Tuesday, October 21, 2014

You Fail At Content Patches If...

Fail Day! Here we are on yet another Tuesday thinking about how others fail. Most of the time the failures I discuss are how gamers are the ones failing. There are times though developers fail. Sure there are countless hours games run smoothly after patches, but those are not the times everyone remembers. We remember the times when everything went wrong, and this is how we are failing this week.

You Fail At Content Patches If...
  • You sell them as a DLC
  • It really isn't a content patch it is just a bunch of bug fixes
  • You avoided the whole testing part
  • They go live on a Friday
  • You will be loading hotfixes in for weeks
  • Your content patch needs a patch
  • It broke everything
  • You never release content patches
  • Your patch notes are the length of a G.R.R.M. novel
  • Your patch notes errors cause community uproars
  • You are EA
  • You patch 90% of the game on release day
  • You release an update on when there will be an update
  • You thought the last one is a great idea
  • You nerf everything just so you can buff it how it was for the next patch
  • You believe players really won't care about extended maintenance
and finally
  • You really don't know what the patch actually did
There you have it this week's edition of fail. Enjoy your Tuesday and hopefully any patches rolled out today for the games you play go smoothly.

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  1. Did something inspire this? Or just something you have been saving up?