Wednesday, October 1, 2014

You Have No Idea What I Am Capable Of

So here were are the first of October and if you are reading this you probably aren't doing what I am doing. That is playing Shadow of Mordor. Now so far I am really enjoying the game and it is living up to its violent and brutal scenes. This then gave me a great idea for this week's list, that being the best violent and brutal scenes in video games. Now part of my stipulations for this is they have to be a part of the game itself which anyone can see. They couldn't be random things you could setup or do yourself to "make" the scene on your own. With that in mine here is my top 5.

5. Killing Edgar Ross - Red Dead Redemption

With no real mission telling you where to go you just instinctively ended up back here to seek out revenge for the death of your father. The game didn't disappoint on one of my favourite moments of vengeance you will ever find in a game.

4. Cutting Off Lee's Arm - The Walking Dead

This scene is so awesome you have trouble watching it. Lee is just bitten and they want to try and stop the infection. You have no choice, but to watch this play out with saw and all.

3.  Ezio Kills Uberto - Assasin's Creed II

Ezio's first kill is by far one of the most memorable and probably least stealthiest Assassinations he ever did. Not that Uberto didn't get what was coming to him with the murder of Ezio's family, but there are definite dem feel moments in this scene.

2. Zack's Last Fight - Crisis Core

This is the moment which leads to the story of one of the greatest games ever made. In addition the creation of one of if not the best protaganists you will ever find in gaming. This moment had a lot to live up to for this entire prequel to be worth it and it did not disappoint.

1. Ellie Kills David - The Last of Us 

So here you are at one of the best cat and mouse games you will ever take part in crawling around a restaurant. David then has you pinned down and he has ever intention of raping her until she grabs the blade and preforms a hack job worthy of any horror movie. Not only was this moment extremely satisfying, but it left you almost exhausted with what could have actually happened in front of you. Scenes like this one is why this game really is one of the best if not the best in games of all time.

There you have it this week's list as always tell me what you think right or wrong.


  1. I think this may be the first list I completely agree with. Ones I am sure you considered being the knife throw from modern warfare, the imperius and diablo fight from d3, losing the finger in heavy rain, and the Joel interrogation from the last of us

  2. Ellie is still a badass. DIE NOLAN NORTH DIE!!!!!!!!!!