Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes your weekend is just about over kind of crazy isn't it. Why Sundays are good and bad. They are still the weekend, but then they also remind you the weekend is just about over. Sunday though as you should know if you don't by now is time to answer questions, and if you didn't know you probably didn't know you send your questions into but now you do!

So I just finished Shadow of Mordor. Did you like the ending?

Now I liked how the plot was coming to an end. All the lead up I thought was extremely well done. It got me into that mode of gaming where I just had to finish it because I wanted to see how it was all going to come to an end. I even liked how the end actually happened right before that last scene. Now I won't say exactly what it was for spoiler reasons, but yes I agree that wasn't needed. It may be something for a sequel, but it just left me angry and unsatisfied when I throughly enjoyed everything else about the game.

Since Blizzcon is so close, andyou think LoTV is on its way what do you hope to get from the game unit wise for multiplayer?

They really need to make mech some how viable. I don't know how they can do it but it needs to be a threat. Also they need to make the game not predicable match wise in the pro scene. It is great watching the best of the best doing a a certain composition. I would just like a variety when watching the pro scene. So not sure if that answers it but that is what I want.

Is Ubisoft to blame for this FR issue?

Nah I still blame Microsoft

There you have it some questions answered for the week. Thanks to everyone who sent one in if I got to it on here or not. If I didn't will still get to it so I appreciate your patience. Now you can go back to your regular scheduled weekend

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  1. They should bring back that replicating unit and actually put the warhound into the game