Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ask Gauss

Here we are on Sunday and getting ready for my second of third Thanksgiving meals. Turkey comma may set in tonight, but only time will tell I guess. Before that does happen I figured I would fulfill my Sunday obligation and answer some questions.

So pre-Warlords Patch this Tuesday, will we see you on?

Yes! I will probably resub Tuesday and take part in all the happy fun times. If you see me online as always drop me a line. Will be on Llane as always come say hello, and if I don't answer you know the drill keep it up until you get through. I am actually really looking forward to everything for the first time in awhile this is an expansion I am really excited for game and lore wise. Should be lots of fun ahead and this is just pre-expansion stuff.

Who is the nest Hero you want to see in Heroes of the Storm?

I would love to see some more Starcraft and Diablo heroes in the game. If I had to pick one I would go will Fenix to make an appearance. I also would not care if it was in regular combat or dragoon form. The character himself is a fan favourite of the older fanbase of the universe and really would give the newer audience something to get them into the past of the franchise. There is, of course, countless heroes I would love to see be apart of the game and I am sure eventually they will all make there way in this is just one I am hoping makes it way in sooner rather than later.

What is Ner'Zul up to in WoD?

Having tea in a hut somewhere I suppose

There you have questions all answered for the week. For those who sent something in and didn't get it answered as always I will get to it, and I thank you for your patience. Enjoy what is left of your weekend if it is a long one or not for you.


  1. Should be a pretty amazing patch to say the least. I will be sure to say hi if I see you on

  2. Id really like to see Mephisto and a necromancer with the ability to raise your opponents dead minions as your own at full health but deal 1/2 damage and a classic fall-apart-timer.