Tuesday, November 18, 2014

You Fail At Warlords Of Draenor If...

Happy Fail day everyone, and before anyone else asking I am giving you all what you want. Although it might seem a little early, but I have more than enough material to get it done. So with that there doesn't need much intro for this week's edition of Fail so here we go

You Fail At Warlords of Draenor If...

  • You are confused where this screen shot came from
  • You have yet to start your garrison
  • You are wondering where you go to train your profs to 700
  • You computer can't take the upgraded models
  • You didn't give Mulverick a smirk when you heard him talking
  • You are still playing Alliance
  • You didn't wonder why Khadgar just didn't blow everyone up
  • You didn't understand Thrall's jokes to his parents and Drek'thar
  • You wanted to save Gul'dan
  • You have been wondering where you train flying
  • You kept trying to get into your Garrison when it was buggy
  • You have posted on the forums complaining about bugs and demanding a refund, but yet you have still kept playing 

and finally

  • You have yet to play it
There it is probably the most requested Fail Day I have had in awhile. Makes me think people want to know if they are failing. Anyways happy leveling if you are playing WoD or if you are picking up Dragon Age or FarCry today have a blast.