Thursday, October 23, 2014

That One Misunderstands Much... And Underestimates More

So with the list yesterday I was talking about lore characters from the Warcraft Universe who disappeared or died and how they should make a return. I made it a point to state coming back from the dead only if it made sense. Meaning Demons from the Twisting Nether. Now I know there is a group of people who want to see the orc above Broxigar return especially in Warlords of Draenor I am not part of that crowd in the least.

Why? Well Broxigar without a doubt in my mind is the greatest hero in all of the Warcraft Universe. This really isn't up for debate it pretty much is fact. Horde or Alliance supporter everyone recognizes what he did. In case you live under a rock here is the WoWPedia description

At the final battle over the Well of Eternity, Brox realized that if the world and the future were to be saved, his companions needed more time. Brox leapt from the back of one of the red dragons also carrying Rhonin into the swirling portal that was opening at the bottom of the funnel. When he passed through, and arrived in the realm of the Burning Legion, he proceeded to slaughter multitudes of demons, blocking their advance towards the portal, slaying so many that he ended up standing atop a mountain of their corpses — mocking more to come challenge him. It was there that he eventually attracted the attention of Sargeras, who came personally to put an end to the orc's life. However, Brox did the impossible, and with the Axe of Cenarius struck a small wound in Sargeras' leg. This wound would later be the focus of Krasus and his allies' spellwork, that for a second, tore Sargeras' attention away from his struggle to keep the portal open... allowing Malfurion and Illidan to close it upon him. Brox's life was ended by Sargeras, right before the demon entered the portal, by the jagged edge of Sargeras's broken sword, and Krasus saw Brox's lifeless corpse impaled on its end. With this final act of loyalty, Broxigar the Red sealed his place in history as the only known mortal to have ever staged an assault upon the Burning Legion's leader.

Broxigar the Red died, not a mere honorable death, but was struck down in a blaze of glory nearly unheard of in the history of the orcs.

Having him in Warlords no matter how he was apart of it would ruin everything he stands for. Would ruin his legacy. Blizzard should know this, I understand people will say the same thing about Grom, but that is much different. Grom's sacrifice for the Orcs was making up for a mistake which was made, and made it right. Warlords is about if that event never happened and he had a different focus what would and could have happened, and not just for Grom, but the Orcs as a whole.

Somethings should never be messed with, and I trulyhope this is one that is never thought about and is never put into place.

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  1. I agree Brox really should be an untouchable for all time