Tuesday, October 7, 2014

You Fail At Shadow of Mordor If...

Fail Day, and here we are a week later after the week that was Shadow of Mordor. A game that I have had more fun playing then I expect. A game which I thought I might only be getting because of the Middle Earth name, but has surprised me immensely. With all that in mind there are still plenty of ways to fail so here we go.

You Fail At Shadow of Mordor If...

  • You think this game is only a AAA game because of the Middle Earth reference
  • You think enemies swarming you makes it unfair
  • You don't like the Nemesis system
  • You think the riding mechanics are the best part of the game
  • You don't enjoy mindless killing of orcs
  • Pressing more than one button is too complicated for you
  • You can't dodge combo
  • You can't counter combo
  • You simply just can't combo
  • You haven't tried using multiple captains
  • You don't enjoy using Shadow Strike
  • You don't purposely create a swarm of enemies to see how many you can take on before hand cramps set in
  • You think this is some Batman or AC copy game

and finally

  • You are playing it on XBOX

There you go there is this week's edition of fail. Hope you enjoyed it as much as you have been enjoying your orc slaying.


  1. Well the combat is very similar to Batman and the game itself plays like an AC game. Other than that don't see the comparison

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