are unaware of what the ring of power is
  • You did not know Mordor was part of Middle Earth
  • You are wondering why haven't seen Legolas
  • You are not playing it on current Generation
  • You are playing it on XBOX
  • You are not looking forward to beheading orcs
  • You know nothing about the death pact
  • You have no idea who Sauron is
  • You have no plans to make orcs fight for you
  • Mindless killing of orcs doesn't peek your interest
  • You are not looking forward to riding random beasts
  • You are expecting Hobbits to make an aappearance
  • You think this has something to do with the movies

and finally

  • You have no plans to play

There it is you took your break now you can get back to playing. At least that's what I will be doing!


  1. All I can say is so far it is amazing. Everyone really should try it

  2. Game is amazing thus far has lived up to expectations in my book