Tuesday, November 4, 2014

You Fail At Blizzcon If...

Happy Fail Day everyone! On case you live under a rock or you know nothing about the larger gaming companies Blizzcon is this coming weekend. With Blizzcon comes tons of information from all of Blizzcon games Universes, and with that comes tons of excitement. There will be time to talk about all that later in the week, because today we are just going to talk about how you may fail concerning at Blizzcon this year.

You Fail At Blizzcon If...
  • You had no idea it was this coming weekend
  • You don`t think they will say anything about Warlords of Draenor
  • You are not hoping for a Legacy of the Void annoucement
  • You don't think a Hearthstone expansion will be revealed
  • You could careless about a Heroes of the Storm open beta announcement
  • You don't believe anything Diablo will be discussed
  • You are not curious as to the large unannounced time slot
  • You believe the expansion after Warlords will be announced
  • You are not excited to watch any of the Starcraft World Championships
  • You are not in the least bit interested in how they will be marketing Heroes as an Esport
  • You didn't know Metallica will be playing
  • You are not looking forward to this years question from Red Shirt Guy

and finally
  • Your favourite Blizzcon was in 2012
There you have it this years edition of Fail. Hope you enjoyed it and are excited and ready for Blizzcon to start already.


  1. It is getting closer! Can't wait to see what is the reveal this year

  2. i got an inside line sir the unannonced time slot is for hearthstone expac and the amazing stuff they are gonna do with it where their adding over 100 cards and new quests and raids

    1. I believe Hearthstone has it's own panel. I would assume that is where they would show it just like the Starcraft panel no? Guess we will just have to wait till Friday to find out.