Thursday, January 14, 2016

Year Of The Gamer

So I have been receiving a lot of feedback with the normal year end and year beginning sort of crap that you always get. Not to say what you all have been writing is crap, but that is using crap as just a lot. Now I am going off on something that is making less and less sense. Basically a lot of the mail I have been getting lately has to do with will 2016 be a good year for us gamers. The short answer to this, well yes.

Now why am I saying that? Well it is pretty simple really. Games which are solely for computer don't really have a set cycle. They are good and they are bad depending on the developers. This is the way it always will be because they deal with the technology at hand. For console games it always takes time for games to first off be released for the next generation console and then for the developers to actually get used to developing for the consoles. This is why I have always favoured a long console cycle.

Just think about it 2014 saw hardly any games released for the current generation. The media was plagued with why were they released when no games worth buying were even coming out. We even saw previous generation games coming out when the new generation had arrived. 2015 saw improvements in game selection but the "great" releases were still few and far between. 

Now in 2016 I had trouble making my list for my top 5 because there are so many great games on the horizon and I am beyond excited to get my hands on. I know a lot of you are just as excited, but are cautious with the series of delays that have been happening in recent years. I believe we are finally to the point where we can be excited. We will be getting at least 1 title if not more every month, which will keep us busy and our wallets struggling.

2016 to me is going to be looked back on as one of the best years in the gaming industry for years to come. I hope you are all just as excited about it as I am.

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