Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Your Duplicity Is Hardly Surprising

Wednesday! Now this is the time of the week where I am putting the list together about something which really has something to do with the here and now. This is kind of like that. You see a lot of you play WoW and WoW with the launch of the newest patch is bringing us closer to the expansion and with the expansion we are getting a look at characters who are not only dead, but some who have been lost to history. This gave me an idea on what other characters not ones that I would bring back because of some weird time travel stuff. Otherwise  I am pretty sure all of you would know I would say Cairne. If they are coming back from the dead it is because a reason exists that it could happen. So here we go top 5 long lost or dead characters to come back in WoW.

5. Mal'Ganis

So he randomly came back in Icecrown and vowed revenge against the Lich King. Then we went into Icecrown Citadel and then never saw anything to do with him. This is really one of the left open plot points which bothers me quite a bit.

4. Medivh

So we came in contact with the resurrected Medvih during the Warcraft III days and he helped us save the world from Archie. Now what is he up to? Well I would like to know.

3. Turalyon

He has been missing forever. Assumed dead, but I do have a feeling he may have ended up on Argus some how. I guess time will only tell if we actually head there at some time or another to see.

2. Tichondrius

So all these other Nathrezim are coming back to life some believe because they are demons others believe because Nathrezim don't really die. No one knows. So why is the one who is supposed to be the biggest and the strongest nowhere to be seen?

1. Illidan Stormrage

If he is a Demon and was just banished to the twisting Nether then I don't see why we wouldn't get another chance for Illidan to come back. He really has always had the best intentions just the way he went about them was just not the best way.

There you have it. List all put together for the week. Have any others you think should have a chance? Let me know. I for one know there are countless more which could have made an appearance.

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  1. Pretty Illidan is on everyone's list. His story feels so unfinished