Thursday, September 11, 2014

Non Spoiler Destiny Review

So as is custom on Thursday when I am playing a new game going to give my non spoiler game review. So there should be no reason to complain about how I ruin the game for you for any such and such reason. If you are worried about that know that I am not even half way leveled up so their really is no way I could possibly do that anyway. so here goes

I like the feel of the world, It is well designed and the visuals are something many other games will be comparing themselves to. I am not sure Destiny's interesting lore is going to pull itself together into a good story, but who knows I could be wrong.  Not coming from a true shooter gamer I can see the gameplay fundamentals are there along with the  the level designs. The missions themselves which connect you to the lore seem always to be go here then there and shoot things on the way. There is not much dialogue about the story itself except when Mr. Dinklage makes his presence known.
Now compared to most MMOs the story showcased and lore is basically the same you would get in any run of the mill MMO, but when you start comparing it to an MMO you realize it is missing many key elements which an MMO has.

The levels are huge by single-player open world game standards, but compared to an MMOs, they feel quite limited. One favourite thing to do in MMOs is shout across an entire zones to let it be known you have arrived(Pi anyone?). In Destiny you can't so much as talk to the people you see unless you are in the same party. As someone who has played a few MMOs it is hard to accept that as the norm.
This is why I think the makers shyed away from calling Destiny an MMO. It feels close enough to start talking about it, but once you do things don't really fit into place. I think anyone who has played it could agree that it really doesn't fit into any category at all, because you find elements in the gameplay which fit into certain niche but then thats it, and then you try to find something else to compare it to.  There is no denying that Destiny shows off amazing looking worlds, and gives you an countless exciting firefights. But the game feels so in-between game types it is hard for me to find the type of person I would recommend it to.

I know this sounds negative, but I have been having a good time with it. Aside from the combat the others aspects of the game are not done nearly as well as other games which focus on them. It does them enough to have fun with it, but I just find myself wanting more or forever comparing it to something else. I feel like Destiny is going to be a game people will talk about how they had a bunch of fun playing it, but it could have been so much more. I guess only time will tell with that though.

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  1. I was actually mad when I first read this, but then I realized it is completely honest. You hit it right on the head. The game isn't bad at all just leaves you wanting in several areas.