Friday, January 29, 2016

The Flaw In The Fabric

Happy Friday everyone! Here we are at another end to the week wondering what is going to be happening on the weekend. It really is an interesting thought process. Before you get overwhelmed though I see you are here to check out this week's Reader Post, brought to you by Magemaer. As most of you know I am a big fan of Warcraft Lore especially when it comes to back story of how everything came to be as it was. So any theories on the topic always catch my eye. This is exactly what we get this week with a creation theory. So here goes.

Think about it.

Titans are not the actually creators of the universe. Regarding its origins, there is only myth and it states that Light and Shadow (Void) were there in the beginning. Titans are almighty beings that came to be really early in the universe timeline. They work on what's already created and improve upon it, bringing order and intelligence into what was mere being. Now the Naaru seem to be since the creation and in a way they represent it: they have a dualistic condition where normally the Light prevails. ("It is a facet of the Naaru condition - without the void, the Light cannot exist."—D'ore)

What about demons? They are described as twisted souls. Structurally they are the result of a (fel based) life corruption process. Morally they are a possibility as long you have beings with free will - they are free to choose evil.
Most demons are corrupted versions of what used to be a regular living being.

Now Old Gods. What do we know about them? Very little. They are known as "malignant beings of unfathomable evil", "entities of chaos and destruction". They are described as being closely connected to the Void, which itself is, as we've seen, connected to creation itself. While demons hang out in the twisting nether, which is between the Light and the Void, Old Gods are tied to the Void itself. While demons are somewhat connected to life (to its corruption) Old Gods are sometimes said to be neither living nor dead.

We so far have no idea of their origin or place in the creation. We know that they arrived in Azeroth and enslaved it, they weren't there in the first place. It was also hinted that Azeroth is a key place, we don't know why yet.

What about Sargeras and the Burning Legion? "Sargeras came to believe that a flaw in the fabric of creation set up an unwinnable battle against evil." As we know, his intention is making the universe better, but first he has to destroy it and for that he is using demons as a tool to his higher end. It is also mentioned that he thinks the universe has to be "remade without the underlying defect

What is this flaw in the fabric of creation?

a)Is it that there is a space between the Light and the Void where corrupted beings exist as immortals, always surging upon the worlds to corrupt and unmake? Is the flaw the unending possibility of demons?

b)Is it deeper? is it the dual nature of the universe? That the Void is necessarily part of it? And in the Void dwell beings of "unfathomable evil", possibly the whisperers behind the very madness of demonization?

c)Is it the existence of beings with free will? These beings are susceptible to whispers or to their own whim. Evil is always a possibility when there is free will, and this possibility can't be erased without erasing free will itself.

d)Something else entirely? 

What exactly is Sargeras fighting against? What is the flaw? And what is the status and connection of the Old Gods to it?

The overall impression is that Sargeras is a misguided (or not?) absolutist and the Old Gods are the quintessential evil of the creation. Are they as old as creation? Are they inherent to it as the Void is?

So far we've been told that their name is due to Azeroth's history: they were reigning over the world before the titans arrived. But what if the Old Gods were the rulers and the major force in the universe just before the titans and that's why they're called old gods, that is, old in relation to the titans that now shape the universe? 

Maybe, analogically to Greek mythology, the Old Gods are a pantheon of mighty beings antecedent to the titans, gods that were primal and evil, and were dethroned by the titans but not entirely vanquished. Maybe the universe as we know needed them to be during its formation and couldn't get rid of them afterwards. Or maybe they didn't play any constructive part in the creation: they were just unavoidable to it, like the void aspect of the Naaru.

There you have it. What do you think? Is it possible? Well you have the weekend to think about it while you are doing all that other stuff. So enjoy!

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