Tuesday, January 19, 2016

You Fail At Patch 2.4 If...

Fail Day! Here we go once again to the excitement of everyone around you. The day where you can embrace the fail of yourself or others for the enjoyment of yourself or others. Isn't it a wonderful concept? This week since it has been a week since the start of patch 2.4 figured I would make it the theme of my post because everyone loves a good patch!

You Fail At Patch 2.4 If...

  • You don't know what game I am referring to
  • You have yet to try it
  • You cannot say Grey Hollow Island
  • You haven't checked out the new expanded zones
  • You don't already have a full stash again
  • You haven't started working on a set to enter a set dungeon
  • You deleted multiple characters instead of using the new season rebirth feature
  • You haven't taken advantage of the action combat feature being added to the PC
  • You were not aware that cosmetic pets now pickup gold for you
  • You haven't looked at the new designs for specific sets
  • You picked a new seasonal character class before looking at the buffs and nerfs
  • You did not know they removed seasonal only legendaries
  • You are excited to pick a specific class set for your season journey

and finally

  • You are still part of the crowd that hates of Diablo III because you think it is the cool thing to do

There you have it this week's edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it at the expense of others or yourself! Make the rest of your day worth while!

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