Thursday, October 16, 2014

Gaming Is Fun

So I was asked the other day why it is I enjoy gaming so much. This seems like such a simple answer "because it is fun", but when I got to think there really is more to it. Gaming is, fun, of course. The major point though is why it is fun.

Fun is different to many other people and that doesn't change gaming wise. Some people into a story which is well put together, which is brought together to the player in such a way that you feel that your really were a part of it. Fun to others is being able to be better than others. To rise to the top and show that you really have some skills to showcase. Fun can also be a time to relax and step away whatever else is going on in your life, and just be somewhere else. And fun can really just be spending time with others doing something together.

When you explain it like that I seem to find others understand more gamer or not exactly what you are referring to. You don't have to be the best or even that good at a game to have fun with it. Anyone can have fun in their own way. That very well could be struggling over and over and then overcoming something you never thought you could. All of my Three Score friends know this feeling. The bosses who took, what seemed like, forever to take and the cheers which erupted when they fell.

Gaming really can be now anything you want it to be. I really think that is why more and more people are embracing it. Gamers aren't just basement dwellers starved for sunlight. They are almost everyone you know. So really when I was asked why I enjoy gaming so much I really thought they should have been able to answer the question themselves.

It is fun, but your fun or my fun is different then what everyone else's is.

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  1. makes sens although I wouldn't consider candy crush gaming