Friday, October 17, 2014

What Are We If Not Slaves To This Torment

Friday. Yes it is almost the weekend. Weekend means we can forget about imortant things for a couple days and sit back and do a whole lot of nothing. Before that though we have Friday the day we think about the whole lot of nothing we are going to be doing on the weekend and read this week's Reader Post. This week I have a post from Jokubas who with the release of the patches patch in WoW has some thoughts on what Blizzard should deal with next plot wise.

Ever since the Wrath Gate, trouble has been brewing with the Forsaken. For years Blizzard has been saying that Sylvanas has been following the path of the Lich King. And yet, even Garrosh, who hated Sylvanas perhaps more than he hated everyone else, ultimately let her do whatever she wanted. But it's really coming to a head. Blizzard said a reckoning is coming, at BlizzCon, and the end of Siege of Orgrimmar wasn't very subtle about how Sylvanas felt about the Horde.

I'm really feeling like it's not just a loose end this time, and something Blizzard has plans for (regardless of how far out they are). What I hope to see from it, though, is a new age for the Forsaken. In Frozen Throne, they were introduced as such a unique concept. Mindless undead... who were given their minds back. They were normal, albeit traumatized, people that happened to inhabit decaying bodies. By all accounts, they should have restored Lordaeron on their own. Instead, from day one Blizzard started writing them like cackling mad scientists not so different from the Scourge that they were supposed to have broken away from. I want to see the Forsaken plot culminate in a new age for them, where they're finally shown to be who they were supposed to be all along: the restored citizens of Lordaeron. I want to see an awesome, artistic dissonance between the gleaming spires of their capital, and the decaying, cursed citizens who inhabit it. I want to see a complex society attempting to recover from a horrific tragedy and struggling with a dark shadow that will always be with them, not the one-dimensional haters of all things living we have right now that, by Blizzard's own admission, are following in the Scourge's footsteps.

The way I'd expect to see that happen is after the resolution of a schism within the Forsaken brought about by the conflict. Some might call it a retread of the Darkspear Rebellion, but the Forsaken have been needing it much longer.

Now I do thing this plot thread interesting as I am a big fan of the Sylvanas story, but for me Azshara really is what I have been asking for for years. With that enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Always have liked her Story. Seems like they are building to it but who would take over the forsaken? Maybe Arthas long lost sister?