Friday, October 10, 2014

My Life For Aiur?

Here we are on a Friday of a long weekend. Well if you are Canadian that is we have Thanksgiving this coming Monday. The true date for Thanksgiving not that random Thursday they celebrate it to the south. Regardless of that or not as each day passes we are getting closer and closer to Blizzcon. Now something which I am looking forward to at Blizzcon is if we are going to get some information on Legacy of the Void. Sure the multiplayer as we know will be all good and seriously competitive, but just as much I am looking forward to knowing how the story is going to end. With that in mind this brings us to this week's Reader Post submitted by Gradius who came up with 10 reasons why the Protoss should not be trying to take back their Homeworld of Aiur.

1) Artanis states in the DT saga that they don't have the numbers to take Aiur. They could probably do it, but it would weaken them too much. And they have other things to worry about during the Second Great War.

2) The hybrids are coming en-masse, and this arc will reach its pinnacle in LoTV. Therefore, it would be a blunder to waste all your resources on retaking a planet that nobody cares about anymore. If the protoss know about hybrids, then initiating this plan would be a mistake.

3) Queens now control some of the forces on Aiur (and Kerrigan by extension), so it's not like they are just going to roll over and die. The protoss did not actually know this until Cold Symmetry, so they now have even less impetus to take it than when Artanis said they're not going to in the DT saga.

4) Forget about Aiur, they had to call off the attack on Saalok, Aiur's moon in Cold Symmetry. How about we retake the moon in LoTV, and leave Aiur itself for SC3?

5) Aiur poses absolutely no strategic value to the protoss. There is nothing on this planet that makes it superior to one not riddled with 5 billion zerg. Why retake it? There is no point besides emotional sentiment.

6) The protoss have already relocated their entire civilization. This is a big deal. They're not going to do it again for no reason. They are on Shakuras and they are there to stay, at least until peacetime. You do not transfer your empire to a new planet for nostalgic reasons. You just don't.

7) Switching homeworlds again is only going to confuse people. Ever watched a SC2 match where the commentators remark how that guy just warped in from Aiur? And then his co-caster says "actually, they're now coming from Shakuras." Wrong again! They're back on Aiur now! :D

From a writing perspective, leaving the protoss on Shakuras is the right call, as they will no longer be hampered by their past, and are free to grow in whatever direction the writers choose.

8) Retaking Aiur would waste valuable and precious protoss lives, a rare commodity these days. And all for nostalgic reasons. The protoss are supposed to be an intelligent race. This means that they learn from their mistakes, not keep repeating them.

9) "They're dealing with internal strife". Clearly no time to retake Aiur.

10) Of course, it's different if Kerrigan just decides to remove the zerg from Aiur, but such an action would rob the protoss of their rightful revenge and would serve to reinforce how weak they are, that they can't retake Aiur by themselves, and have to be granted favors by Kerrigan. At least IMO.

To sum it up, the protoss have been rebuilding for 4 years because their civilization was nearly wiped out in Brood War. They have been rebuilding to survive, not waste resources on retaking a planet solely for nostalgic reasons while they are in the middle of the Second Great War.

Now as I agree with these points for the most part what happens if Amon's operations bring them to Aiur and that some how the retaking of it happens at the same time? As always thanks to everyone for their submissions, and enjoy your weekend!


  1. Good points! I kind of like your idea if it is not forced. The planet is infested with zerg so Amon would have to some how control them

  2. ohhh this whole time I was under the belief that they were saying "throw my wife in the fire."