Friday, January 15, 2016

Pillars Of Creation

So here we are my first Friday back from vacation which means we have the first Reader Post of the new year. So what topic did I decide to go with? Well an interesting one because Warcraft Titan stuff always is interesting to me because of all of the theories that come from it. This one specifically has to do with the Pillars of Creation and there locations. So sit back and read up on Redfenix's theories.

So far we have 5 out of the 7 Pillars of Creation that are confirmed. Here are their names and their locations within the Broken Isles:

Aegis of Aggramar - Stormheim
Tidestone of Golganeth - Azsuna
Hammer of Khaz'goroth - Highmountain
Eye of Aman'thul - Suramar Palace
Tears of Elune -Val'sharah

I'm assuming that the other 2 relics will represent the remaining members of the Pantheon: Norgannon and Eonar

Where they are located I would probably guess would relate to the magical theme of the respective Titan. For Norgannon, I'd say it would be from the Suramar zone (being largely related to arcane magic use of the Nightborne). It might be some Scroll, Book, or even Disc (keeping with the theme, right?)! For Eonar, I'd say her Pillar of Creation relic would be in the Emerald Nightmare (perhaps Xavius is trying to use it or corrupt it). That relic might be a staff of some kind, if I were to guess.

As for Elune, I think it's curious that she is a part of list of the Titan relics that represent the Pillars of Creation. Elune as a deity has largely remained mysterious in origin, but a huge part of Night Elf culture (and mentioned in Tauren myth as M'usha alongside An'she as the "eyes" of the Greatmother). Maybe she was a Titan servant of Eonar (whom I'm assuming is the mythical Greatmother the Tauren speak of) and she represented the power of Astral Moon-Light magic through the manipulation of the Arcane (like all Titans) as opposed being wielded through purely "divine" magical means such as Paladins and Priests do. Perhaps An'she was her counterpart/partner that represented the power of Astral Star-Light magic.

Maybe Elune's power on Azeroth was the Well of Eternity and subsequently the satellite moonwells that spawned from it. Maybe Elune IS the Well of Eternity. Those waters could be Titan's blood for all we know. Her life force might be forever bound to the planet of Azeroth, with the magical waters constantly being replenished by the light of the moon/sun. Think about how the Dark Trolls that settled along the waters of the Well of Eternity became the Night Elves, with softer humanoid facial features and upright posture similar to the Dwarves, Humans, and Gnomes. The same can be said of the Zandalari Trolls. Zandalar is the closest Troll settlement to the Well of Eternity and the in-game Zandalari look closer to their Night Elf cousins than any other Troll tribe on Azeroth. Coincidence? I think not.

I think Elune represents the Titan's effort of trying to find a balance between their metal and stone constructs and the pure organic flesh beings created by the Old God's Curse of Flesh. The result? Night Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, Zandalari Trolls, Pygmies, Goblins, and all the anthropomorphic humanoid children of the respective animal Ancients/Loa of Azeroth.

So there you have it the first Reader Post and it makes you think. Thanks to everyone who sent something in as this would not be possible if you all did not contribute. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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