Tuesday, October 14, 2014

You Fail At Being Ready For The Pre-WoD Patch If...

Happy Fail Day and Patch Day as well! Normally those go hand in hand and I suspect this will be no different. There should be plenty of things people will have no idea about along with many things people believe they will know everything about, or then those people looking around trying to follow the flow of people. With that in mind let's get this started.

You Fail At Being Ready For The Pre-WoD Patch If...
  • You have no idea what I am talking about
  • You are excited about building your garrison
  • You are wondering if all your addons will still work
  • Your computer could barely run the game before
  • You are curious why the dark portal is now red
  • You are asking questions Vol'jin as Warchief
  • You don't like the new character models
  • You are not ready for the stat squish
  • You are wondering why everyone is heading to Blackrock Mountain
  • You can't wait to say hello to Thrall's father
  • You are adamant about this patch not coming out till Nov 13th
  • You are worried about your raiding schedule
  • You think your raiding schedule matters

and finally
  • You didn't start your download before today

There it is this week's edition of fail. Happy Patch Day!

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  1. Can't wait to see what is happening with everything tonight, also hope to see you there