Friday, November 28, 2014

Whose Fault?

Friday! All this weke veryone has been asking me or telling me their opinions on the whole Garrosh thing. Now this is a Reader Post, but keep in mind there are spoilers ahead so you really should stop reading if you are worried about Nagrand being spoiled. With all of that taken care of here is Wolf's thoughts on Garrosh and Thrall.

I see people blaming this on both Garrosh and Thrall, but, why don't we look at all the facts? Garrosh became Thrall's close friend when they met in Nagrand and Thrall was like a father to him, since Grom was never around. Then, when Thrall left to save the world he left Garrosh in charge, even though Garrosh thought he'd be terrible, Thrall had faith in him. Then, shit went down. Innocent druids were murdered by Twilight's Hammer orcs, and Cairne, who had no idea it was the TH, challenged Garrosh, who thought he was simply disagreeing with how he was leading the Horde. And, well I think we know what happened there. Sylvannas completely ignored Garrosh's orders not to use the plague on Gilneans, which made him seem even worse of a leader. Vol'Jin then turned on Garrosh after things got really bad, even after Thrall, who didn't come back even after everyone told him he made a terrible decision making Garrosh warchief, promised he would help him.

Now, here's my theory, Thrall was never given the full story. Think about it, Sylvannas was using an outlawed weapon, despite DIRECT orders from the warchief not to do so. Vol'Jin insulted the Hellscream family, with both Grom and Garrosh being very close friends to Thrall, Baine's father was killed dishonorably, even though he knew Garrosh was not to blame, he most likely had some sort of disdain for him. Do you think they would tell the full story? That they would openly tell Thrall that they had such hate and disrespect for Hellscream? No, they needed a scapegoat because the Horde was falling apart, and a new warchief was the perfect choice. 

My theory is that Thrall simply believed that Garrosh needed some more time adjusting to the new position, hence why he didn't come back until after his wedding on Hyjal (And yes, I realize there's some blame on him for taking the time to do this but, considering he just saved the world I think the last thing he wanted to deal with was politics). That the leaders of the Horde pinned their poor decisions on Garrosh, and Thrall was never told the truth, hence him saying "You failed the Horde" and "You chose your own destiny." So, Thrall didn't fail Garrosh or the Horde, and Garrosh didn't fail Thrall or the Horde, the Horde failed Thrall and Garrosh.

Once again thank you to everyone who send something in. I always enjoy reading the submissions, and as you know none of this would be possible without them. Lastly if you haven't seen it, and want to see what it is all about here it is.

Have a good weekend.

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  1. I keep watching it? IS that bad? Poor us we will never hear his epic FOR THE HORDE again