Thursday, October 30, 2014

Raiding On Halloween

So I was sitting around today wondering what I was going to talk about. I have been going on the Halloween theme all week so I have been waiting to talk about Civilization" Beyond Earth. I know many of you have been asking about it, but don't worry I will get to it. On the topic of Halloween though I figured I would share some insight as to why I said raiding on Halloween was a bad idea.

Now this is back a few years at the tail end of the Burning Crusade and my guild Three Score had completed all the content. We were in the process of just gearing up for Wrath and really setting the bar for ourselves. We had got through Sunwell that week with really issue and had left KJ for our final boss of the week and the raiding day happened to be on Halloween.

Now before this moment I really don't have any poor memories of raiding on Halloween this night changed that forever though. Not only was Hallow's End in WoW in full swing, but raiding at this point for the guild was really just a fun time and we were really the most focused group. Everyone was using pumpkin treats meaning no one was looking how they should. Now you might be thinking that is not much of a big deal. Normally no. On a fight like KJ where you are cloned and the clones have to be taken care of it is extremely important to know who is the clone. Also you are in groups and the groups separate and come together again and again. We were a well oiled machine but you throw something like this in and bad things happen and they did.

We wiped countless times not just because of these issues, but also people randomly had to deal with answering their doors between pulls or lost sight of their screens because someone called their name. This night of raiding is probably also why I could never raid in a casual guild because I need the structure the timing and I hate wiping to avoidable mistakes. Ask anyone who was ever in a raid of mine I am not always the most happy person.

Now we did eventually get KJ down that night on something like the 11th or 12th pull a fight that we had on farm and barely if ever at this point would take more than 1-2 pulls depending on luck. Although it was endlessly frustrating at the time looking back it was hilarious that we even put up with all the crap that night.

To my Three Score guildies past, present, and future /cheer

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  1. I remember that raid. It really was something else. Even the screenshot with all of us as Skellies at the end