Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes it is here and that means the weekend is almost over. It has been a crazy week so far hasn't it? If you were like me you did a lot of gaming the past week and actually had a pretty damn good time with it. With that in mind seems like the perfect opportunity to do today's duty and answer some questions.

Did you stay up for the Warlords launch?

You know originally I didn't have plans to do so, then but I thought why not. I was glad I did also. Now I didn't go completely sleep deprived but I did plan for 5 hours into the morning when I might have actually been getting up. There was a lot of others there too, but I really like how the starting zone was designed and really gave you the sense that everyone wasn't massed together. Besides the point where the garrison quest was glitched for about an hour everything was smooth. So as far as day 1s go it was a pretty good day.

Are you not doing an Assassin's Creed Unity Review?

I am this week has just been so busy with Assassin's Creed and Warlords releasing I wanted to get content for both of them out. No worries I will post as per the normal the non spoiler review first and let you exactly know what I am thinking about the game. As a quick review I really like the game and the story is progressing nicely, but I am near the start and just doing the collections as first as I like to get that out of the way and enjoy the story in bunches.

Funny how you get into Heroes of the Storm when you have other things to play.

You know I was thinking this exactly.

There you have it questions all answered for the week. Hope your gaming week was as good as my own. Enjoy what is left of your weekend everyone! 

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  1. I am liking Warlords a lot as well. The bugs have been a little annoying but nothing, which a little time won't fix. I actually haven't heard anything bad besides the buggy issues