Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I May Be Old, But I'm Not Helpless

Wednesday its here and we need to do a list. What will the list be about you ask? Well that is pretty simple. Heroes of the Storm is a game that a lot of my favourite franchises are all apart of. There also is tons of characters who are not yet part of the game, who I would love to see in it. With that in mind here are a list of characters I would love to see be added to Heroes of the Storm

5. Rory Swann

If playing him in Co-Op in Legacy didn't make up your mind for this it definitely should have. Incorporate his Mech play into the game and I think you are set with a pretty amazing specialist

4. Deckard Cain

Every year I hope and I will keep hoping until it happens. I have no idea what his kit would be or anything like that I just want to stay awhile and listen.

3. Winston

So Tracer has already been announced and would need some more Overwatch characters added to the game. I think adding Winston with the exact kit he has in Overwatch would be the perfect addition to the game. Make it happen!

2. Fenix

So he has already been announced he was going to be added, but delayed. What I want to make sure is that he is not added in Talandar form. That is my only request.

1. Cairne Bloodhoof

I'll say it again. He is my favourite Lore character from Warcraft and maybe even my favourite Lore character across all their games. Besides that he is a badass warrior, and that's what everyone wants to see is a Tauren owning everything.

There you have it my top 5 Heroes I want to see make an appearance this year in Heroes of the Storm. I am sure all of you want to see different or maybe some of the same, as always let me know.

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