Friday, November 21, 2014

There Is Still No Flying In Draenor

So I know I have talked about this before but I never really allowed a Reader Post on the subject. I have always thought during the leveling process you see more of the world created when flying isn't a factor. When you can enjoy the environments and just be part of everything. When flying is involved because of the speed at which you can travel leveling becomes so much more about efficiency, So with all of that in mind here is this week's post submitted by Rawri

Recently I read a forum post regarding the touchy subject of flying vs no flying in Draenor. The poster was pro flight. Their argument is that it amounts to taking away the choice of flight for pro-flight players the way things are, where if flight were allowed, everyone would have a choice. While this is true, as an anti flight proponent, let me say I don't want flight to be a choice. It's not because I would feel forced to fly to remain competitive if given the option. It's because I play on a pvp server. Imagine flying mounts inside a bg. Not a pretty sight right? It would in fact, ruin the content. Not just trivialize, but ruin it. I'm not the best at pvp. And I've been ganked by better players who surpassed me with better skill, gear, or a situational advantage. But I still like that the combat happens, even if I lose, I learn a little. Typical world pvp encounters usually begin and end with flying mounts anymore. One player, in flight, is able to scope out their opponents completely before deciding if they want to engage. Everyone is a rogue, everyone can choose their fights. If you no longer want to fight, it's pretty easy to get away. Ever been right at the end of a challenging battle, only to find yourself ganked? Yes you have, assuming you play on a pvp server. Did you want revenge? Did you know you could pay them back if you got the chance? How many times have you gotten that chance after the addition of flying mounts? It's like being punched in the mouth and then being told your assailant has called time out. 

My example has been largely pvp centric. But what I'm getting at is consequence, and interaction between players, and interacting with their environment isn't nearly as good as it was before it was introduced. Up until now that is. Warlords put some more war back into warcraft, and part of that comes from removing those flying mounts. When would I like to see flying in Draenor? maybe the final major content patch, or after the next expansion.

And with that enjoy your weekend!


  1. I enjoy it. But I agree if flying was like it was before the 5k payment less and less people would fly because it would be less efficient. 310% is a massive difference then 100% it is just quicker

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