Wednesday, November 26, 2014

They Were Friends And Colleagues, And They Were Idiots

So after my post yesterday about Heroes of the Storm i was asked what champions I would like to see be a part of Heroes of the Storm even which are not yet there. Instead of throwing that into a question to ask on Ask Gauss for the week I thought I would take care of that in this week's list.

5. Artanis

Besides Tassadar and Zeratul there isn't another Protoss who comes to mind is there? He is not the stealthy Zeratul or the support of Tassadar. So he isn't similar and different enough to have people engaged and wanting to play him.

4. Deckard Cain

I know everyone wants this in some way or another. I am not sure how it would work other than a specialist in some way, but Blizzard really needs to make it happen. Give us the man who screams Diablo

3. Amon

I am pretty sure this is almost a sure thing once Legacy of the Void comes out but I will say it anyway. Without even knowing too much about him or what he can do there still is plenty of reason to be excited is there not?

2. Rexxar

There currently is no one like Rexxar in game and really I am quite surprised he has yet to make an appearence. Would be not only fun to have his melee abilities but also having Misha by your side is always a plus.

1. Medivh

I know they are adding Jaina which is the mage you may all think Medivh would be but he is no ordinary mage. He is after all the last guardian where as Jaina really is a "frost" mage really he could be something completely different.

There they are! What do you think? Have an opinion? as always let me know one way or another.

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  1. Grom? Garrosh? I know these would be similar but you think with all the time they have put into WoD they would be the top of the food chain