Sunday, January 24, 2016

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes your weekend is almost over. It is sad indeed isn't it. With the weekend ending though also comes the time for me to go through the questions sent to me for the weekend and pick a few to respond to. So why don't we just get on with that.

So the next two heroes in Heroes of the Storm, your thoughts?

I actually really like the way they were explained. I love the fact that the wizard is going to be easy to use, but have a very high skill cap. I enjoy mastering heroes that have this type of play style. The Necromancer has a lot of interesting abilities that are not only nostalgic, but also make him a true team fight specialist in my mind. Sure he won't be overpowering 1v1, but definitely will make his presence known in all team fight situations especially objectives. This in my mind is what a specialist should truly be, and I am excited for it.

Do you feel there is enough true decisions in Fallout 4?

I think the people who are talking about this look at New Vegas as the way the entire series has been. That game had a ridiculous amount of decision making and really in my mind it felt like too much. Really I think if you look at Fallout 3 you saw the results of your decisions always had an impact not just a decision for the sake of making a decision. Fallout 4 isn't quite as good as 3 was in this manner, but it still is a very good game.

Why isn't Uncharted 4 here yet?

I have been asking myself this question for a couple years now. Don't worry it will be here eventually.

There they are this week's questions and the answers to go with them. Thank you to everyone who sent something in. As always this would not be possible without your contributions and thank you all for your patience in waiting for me to respond to all your questions if they make it on here or not.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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