Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Even After Everything You've Done, I Would Have Saved You.

Here we are in the middle of the week once again, and I am sitting here with a list of topics for my lists. I am not going to use any of these this week though. I was thinking and with next week so many great super hero shows are either starting a new season or starting fresh I thought this would be the perfect time to make a list of my favourite Super Hero games of all time. So here goes!

5. Saints Row IV

Now I know most of you wouldn't even consider this to be a super hero game. Well I say think about it there are humans with super powers which can do outrageously improbably things. So really it is a super hero game isn't it? Not only that it is insanely fun because really anything you can think about you can do.

4. X-Men Arcade

Back in the 90s there were great games of the beat em up style. It  seemed like a monthly thing to have a new brawler where you'd slowly walk to the right and punch the hell out of bad guys. Most of these games are now forgotten to history but X-Men stayed with me. It wasn't that complex at all, and it wasn't groundbreaking by any means it was just better than the others. Cleaner. More fun. Oh, and it let six of us play!

3.  The Punisher

It was the Punisher game we deserved, but maybe not the one the world was ready for back in in 2005. The ESRB almost gave it a rare AO rating for violence, and several countries demanded edits before allowing its release. It’s hard to blame them, the game played was ultra-violent even by todays standards. You could drown a man in a toilet, crush a skull in a piano, use a piranha-filled aquarium as a dunk tank, and even play matador to a rhino, using a bad guy as a cape. What made this game something to remember for me though was fighting Yakuza alongside Iron Man, storming a beach with Nick Fury and killing Russian mercenaries with the Black Widow.

2. inFamous 2

inFamous 2 isn't based off of something we already was a super hero story created directly for gamers. While I liked the first game it wasn't until the second that I really thought this is a super hero game I will never forget.

1. Batman Arkham City

What else could it be? All the other games gave legitimacy to titles based on comics, but the Arkham releases were the first to be game of the year caliber packages. Arkham Asylum understood Batman like no game before, embracing and perfectly recreating the character at his best. He was a warrior, a detective, a stealthy predator, and most importantly, a hero. Arkham City improved upon all this and more and to me is the obvious choice more so than any other as best super hero game.

There you have it this week's list all put together. Do you have a favourite not making the list? Let me know or complain about my list and tell me what should replace what. It is what these lists are for.

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  1. Why not asylum and city? they are both amazing games