Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ask Gauss

Sunday! The last day of January to boot! How are those new years resolutions going? Pretty much what was to be expected. Well think of it this way you are still here coming to read the blog. So I can appreciate that. As you should know today is all about questions so let's get right to it.

How many more WoW Expansions do you think we will see?

Honestly? As many as they are willing to still make and people will still be playing. The Warcraft Universe still has tons of things they can still do. Also with the genre of RTS basically just consisting of Starcraft there really is no reason to have Warcraft 4 ever be a thing. Now eventually we might see a free to play model, but even still I think that is a ways away.

What do you think of EA decision to skip E3?

Well really every jumps on EA and for good reasons. Most of their games are rehashed sports games with minimal improvements that promise to be better and better. Games they have released in the last few years not sports related have been plagued with bugs and problems by others in the industry. So why not have your own thing where fans can go to that is all about you to avoid all the bad press because well you have no competition at your own event.

Did you know they have Mega Man Headphones?

Well I do now and my life is forever changed. Thank you.

There you have it this week's questions. Hope you all got something out of them if it was your question or not. For those still waiting for my response stay patient I will get there eventually. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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