Friday, November 7, 2014

Blizzcon Fun

So today Blizzcon kicks off and by the time you read this it may have already started. Sure Blizzcon is abotu Blizzard games, but it also is a time about connecting with people you play the games with. With that in mind for this week's Reader Post I have decided to share a story from Falos who has his own story about his first Blizzcon.

Since this week if your Blizzcon week I figured I would share a story of mine from my first blizzcon in 2008, where i met a certain group of people who threw an awesome party on at the pool deck of the Hilton... This is kind of a long read, but its called The legend of Backpack Boy aka BpB

My first year at the con, was the year the pool party started, i had just turned 21 and got super wasted on all kinda of booze, mistake 1 was mixing drinks... I got asked to hold this huge bottle of jack from the guy who set up the party. We eventually got kicked out of the hilton pool area and took our party down to the lobby and we had those crappy Styrofoam coolers and i went to move them to sit in the chairs and both the bottoms broke out leaving ice all over the floor!

Eventually we all went back to this girls Suite with a ton of booze and beer left over from the pool party and everyone was told to drink up if you wanted too. There was prob 20-30 people in the room, and there was no balcony to smoke on, so every time i wanted to smoke, id grab a beer or 2 put them in my backpack and go downstairs smoke and drink my beer, come back up for a while, and do the same thing...

Well people thought i was taking the booze to my hotel room and coming back and just getting more there for "ninjaing" the booze, eventually the guy came back and got his Jack Daniels bottle and left for the night, i grabbed another beer went down to smoke.... then when i came back up they wouldn't let me in anymore cause like i said they thought i was just stealing it and stock piling it and went back down to smoke... by this time the booze was catching up to me quick and i tried to go back up stairs to the room again, but i was so drunk i couldn't remember the room number, so i wound up just banging on peoples doors hoping id get the right room.

It was at this point, the Hilton was going to call the cops for me just walking around wasted and banging on peoples doors at like 3-4am... and eventually i blacked out and 2 guys from the pool group had to take me back to my hotel room at the clarion... where i wound up getting so sick the puke wound up ON THE CEILING of the bath room >.< (we have no idea how this was accomplished) (( we felt so bad we left the cleaning lady a huge tip))

I wound up drinking more in my hotel room and eventually passed out.... when i work up the next day i had the worlds worst hang over and it took me 2 days to feel better PLUS at some point in the night i some how i had chipped my front tooth, and never found out how and i had put it in my pocket for safe keeping...

I had checked the fourms when got home and people were saying "i hope the kid with the backpack got home alright" hence my nickname Backpack Boy was born, now every year i come to the con with a huge backpack full of beer and share it with those who felt i stole beer and even just give free beer away to people who need a drink... (obviously people over 21)

I also redeemed myself by coming back the next few years and being the bar tender for the rest of the parties we ever had and i also made some of the best friends who i love seeing every year! Plus it shows BpB can party hard!!!!! The good news it taught my my drinking limit and i dont get that messed up anymore.

Blizzcon is as fun as you make it! So get out there and party hard and have a good time this year, make some new friends and memories that you will never forget!!

To everyone who will be there or won't have an epic Blizzcon!

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  1. It really is a great time for all gamers to come together. Just like anything when people come together to celebrate something